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Remember me. Facebook Twitter Google. Srulik ymarkov wrote, - 12 - 05 Srulik ymarkov - 12 - 05 Previous Share Flag Next. Last year I e-published an English translation of Dr. Kirill Yeskov's The Last Ringbearer. The work got more publicity than I expected thanks first to a story in The Guardian and then Laura Miller's sympathetic review in Salon. I've received several helpful suggestions and notices of mistakes, so over the past year I've spent some time here and there going over the original text and the translation again.

The mistakes and typos have been fixed, some clumsy turns of phrase altered although no doubt many remain , and about words I've missed have been added nothing serious or plot-shaking.

In addition, the first edition had vaguely phonetic equivalents of runes; for this one, thanks to Dan Smith's fonts , I've replaced them with Certhas Daeron runes as used in the original Russian text. Finally, I've added an appendix explaining some non-English words and the more obscure cultural references, based mostly on Dr. Yeskov's notes to his Spanish translator, and another consisting of his essay on why he undertook the project in the first place published in translation by me and reproduced by Salon.

Eric Celeste of Tenseg put quite a bit of his time and effort into creating. The runes gave him a hard time; apparently, some e-readers don't like the way Epub embeds fancy fonts and strip them out or plain refuse to recognize them. He ended up using images. My heartfelt thanks for his efforts.

In another unexpected twist, concept artist Kevin Kobasic drew and put up a picture of the two Mordorian protagonists - not the way I imagine them, but a rather traditional look - worth checking out.

A German fan has rendered my English translation into German. Russian to German would've been better, of course, but this is what we have see below.

And, for something completely different - Sergeant Tzerlag's Orocuen stew! Epub, K. Mobi, K. Tags: translation. Post a new comment Error Anonymous comments are disabled in this journal.

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The Last Ringbearer: A Mordor-Centered Perspective on Tolkien

It is an alternative account of, and an informal sequel to, the events of J. Tolkien 's The Lord of the Rings. Eskov bases his novel on the premise that the Tolkien account is a "history written by the victors". The tale begins by recapping the War of the Ring. Aragorn is portrayed as a puppet of the Elves who has been instructed to usurp the throne of Gondor by murdering Boromir whom he had discovered alone after Merry and Pippin were captured before Gandalf removes Denethor.


The Last Ringbearer - second edition

But Society of Authors general secretary Mark Le Fanu warned that even non-commercially distributed titles must be licensed by the copyright owner, in this case the Tolkien estate. The Last Ring-Bearer, by palaeontologist Kirill Yeskov, retells Tolkien's epic story from the perspective of the region of Mordor, from where Sauron, the Dark Lord, waged war on the free peoples of Middle Earth in the War of the Rings, eventually to be defeated by Gandalf. The ,word novel, published in Russia in , takes as its hook the idea that Tolkien's own text is the romantic legend of the winning party in the War of the Rings, and that a closer examination of it as a historical document reveals an alternate version of the story. The Last Ring-Bearer is well-known among Russian fantasy fans, but according to translator Yisroel Markov, publishing houses have not been prepared to publish an English translation because of legal concerns. He himself had been "impressed enough by this work to spend a few dozen lunch hours translating it to English", and the novel has now been downloaded from file hosting sites thousands of times, he said. David Brawn, estates publisher at HarperCollins, Tolkien's exclusive publisher, said: "To my knowledge, none of us have ever been approached to publish this book.


Kirill Yeskov's "The Last Ring-Bearer" translated to English

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The Last Ringbearer

The histories of wars are so often written from the perspective of the victors, and such is the case with Tolkien's classic The Lord of the Rings. However, back in in Russia, a paleontologist by the name of Kirill Eskov set about addressing the balance, taking up his pen in the name of orcs and goblins everywhere. Yeskov's novel The Last Ringbearer is set during and after the end of the War of the Ring and is told from the perspective of those who lost. Evidently it was very well received in Russia, but for fear of litigation has not made it beyond a few scant translated passages and various versions in other European languages. However, a full English translation was published last year online and is available for free download. The whole story of this Russian-Middle Earth epic is told in length and very eloquently at Salon.

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