Untuk keperluan lebih lanjut gunakan fasilitas Advance Search. Basic Search Daftar Jurnal Statistik. Detail Hasil Pencarian. Anda Pengunjung ke : sejak 1 Februari This research was conducted to determine the conditions and manipulate the acoustic material by the mathematical experiment method, the calculations was using a specific formula by replacing the value of the material acoustic sound coefficient. Thefocus of this research was analyzing the sound absorption and noise reductions of acoustic materials used in residential around Adisutjipto airport of Yogyakarta then proceed with the analysis of sound absorption and noise reduction of coconut palm fiber designed acoustic materials based on building physical theory.

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Newspaper will be made and thrown daily so that the newspaper waste will not be finished that a lot of people can utilize the newspaper waste as body accessories or interior. A lot of paper research is done to decrease the number of logging. Paper has good chemical and natural ingredients so that the paper waste can be recycled into various form. Due to the huge number of newspaper and the texture that it has, it brings the idea to the writer to create a acoustic wall panel that not only function as the aesthetic but also technically that create a comfortable room in acoustic.

Beside newspaper, a lot of waste will be used to support the function of acoustic panel itself. The research this time use a room of Sekolah Wisma Musik Symphony that located on the roadside, which need an economic and efficient acoustic treatment. The research method that is used is quantitative method through user interview, field survey, trial error test until the right composition of the panel is found that can be used to eliminate the problem in the Sekolah Wisma Musik Symphony room itself.

The experiment that is done resulting in the composition of newspaper : kasting is 1 : 3 duck spoon. While the composition of the panel itself is the processed newspaper : cork : multipleks is 3 : 3 : 0. Dahlan, M. Prosidang, seminar Nasional AVoer Universitas Sriwijaya. Skripsi Jurusan Teknik Industri. Universitas 11 Maret Surakarta.

Rusmawati, Erlina. Jurusan Teknik Fisika. London: Butterworld-Heinmame. Open Journal Systems. Journal Help. User Username Password Remember me. Notifications View Subscribe. Font Size. Abstract Newspaper will be made and thrown daily so that the newspaper waste will not be finished that a lot of people can utilize the newspaper waste as body accessories or interior. Keywords Kertas koran, gabus, alternatif, material akustik.

Full Text: PDF. References Dahlan, M. USA: Mc-Grawn. Jakarta: Erlangga. Remember me.


Akustika Bangunan

Resting is essential to restore the freshness of body both physically and mentally. To optimally gain freshness quality depends on a conducive and comfortable atmosphere during resting time. Architecture also makes convenience factor as a basis for managing comfort zones as classification placement for room specification. One convenience aspect to consider is the noise level, so it is natural that the resting room bedroom is placed in zones that are considered quiet, away from the noise level. Theoritically, noise is getting weaker as the sound source distance is getting further. Sound source will also propagate or bounce on a specific object.


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Descubra todo lo que Scribd tiene para ofrecer, incluyendo libros y audiolibros de importantes editoriales. Barron, M. Essay, kuis, diskusi, dll 2. Akustika sering dibagi menjadi akustika ruang room acoustics yang menangani bunyi- bunyi yang dikehendaki dan kontrol kebisingan noise control yang menangani bunyi-bunyi yang tak dikehendaki. Jelaskan secara singkat, bagaimana mekanisme bunyi terjadi dan dapat didengar manusia 2. Hitung panjang gelombangnya? Bila gelombang bunyi dengan frekuensi Hz merambat pada medium udara bersuhu 30C, hitunglah panjang gelombangnya!


Christina Eviutami Mediastika

What the sound engineer hears in a control room is another primary concern when designing a music studio. In the acoustic world, many design philosophies exist in relation to designing this room. Before starting to choose what philosophy the acoustic consultant will follow, they need to know what their client's personal preference is. Here is a photograph from our music studio project. Happy Eid al-Fitr! Surely, this Eid feels a lot different than last year.

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