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Image Download Total Image Download. Product availability may vary by region. Please contact your regional representative. Information for this product will be sent to a designated e-mail address. Please enter an e-mail address. Welcome to the Hanwha Techwin family site. Click the following to be redirected to the respective website.

By submitting your email address, you agree to our Privacy Policy. Thank you for visiting the Hanwha Techwin website. Hanwha Techwin is committed to providing our customers with a variety of information through the Internet. You are free to use all information available on our website for personal use and even save data to your personal computer. However, such information may not be linked to any website other than the Hanwha Techwin website. Legal restrictions on the use of the Hanwha Techwin website are prescribed herein.

The Hanwha Techwin Co. Hanwha Techwin has invested time, effort, and funds toward the acquisition of Confidential Information. Confidential Information includes copyrights, trademarks, and descriptions of technical content and is expressed in various forms such as text, graphics, audio, video, links, and source code. Hanwha Techwin retains all rights to such Confidential Information. All forms of Confidential Information are only intended for and provided to Hanwha Techwin customers.

However, Hanwha Techwin does not grant a license to customers for the use of Confidential Information. Although Confidential Information may be used for personal use, they may not be linked to another website, and any commercial use is strictly prohibited.

Customers may not in any case use the assets and resources of Hanwha Techwin for any purpose other than personal use. Hanwha Techwin does not guarantee the accuracy, completeness, or reliability of any information or materials contained on its servers other than those on the Website or Confidential Information.

Thus, we urge customers not to rely solely on such information or materials unless otherwise guaranteed in writing by Hanwha Techwin. Furthermore, do not use such information or materials as a source for securities trading. Hanwha Techwin prohibits the unauthorized extraction of email address information posted on the website via email address collection programs or any other technical means.

Be aware that any such violation may be punishable by law in accordance with the Act on Promotion of Information and Communications Network Utilization and Information Protection. Date of notice: July 21, As a rule, information text, graphic, audio, video, downloads, link, source code, etc.

Hanwha Techwin prohibits any unauthorized linking, copying, distributing, or transmitting of such information to third-party websites without prior consent. Any such activity shall be blocked without prior notice upon discovery. Be aware that any such violation may be punishable by law in accordance with relevant laws and regulations. For more details, refer to the respective RSS reader website and follow the instructions.

Apply Reset. Apply Initialize. Products Our products incorporate accumulated video surveillance technology that have been developed in-house. Accessory Selector Find the right accessories for your product. Product Naming Rule See the rules specified in the product name. Solutions We offer a variety of optimal video security solutions to serve all of our clients' needs. Technical Guides Experience the Hanwha Techwin difference through our breakthrough core technologies within the video surveillance industry.

Data Center Find the data you want easily and quickly. Customer Support Meet Hanhwa Techwin's differentied services that prioritizes our clients.

Products Cameras Analog Products. Network Products Analog Products. Product Spec Export Datasheet. Download Download. Print Send E-Mail List.

Send E-Mail Information for this product will be sent to a designated e-mail address. I agree with the Privacy Policy. Family Site Welcome to the Hanwha Techwin family site. Newsletter Subscription Sign up and be the first to know. All rights Reserved. Company Policy. General Information Thank you for visiting the Hanwha Techwin website. Policy on Personal Information Protection on the Internet Hanwha Techwin has invested time, effort, and funds toward the acquisition of Confidential Information.

Privacy Policy. Previous Privacy Policy Ver 8. Privacy Policy Ver 8. Personal Information Protection Act, and other relevant laws and regulations. Hanwha Techwin's Privacy Policy may change according to changes in the enactment of laws, amendments, changes in government policies, or the company's internal policies. Hanwha Techwin informs customers via the Privacy Policy of the purpose and manner in which personal information is used as well as the measures for protecting such information.

However, the types of collected information prescribed under Paragraph 1 may vary depending on the purpose and type of service. Terms and conditions or an agreement for the collection of personal information shall be presented by individual service to which a user may choose to agree or disagree.

Personal information shall only be collected upon agreement by the user. If the rights and obligations of a service provider is fully succeeded or transferred due to a sale, disposal, merger, or acquisition, Hanwha Techwin shall provide advance notice with legitimate reasons as well as an option for the withdrawal of consent with respect to personal information handling. If the personal information of a customer is provided or shared for any other reason, the customer shall be notified in advance via email or in writing regarding who is to receive or share such information, the purpose for which the information is provided, the types of information provided, the right to refuse provision, and possible detriments that may be incurred as a result of refusal.

Execution of contract regarding provision of service. If stipulated by the terms of relevant laws and regulations, or if requested by a law enforcement agency for investigative purposes in accordance with the procedures and methods prescribed by law.

If provided for statistical or academic or market research purposes by first processing personal information in a manner in which a specific individual cannot be identified. Protection of Communications Secrets Act, etc. Website sign-up and management: Until withdrawal However, information shall be retained until fulfillment of duty for the following reasons: A. Until the end of an investigation for violations in accordance with relevant laws and regulations.

Until the settlement of remaining debts with respect to Website usage. Provision of goods or services: Until the provision of goods or services are completed or fees are settled. However, information shall be retained until fulfillment of duty for the following reasons: A. Recording of transactions in accordance with the Uniform Electronic Transactions Act such as displays, advertisements, agreements and implementations thereof, etc.

Archiving of communications evidence in accordance with Article 41 of the Enforcement Decree of the Protection of Communications Secrets Act. Hanwha Techwin shall destroy without delay the personal information of customers when the retention period has lapsed, objectives have been achieved, or the information is no longer required for any other reason.

Despite the above reasons, if personal information needs to be retained in accordance with relevant laws or regulations, the information shall be moved to a separate database DB or storage area. Hanwha Techwin shall destroy personal information recorded or stored in electronic files in a manner in which restoration or recovery is impossible.

Information recorded or stored on paper shall be shredded or incinerated. To request inspection, correction, deletion, stoppage of handling, or withdrawal of consent, contact the following department via phone, email, or in writing for immediate processing. Furthermore, if incorrect personal information has been provided to a third party, the results of the correction shall be immediately notified to the respective party to ensure that corrective measures are implemented.

In addition, such information shall be prohibited from inspection or use for any other purpose. Incidents that occur due to a customer entering incorrect information shall be the responsibility of the respective customer.

Identity theft or entering of false information may lead to membership termination and be punishable by law. Be careful not to leak your own personal information or damage the information of others. Failure to fulfill such responsibilities and undermining of the privacy and dignity of others may be punishable according to relevant laws and regulations.

As a rule, Hanwha Techwin does not collect the personal information of customers whom are minors. If the personal information of minors is collected due to unavoidable reasons in the execution of product-related services, prior consent of the customer's legal representative shall be obtained and such information shall be destroyed without delay upon the completion of relevant tasks.

Furthermore, said information shall be strictly managed while such tasks are in progress. Privacy Complaint Center www. Hanwha Techwin is committed to preventing the leakage or damage of personal information due to hacking or computer viruses.

Data is regularly backed up in preparation against possible damage of personal information, and the latest anti-virus programs are used to prevent the leakage or damage of personal information. In addition, personal information is transmitted over networks via encrypted communication. A firewall is used to control unauthorized outside access.

We are committed to utilizing all available technical resources to systemically ensure information security. Hanwha Techwin limits the handling of personal information to personnel directly responsible, assigning separate passwords that are updated periodically.

Furthermore, personal information is securely managed via frequent training of responsible parties. Computer data storage rooms are set as special protection areas to strictly control access.


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