According to Malek Bennabi, the lack of new ideas in Islamic thought emerged what he coined civilizational bankruptcy. In order to satisfy his spiritual and material needs, a Muslim needed to feel that his industry and creativity would find reward. Bennabi was born in Constantine, Algeria in Educated in Paris and Algiers in engineering, he later based himself in Cairo , where he spent much of his time working extensively in the fields of history, philosophy and sociology. In , after returning to Algeria , he witnessed modern scientific inventions and technological creations unfold before his eyes.

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Bouzareah Algiers. Introduction: Many sources can be used to present the biography of Malik Bennabi. Nevertheless, these challenges have produced many unexpected effects and contributed so positively in the formulation of his intellectual views and ideas, namely those related to the problem of colonialism, no matter what would be its nature.

Such an analysis could enable him to came out with a wealth of insights and enduring ideas about the problems of the contemporary Muslim world. He was called at home as-Siddik the truthful instead of Malik. Born in in Tibissa, a town in the southeast of Algeria, in the first day of November. He was the sole boy of a modest Algerian family under the colonial rule. Such a situation enabled him to get a modest job in the limits to met the daily needs of his family.

Being the sole boy in his family with three sisters, he was the privilege of the whole family members. His grandmother known as Hajja Baya was one of the very influential family members, even though he says that he has not a clear and enough information about her. He says, however, still retains for her good memoirs. I did not know her sufficiently, but she left for my family many of her memoirs and witnesses, especially about the French invasion of Algeria, which were transmitted to me by my parents.

Indeed, my grandmother Hajja Zulaikha reported how Hajja Baya and her parents left Qussantina once invaded by the French colonial army. She was verily my first school, where my primary ideas about life were formed.

Malik Bennabi witnessed the consequences of the French invasion of Algeria. My grandfather sold all his properties and left Algeria to stay in Tarabuls al Gharb in Libya around a. However, once his uncle died, the conditions became harder.

Actually, he never hesitated to show his attachment to her because of her deep influence on him. He had a particular relation with her compared with that of his father. He used to spend most of his time with her. Perhaps, this particularity is due to the different kinds of sacrifices his mother did for the sake of his happiness.

It would be more suitable in this context to give some examples of such a kind of sacrifice to show the extent to which he was attached, rather influenced by her.

So, I acted as if I was thirsty, I went out to the veranda where she used to put the water containers, and gave free my tears. I heard from her a lot of religious fables which were mainly focused on the right and wrong and the consequences of both, i.

Consequently, his parent decided to limit his attendance in the French school where he enjoyed the new environment especially when he saw the difference between the two schools models, namely the psycho-educational conditions of learning for a child, like him. During that period, he started to be more disciplined, either at home or outside. So, as he said in his memoirs, he was seriously studying all through the week. Rather, he became more attracted by the mosque to perform the daily prayers as well as the weekly Friday prayer and particularly in the holidays.

He also became fascinated with the gymnastic games of Awled ben Isa, a sufi group who became famous for their strange acts.

He particularly enjoyed the performance of magicians who played skilfully with snakes. MShQ: This period, when Malik Bennabi was in the primary school, coincided with the beginning of the World war one. He was only nine years old. Despite his age and his inability to fully understand the event, its dimensions and its causes, he continuously used to pay attention on the event and its consequences.

There, in Qussantina, Malik Bennabi found the opportunity to know and communicate more with his grandfather, who had returned from Tarabuls al Gharb after the Italian invasion of Libya.

And whenever my uncle Mohamed tried to punish me, my grandfather intervened. Such a certificate, after a special exam, enabled him to continue his studies in the subsequent levels in Qussantina. However, despite that success Malik Bennabi was not too happy because, according to him, his elementary school record was affected by racial discrimination. Although it was so easy for me to know about my grades over the year, as well as the grades of the four first pupils in my class, I was sure that I was the best one, but not continuously overall the year.

As a matter of fact, he decided to challenge the western bias intellectually and became determinate to continue his education and prove his abilities.


Malek Bennabi



Malik Bennabi


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