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GitHub is home to over 50 million developers working together to host and review code, manage projects, and build software together. Skip to content. Permalink Dismiss Join GitHub today GitHub is home to over 50 million developers working together to host and review code, manage projects, and build software together. Sign up. Branch: master. Find file Copy path. Cannot retrieve contributors at this time.

Raw Blame History. Avbildat minne - skrivskydd med kopiering. Reserverat minne - skrivskydd med kopiering. Icke tilldelat minne - skrivskydd med kopiering. Minneskopians utrymme - skrivskydd med kopiering. Minneskopians utrymme - exekverbart skrivskyddat. Antal mottagna broadcastramar per sekund. Antal mottagna multicastramar per sekund. SipEps - Outgoing Transactions Processed.

SipEps - Incoming Transactions Processed. SipEps - Incoming Ringing Responses. SipEps - Incoming Unauthorized Responses. SipEps - Incoming Forbidden Responses. SipEps - Incoming Decline Responses. SipEps - Incoming out of sequence Notifies. SipEps - Outgoing Ringing Responses. SipEps - Outgoing Unauthorized Responses. SipEps - Outgoing Forbidden Responses. SipEps - Outgoing Decline Responses.

CreateAttachment Average Response Time. DeleteAttachment Average Response Time. FindConversation Average Response Time. SyncConversation Average Response Time. SearchMailboxes Average Response Time. GetDiscoverySearchConfiguration Requests. SendNotification Average Response Time. Number of Proxied Requests per Second.

CreateManagedFolder Successful Requests. GetStreamingEvents Successful Requests. DisconnectPhoneCall Successful Requests. GetServiceConfiguration Successful Requests. SyncFolderHierarchy Successful Requests. CreateUserConfiguration Successful Requests.

DeleteUserConfiguration Successful Requests. GetUserConfiguration Successful Requests. UpdateUserConfiguration Successful Requests. GetUserAvailability Successful Requests. GetSharingMetadata Successful Requests. RefreshSharingFolder Successful Requests. PerformReminderAction Successful Requests.

ApplyConversationAction Successful Requests. ExecuteDiagnosticMethod Successful Requests. GetSearchableMailboxes Successful Requests. GetClientExtension Successful Requests.

SetClientExtension Successful Requests. GetConversationItems Successful Requests. Voice Messages Processed with Low Confidence. Average Recent Subscriber Call Duration. Directory Accessed Successfully by Dial by Name. Directory Accessed Successfully by Spoken Name.

Operations Between Two and Three Seconds. Operations Between Three and Four Seconds. Operations Between Four and Five Seconds. Operations Between Five and Six Seconds. Current Unauthenticated Pilot Number Calls. Percentage of Successful Valid Fax Calls. Total Number of Play on Phone Requests. Call Answering Protected Voice Messages. Calls Disconnected on Irrecoverable Internal Error.

Messages Suppressed Due to Bare Linefeeds. Shadow Heartbeat Latency Average Time. Redundant Message Discard Events Expired. Current Messages Acknowledged before Relay Completed. Percentage of Messages Shadowed to Local Site. Percentage of Messages Failed to be made Redundant. Message directed to catch-all recipient.

Internal Largest Delivery Queue Length. External Largest Delivery Queue Length. Messages Queued for Delivery Per Second. Messages Completed Delivery Per Second. Messages Deferred during Categorization. Average Agent Processing Time Base sec.

Average CPU usage of synchronous invocations of agent milliseconds. Average CPU usage of asynchronous invocations of agent milliseconds.

Total synchronous invocations of agent. Total asynchronous invocations of agent. Alertable failure DSNs within the last hour. NDRs generated for catch-all recipients. Recipient Deliveries Completed Per Second. Average Recipients per Message base. Average Messages Per Connection base. Routing: Percentage of 5. Resolver: Percentage of 5. Store Driver: Percentage of 5.

Store Driver: Total Delivery Failures. Delivery Agent: Total Delivery Failures. Foreign Connector: Total Delivery Failures.

Extended property bytes written total. Transaction Pending 99 Percentile Duration. Transaction Pending Average Duration Base. Configuration Cache hit ratio base counter. Certificate Validation Result Cache hit ratio base counter.


Analysis Report Rotkaeppchen-mumm.xlsx

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