Also known as stingless bee, or simply meliponines, are a large group of bees in the family Apidae, and closely related to the common honey bees, carpenter bees, orchid bees and bumblebees. Stingless bees or kelulut are active all year round, although they are less active in cooler weather. Unlike other eusocial bees, they do not sting but will defend by biting if their nest is disturbed. In addition, a few have mandibular secretions that cause painful blisters. This bees can be found in most tropical or subtropical regions of the world, such as Australia, Africa, Southeast Asia and tropical America.

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Visit to Trigofarm Madu Lebah Kelulut. Nilai, Malaysia. Farm animal. Paused until 14 June. Visit the Help Centre for the latest updates before you book. What you'll do. As your host, Hib and I will educate you on apology, the basics of stingless bee keeping and why stingless bees are so important to our environment.

You will be amazed at how incredible these little creatures are. We will explain about species that we have in our farm and hand on how to harvest stingless bee honey from their hive. Responsible interactions. Your host. Hi, my name is Ammar, born and raise in Kuala Lumpur. Hib and I started the stingless bee farm since in Pajam. We have discovered the joy of keeping Malaysian native stingless bees.

I decided to make a Airbnb to share what I am observing and learning from these amazing little bees. I feel that with the current world bee situation its time to look after the small things that have kept the world alive and moving for so long.

I have become obsessed with these small insects. I have been talking to a lot of native bee keepers and hearing about their stories and what got them into bee keeping. From hearing about box designs, seeing how they work, the variety species, flower they collect nectar and their great inventive ideas I hope to be able to bring it to you.

Contact host. What's included. Guest photos. Guest reviews 5. Navigation section for review pages. Where you'll be. We will conduct our workshop in our half an acre of stingless bee farm and begin with the introduction of the species that we keep.

Then we will hand on harvesting the honey with the proper equipment. Things to keep in mind. Cancellation policy. Any experience can be cancelled and fully refunded within 24 hours of purchase, or at least 7 days before the experience starts. Learn more. Communication policy. Always communicate through Airbnb. To protect your payment, never transfer money or communicate outside the Airbnb website or app. Guest requirements.

Up to 10 guests ages 6 and up can attend. What to bring. Please wear long pants and closed toe end shoes. Do not wear any perfumes or colognes. Lastly, feel free to bring your camera to capture your interaction with the bees! More tips. Sold out.


Si lebah kelulut




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