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It's free and easy! Teman makan sekaligus nutrisi untuk pikiran. Podcast ini diinisiasi oleh fellexandro dan sheggario yang hidupnya improve from one lunch to another. Here you go, thirty days of learning on productivity, career, business, and self-development.

Thanks to continuous support from you, our friends, and partners, we're now on our second season. Play Pause. Play later. Gimana caranya bisa ngerjain banyak hal tapi tetep maksimal?

Gimana caranya fokus? Gimana work from home sambil ngurusin anak? Managing a family with two kids, running a team, plus having a side hustle and second business. He's the right person to learn fr…. Joke di pembukaan, buat yang paham aja. One word for David : Whiz-kid. Truly he is. Memulai di akhir , sekarang David adalah tech Youtuber terbesar di Indonesia. Tapi gua dan Ario penasaran, apa sih isi otak dia? What makes him so brilliant? We got the answers in the 50 mins deep dive into his thoughts, his zero-to-hero story, his investi….

What to do when loneliness hits? They say being a leader is a lonely job. Is it really has to be the case? How to fight it as a professional in a company? This episode tries to answer that with the help of mindfulness practitioner, Mas Adjie Santoso Putro. This is actually a two-part podcast. We strongly advise you to listen to the first one as wel…. If you've been working from home for the past week, ten days, two weeks?

You're privileged. We are too. If your business has to close down. Ours is no better, they are practically on indefinite pause. But should we sit and play the blame game? This podcast episode put things in perspective. A black box for future you, future me, future us. So that …. In fact, he comes from a very modest background, and the mindset of a finance director who prefers working behind the scene. In three years time, he took the company to the top of the chart, l….

Gua sendiri ngerasa perlu banget memahami isi kepala gua sendiri, tanpa self diagnose berlebihan. Ario pun sedang menjalani proses yg membutuhkan kekuatan mental yang baik. Lunch kali ini sangat kita sarankan didengerin dengan tenang, sambil berefleksi. We learned a…. Part two. Deeper in conversation with Prita Ghozie about financial planning between couples. Easily one of our most favorite podcast session. So much that we forgot about the time and eventually had to split this in too.

Have a listen: Empat cara…. If you think you know women, well think again. This episode is made for you who are figuring out your special someone, from the perspective of two men wanting to understanding their wives.

As it turns out, this goes beyond money. There's a lot to learn in this episode, no matter which side you are on. Here's a quick timestamp of what we covered in …. We tried multiple times to get Ernest on the podcast. Thanks to sheggario for the persistence and thanks to Ernest for making the time. One of the few episodes that gave me goosebumps while recording. It's a podcaster's high. Let me introduce you to HaloDoc's founder, Jonathan Sudharta. Bagian kedua dari lunch dengan yasasinggih, kita ngulik pengalaman-nya menghadapi kegagalan , pembelajaran mindfulness dari pertemuan langsung dengan Ajahn Brahm , bagaimana pentingnya hidup dalam present moment , prinsip kemelekatan , serunya masuk Forbes 30 Under 30 dan efeknya ke kehidupan dan bisnis Yasa , da….

Salah satu lunch yang paling gua tunggu-tunggu, karena gua salut dengan perjuangan YasaSinggih ngebangun Men's Republic dari usia belasan tahun.

Supaya lebih mudah nguliknya, lo bisa click time stamp di bagian yg lo ter…. Lunch paling banyak ketawa di Kita ngerekam ini jauh sebelum banjir Jakarta.

Bikin judulnya jauh sebelum banjir juga. Tapi kok kayanya tetep pas ya dengan momennya. Ngakak gak sih ngeliat meme yang muncul?

Video interview tikus yang basah kuyup, sampe orang yang literally mancing ikan di kost-an. Mungkin, dengan dunia yang makin absurd d…. Btw, judulnya bukan click bait ya guys. Itu bener-bener kejadian, dan banyak banget pembelajaran menarik yg bisa kita ambil. Mulai dari a…. Skill Critical Thinking digadang-gadang oleh World Economic Forum sebagai 1 dari 10 skill paling lo butuhkan untuk survive di I believe that too.

Di lunch kali ini kita beruntung bisa ngobrol bareng afutami, pejuang kebijakan public di World B…. Rub, Ario, kenapa breaknya sampe tiga bulan? Apa yang baru di Season 2 ini? Pembelajaran apa aja yang gua dan Ario dapet di Season 1? Pertimbangan apa yang bikin kita akhirnya pengen lanjut?

Ada misi apa yang berbeda? Jujur, kita juga kangen menyapa, kangen berbagi, kangen musik di awal podcast. Tapi kita ga mau bikin podcast just for the sake of h…. The season finale, and we feel that we need to have more women voices. Kita memulai dengan Alanda di Lunch 1, dan kita akan menutup dengan two amazing women.

We talked with Merrie Elizabeth, Forbes 30 Under 30 graduate. Also, Dr. Menjalani usia an bisa cukup membingungkan dengan banyaknya pilihan ya…. On this episode we get personal.

Penyakit yg cenderung baru, jumlahnya bertambah terus, dan belum ada obatnya. Sampai sempat divonis sebagai produk dari industrialisasi. Podcast ini buat lo yg akan propose, baru propose, dan semua yang in-a-relationship. Pernikahan buat gua lebih dari keseruan yang terjadi di hari H. Decor, florist, venue, entertainment, make up, dan semua gemerlapnya akan berbeda maknanya kalau lo membayar semua itu berhutang atau dengan nabung bareng sama pasangan.


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The Shams al-Ma'arif is generally regarded as the most influential textbook of its type in the Arab world , [1] and is arguably as important as, if not more than, the Picatrix in both hemispheres. In contemporary form the book consists of two volumes; Shams al-Ma'arif al-Kubra and Shams al-Ma'arif al-Sughra , the former being the larger of the two. However, prior to the printing press and various other standardisations, there were three independent volumes that circulated, each one differing in length. While being popular, it also carries a reputation for being suppressed and banned for much of Islamic history, [5] but still flourishes in being read and studied up to the present day. Many Sufi orders, such as the Naqshbandi-Haqqani order have recognised its legitimacy and use as a compendium for the occult, and hold it in high regard. Another title by the same author, namely Manba' Usool al-Hikmah "The Source of the Essentials of Wisdom" , is considered its companion text.


Kitāb al-maʿārif



Kitab syamsul maarif pdf


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