Dalam kimia analitik , suatu larutan standar atau larutan baku adalah suatu larutan yang mengandung konsentrasi yang diketahui secara tepat dari unsur atau zat. Larutan standar biasanya berfungsi sebagai titran sehingga ditempatkan buret, yang sekaligus berfungsi sebagai alat ukur volume larutan baku. Larutan yang akan ditentukan konsentrasinya atau kadarnya, diukur volumenya dengan menggunakan pipet volumetri dan ditempatkan di erlenmeyer larutan standar yang digunakan untuk menentukan konsentrasi zat lain, seperti larutan dalam titrasi. Suatu standar sederhana diperoleh melalui pelarutan unsur tunggal atau suatu zat dalam pelarut yang mampu yang mana akan bereaksi dengannya. Larutan baku primer merupakan larutan yang mengandung zat padat murni yang konsentrasi larutannya diketahui secara tepat melalui metode gravimetri perhitungan massa , dapat digunakan untuk menetapkan konsentrasi larutan lain yang belum diketahui.

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DOI Mathematical creative thinking ability in problem solving becomes the requirement of mathematics education recently in order to find many ideas and new solution so that the issues can be resolved appropriately.

This study used a mixed method design with concurrent embedded design by conducting quasi experimental design on quantitative method and Miles-Hubberman model to analyzed qualitative data. The first stage was quantitative data collection, and it was done using tests essay.

The next stage was qualitative data collection, and it was done using triangulation techniques such as tests and interviews. Analysis of quantitative research includes analysis of the achievement aspects of mathematical creative thinking abilities.

Quantitative data analysis includes a normality test, homogeneity tests, completeness tests, right-side tests, and average similarity test. The result of this study shown that CPS learning model effectively improved the ability of creative thinking viewed from gender, this is indicated by the mathematical creative thinking ability of the experimental class students reaches the minimal past score, the mathematical creative thinking ability of the experimental class students is better than of the control class, the mathematical creative thinking ability of female students are better than male on elaboration and flexibility indicators, whereas the mathematical creative thinking ability of male students are better than female on fluency and originality indicators.

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Prosiding Seminar Nasional Sains, Matematika, Informatika dan Aplikasinya

From the quantity of titrant required, the quantity of analyte that was present can be calculated. Determine concentration by dissolving an accurately weighed amount in a suitable solvent of known volume. High purity Stability toward air 3.


1 Metode Titrimetri


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