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Sold by: Amazon. Skip to main content Joan Sotkin. Something went wrong. Please try your request again later. For over 30 years, Joan Sotkin has been guiding entrepreneurs and practitioners build successful businesses and resolve money issues. She is the founder of the popular website www.

Joan is known for her insightful understanding of the connection between money and emotions and how family-of-origin experiences affect a person's ability to succeed in business and financially. Joan's unique coaching approach combines her intuitive skills, science-based assessments, energy psychology techniques, and 30 years of business experience to help her clients reach their business and financial goals.

Along with business and financial skills, Joan's holistic approach to business and practice building includes innovative information about developing a prosperity mindset, alternative health and healing techniques, and more. She has been doing business online since and has developed a wide-reaching, worldwide following. Are you an author? Help us improve our Author Pages by updating your bibliography and submitting a new or current image and biography. Learn more at Author Central. Previous page.

Kindle Edition. Next page. Blog post. Douglas Vermeeren has personally interviewed business leaders and companies like Nike, Reebok, Fruit of the Loom, FedEx, American Airlines, United Airlines, Microsoft and many others to share their success secrets with you. He is also the producer and director of three out of the top ten personal development movies ever made as well as the new film How Thoughts Become Things.

Douglas has authored three books in the Gu. She uses her background in brain science, hospital administration, and 13 years of marketing, sales, and business experience to help you get results. Highlights Coaches often go into business without understanding h. As adults, this can translate into underearning, chronic dissatisfaction, or lack of accomplishment. I explain I talk about the variou. Loretta is the author of Habits of a Happy Brain and others.

Her latest book is Tame Your Anxiety, which is all about the brain chemicals that cause uncomfortable feelings when you feel under threat — real or imagined. In this episode, she helps me understand an episode of financial fear I experienced, along with other topics. Highlights Loretta explains why she decided to write her newest book, Tame Your Anxiety. Mental health is a skill that has to be developed.

We talk about how nat. I had another AHA moment recently that took my emotional understanding to a deeper level and I think a number of you will relate to what I discuss in this episode. The understanding is about how the feeling of being an outsider, which starts in early childhood, affects many of our relationships as well as our business and financial outcomes. Highlights I review the idea that your emotions are the creative force behind your life stories.

When you feel like an outsider, you feel less conne. As an inspirational speaker, author, and coach, Victoria Price encourages each of us to co-create a Legacy of Love through a heart-centered practice. In , Victoria became a nomad. She lives on t. The survival skill for today is. She offers a fresh look at our commonly held beliefs about well-being, serving as a catalyst for change by inviting shifts in mindset, perspective and everyday practices. She speaks internationally in several areas —resilience, radical self-care, harnessing the positive power of stress, and living your b.

What are you going to do to plan a future without a model to work from? Steven Ringlestein is a lifelong serial entrepreneur. He is an evolutionary leader who pioneered the 4 Zones of Leadership framework.

He is highly skilled in emotional intelligence, energetic intelligence, and an expert in the science of intuit. Going through the coronavirus experience presents many new opportunities if you are willing to do some deep introspection while the world goes through a major reset.

In this episode, I make suggestions for things you can do while you have to wind down and find quiet things to do. Your brain is wired to perceive uncertainty as a threat.

Gene Hammett has been an entrepreneurial leader for over 20 years. He works with leaders to help them have the organizations they really want. On his podcast, Growth Think Tank, he has interviewed hundreds of leaders and best-selling authors with the goal of helping other business leaders create new strategies for growth.

Highlights Gene tells the story of how he grew a big business then got complacent and ended up losing it all. He had a dream of coaching entrepreneurs and the loss of hi. Today I talk about what's happening with the coronavirus, how it might affect your business and how you can deal with it from the inside out.

I recorded this episode on March 3, so I only had the amount of information that was available on that day. I have a feeling that things are going to get worse by the time this posts on March 6. In this episode I discuss how. Diane Hamilton is a sought-after expert in emotional intelligence and behavioral science with nearly four decades of real-world experience.

A thought leader in the fields of leadership, sales, marketing, management, engagement, personality, curiosity, and motivation, Diane is known for increasing engagement, improving productivity and reducing conflict. The main problem is fear and I discuss how to tamp this down.

Highlights I give some examples of synchronicity and my ongoing question of how we can increase synchronicity happening for us. Fear is one of the things that keeps you from experiencing synchronicity because when you are fearful, you are usually making up a story in th. Daniel Z. Lieberman, M. In addition to writing science books, he works with pati.

The feeling of powerless seems to be spreading as it gets harder to get what we want from companies we have to deal with. Highlights The online courses platform I was using changed their pricing model, which would have more than doubled my cost.

So I found a better solution that will save me money. You can make decisions that can help you get wh. Recognized as an expert in the area of thought mastery, Kim uses her unique philosophy and quirky coaching style to help her clients deal with core issues and shift their thinking in order to yield extraordinary results.

Highlights Your beliefs are hard t. Todd Maddox, Ph. He is interested in the interplay between emotion, cognition, and behavior. In this episode, we have an interesting discussion about dopamine, addiction, the money and sex connection, and more.

Highlights Todd tells how he got into the combination of psychology and neuroscience. The answer to every psychological problem lies in the brain. To deal with addict.

In this episode, I examine this connection as well as the role that both dopamine and emotions play in our relationship with money and sex. Highlights Both money and sex are about how we use our personal energy to interact with the outside world. Understanding how your brain works helps you understand why you do what you do an.

Dan Mendilow is an entrepreneurial neuropsychologist who helps service-based business owners breakthrough income plateaus while working less by rewiring their brains. In this episode, we have a free-flowing conversation about brain science and spirituality. Highlights Dan had a tough beginning — an immigrant kid who was born depressed and bullied through school. He shares his story. When he became suicidal, he realized he had to do something else, which led him on a year search around. Well, freedom is a state of mind.

In this episode, I talk about the feeling of freedom and how decisions I have made have led to freedom. Highlights I talk about when I reached my moment of stillness in August and how I now really feel free. When we understand how our brain works, we can understand why we make the decisions we do.

Are you willing to pursue the feeling of freedom? It does take work. What would your. As the last show of the year, in this episode, I review some of the things we talked about in and what you can expect in the next year.

The upcoming topics will include, but not be limited to: The role of emotions in the healing process How to apply brain science to make better decisions.

I also express my gratitude to those who hav. Ken D. Ken Foster is not only a best-selling author and syndicated radio host in over countries, he is an Expert on Courage and is helping people redefine themselves through courageous living. His latest book is The Courage to Change Everything. Highlights Real courage is something you can feel inside of you. Keri Norley was brought up wealthy and explains what she had to overcome to find herself.


Meet Joan Sotkin

Joan comes from a family of compulsive debtors. Joan got married and started on the prescribed path. She felt out of place. And then she went bankrupt. Her father died and she has since learned that people often deal with a big trauma by overspending.


Listen Emotion Matters with Joan Sotkin

Although at the time, people thought I was losing my mind, I knew that I had to follow my inner guidance. What I learned during the years of that journey forms the foundation of my life — and teachings — today. Because I had no idea how to manage cash flow and there was no Internet to go to for advice, I wound up going bankrupt. The experience was difficult but led me to learn everything I could about managing money. The lessons learned are part of what I teach today.


A Unique Approach to Prosperity



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