In Memoriam: Paolo Cappa. Directory of Open Access Journals Sweden. Full Text Available Prof. Paolo Cappa passed away on 26 August , at the age of 59, after a long and courageous fight against cancer. During his intense, yet short, career, he made several significant scientific contributions within the discipline of Mechanical and Thermal Measurements, pioneering fundamental applications to Biomechanics.

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ISSN: OGD portals foster discoverability, accountability, and reusability for stakeholders. This data article presents the data collected while monitoring the OGD portals in the 28 countries of the European Union.

Several parameters and indicators observed over a period of 3 years in the official national open data portals were located and recorded to create this dataset. Data were manually obtained from existing public data sources and official OGD portals freely available on the Web. Clustering techniques using Density-based spatial clustering of applications with noise DBSCAN were applied to elaborate a dataset showcasing similar countries with respect to different parameters and indicators.

ISBN: Accessibility requirements take in account particular needs, preferences, skills and situations of diverse learners, e. Due to its open and massive nature, with an adequate implementation, MOOCs can overcome inclusion barriers for the benefit of potential learners worldwide, both able and disabled. For evaluation, there are accessibility evaluation tools that identify accessibility problems in the content, semantic and structural elements of a website that can be used to evaluate the level of accessibility of MOOCs.

Additional expert-based and user-based evaluations are always recommended in order to achieve valid results. However, it is a feature that often has not been taken into account in the design of products or services, and the mobile serious game market is no exception. Accessibility guidelines were defined through the consolidation of different initiatives and good practices of video game developers as well as groups interested in providing accessibility to video games.

Once the guidelines were defined, a method for evaluating the accessibility of mobile serious games was developed and applied in a mobile serious game. The purpose of this document is to propose an evaluation tool for those who wish to develop accessible mobile serious games for people with impairments and improve inclusive education. Dataset for evaluating the accessibility of the websites of selected Latin American universities.

The dataset documents data on repeated errors with higher frequency, in such a way that they alert the web developers, supporting them in creating more inclusive and accessible websites for all types of people, including users with disabilities. The data show that university websites have frequent problems related to the lack of alternative text linked to images.

Some of the university websites included in this dataset were found to violate web accessibility requirements based on the Web Content Accessibility Guidelines 2. Therefore, this data has been shared to allow replication of the experiment, and serve as an input to future studies related to web accessibility. The dataset is hosted, with public access, in the Mendeley Dataset Repository. Sustainability , 12 2 , p. This study answers three research questions. The first question is how the number of published papers about Big Data modeling and management has evolved over time.

Finally, the third question determines what trends and gaps exist according to three key concepts: the data source, the modeling and the database. As result, 36 studies, collected from the most important scientific digital libraries and covering the period between and , were deemed relevant.

Moreover, we present a complete bibliometric analysis in order to provide detailed information about the authors and the publication data in a single document. This SLR reveal very interesting facts. For instance, Entity Relationship and document-oriented are the most researched models at the conceptual and logical abstraction level respectively and MongoDB is the most frequent implementation at the physical.

Furthermore, 2. IEEE Access , 8 1 , p. The topic modeling is one of the emerging techniques in text mining; it is based on the discovery of latent data and the search for relationships among text documents. In this paper, the objective of the research is to evaluate a generic methodology based on topic modeling and text network modeling, that allows researchers to gather valuable information from surveys that use open-ended questions.

To achieve this, this methodology has been evaluated through the use of a case study in which the responses to a teacher self-assessment survey in an Ecuadorian university have been studied. The main contribution of the article is the inclusion of clustering algorithms in order to complement the results obtained when executing topic modeling.

The proposed methodology is based on four phases: a Construction of a text database, b Text mining and topic modeling, c Topic network modeling and d The relevance of the identified topics. In previous works, it has been observed that the human interpretative contribution plays an important role in the process, especially in phases a and d. For this reason, the visualization interfaces, such as graphs and dendograms, are of critical importance for researchers in order allow topic to efficiently analyze the results of the topic modeling.

As a result of this case study, a compendium of the main strategies that teachers carry out in their classes with the aim of improving student retention is presented. In addition, the proposed methodology can be extended to the analysis of the unstructured textual information found in blogs, social networks, forums, etc. However, despite recent technological progress, people with disabilities and the elderly face difficulties accessing multimedia on the web.

In some cases, these difficulties are impossible to overcome and are a fundamental cause of digital exclusion. Given the importance of this topic, several investigations on the problems of accessing multimedia resources have been carried out.

Some organizations have also proposed certain standards to guide the creation and publication of accessible web content. Nevertheless, the authoring tools used in the process of publishing multimedia on the web do not offer all the accessibility features required.

Authoring tools can also be used by people who do not have knowledge about web accessibility or programming, resulting in web publications lacking accessibility. This research proposes novel techniques to guide authors, designers, programmers, and testers in the publication of accessible and inclusive multimedia on the web.

Moreover, these techniques can be used to evaluate the accessibility of the existing authoring tools used to create multimedia for the web. Additionally, we present 80 possible failures that can cause the non-fulfillment of ATAG 2.

These failures can help authors discern what to avoid and help evaluators check whether particular multimedia is accessible. The evaluated applications are related to the quality of the air we breathe.

As a matter of fact, nowadays there exists a high number of free applications for mobile devices that provide information about the level of contamination that is affecting cities, as well as the concentration of each significant pollutant. However, not all those mobile applications are accessible. This study uses Accessibility Scanner of Google, applying the accessibility guidelines for mobile applications of Web Content Accessibility Guidelines 2. In this study, 10 mobile applications were evaluated, and it can be said that the obtained results can be seen as a useful, practical example of how to develop inclusive mobile applications.

Day after day, we see changes in technology that can be exploited and mobile devices are an example of this trend. Mobile devices can be a tool used to improve the education of students with special needs, and people with hearing disabilities are not a exception. Thus, this research focuses on the development of accessible mobile serious games for education. Serious games allow people with hearing disabilities to learn by combining a tool such as a video game with a learning methodology.

Additionally, the video game includes accessibility features that make it inclusive for people with hearing disabilities. The final goal of this work is to contribute to the improvement of English learning for people with disabilities.

USA , July , To solve this problem, we propose the use of data mining techniques such as the Sentiment Analysis to validate the information that comes from social media. The objective of this research is to make a proposal of a method of Systematic Mapping that allows determining the state of the art related to the investigations of the diffusion of news applying Sentiment Analysis and impact on human behavior through Social Media.

This initial research presented as a case study a time range until in research related to the news that uses Data mining techniques like to sentiment analysis for social media in major search engines. Nevertheless, people with disabilities are still hindered from taking advantage of OER because of issues related to accessibility and usability in OER environments. Frequently, accessibility has not been wholly ensured, both in the website interface and in educational resources, and usability considerations have often excluded the specific needs of people with disabilities.

We propose an architecture design for the OER environment guided by the concept of accessible user experience aUX that enhance accessibility and usability for a user disability profile. This design produces an adaptive response from the web interface that facilitates perception, understanding, navigation, and operation.

Finally, to improve the meaning of information in search results for OER on the Web, we propose the embedded markup through a set of descriptors that can be interpreted by major search engines. The data were represented using their own vocabulary for statistical data and RDF Resource Description Framework and then they were linked with data obtained in the Semantic Web.

Finally, the results of the system developed with the proposed process, the visualization of the set of generated data, and several queries carried out with SPARQL are indicated. Retrospective analysis of accessibility of the educational web portals: the Ecuadorian case.

The web accessibility means that people with some kind of disability will be able to perceive, understand, navigate and interact with the web, in order to provide equal access and equal opportunity to people with disabilities. There are laws and regulations in force, requiring public and private sector bodies to adopt and implement international standards for web accessibility.

This regulation must be applied to web content published on public and private sector websites that provide public services. In its transitory section, it establishes that, until August 8, , all the Ecuadorian websites that provide a public service must be accessible according to WCAG 2.

To achieve compliance with level A minimum , web pages must satisfy all compliance criteria of level A. The educational web portals must also meet level A at least, so that people with disabilities can access and interact with their contents and use assistive technologies. Despite the importance of accessibility in web portals, their compliance with education apparently does not comply with the range of recommendations established in the current legislation. The web sites, web technologies, or web tools that do not meet standards can create barriers that exclude people from using the web.

The purpose of the evaluation is to ascertain whether the entry into force of the regulation has contributed to improve the accessibility of educational websites. Therefore, this document presents a comparison between and of the level of accessibility of educational web pages in Ecuador, using the automatic online tool T. It starts by determining the sample that will be evaluate according to the domain name.

Of the 31 web sites found, it is established the web pages to which the student accesses more frequently to be informed or to carry out some academic activity. Web pages were assessed using T. W with a level of conformity A to determine the problems, warnings and points not reviewed by each principle of accessibility. The web accessibility of the homepage was also evaluated, taking into account that this page will allow users to move within other sites of the web portals.

With the finality of contrast the results obtained from the web pages in the years of study, a comparative between them is performed. From this analysis, the level of compliance of the success criteria by each principle is determined.

Then, the most common errors were grouped by each principle. The government, public and private institutions of the Republic of Ecuador along with the developers must take and implement the regulation to allow the access to the web of people with disability.

Analysis of accessibility requirements for video players on e-learning. Nowadays, as a consequence of the technological advance, the incorporation of multimedia resources on the Web is extremely high.

In the educational field, the use of multimedia content in recent years has significantly increased in e-Learning because of the rise of Massive Open Online Courses MOOC. However, not all video players provide the features for people with disabilities to access the information of the videos. The lack of accessibility in multimedia players has opened a gap that excludes an important group of people worldwide from exercising their right to education.

Not all people with disabilities encounter barriers on the Web, and those with different types of disabilities encounter different types of barriers. For example, some of the accessibility problems faced in media players by people who are deaf or hard of hearing are the lack of options to activate or deactivate the captions or the selection of the captions language that the user understands, among others; visually impaired people must overcome problems in the absence of audio description and the respective option to activate or deactivate it; and the lack of labels on the buttons that specify the functions of each of them and the possibility of selecting all options with both the mouse and keyboard is a problem that affects all people, whether with or without disabilities.


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Estudio de la estructura logica utilizada en la ensenanza y el aprendizaje de los conceptos sobre el comportamiento de gases en el curso introductorio de quimica a nivel universitario. El estudio que se presenta es de caracter cualitativo, un estudio multicasos donde se estudia la estructura logica utilizada por cuatro 4 profesores universitarios que ensenan el curso introductorio de quimica, en la planificacion, presentacion y evaluacion del tema sobre el comportamiento de los gases. Se utilizaron varias fuentes de informacion como: cuestionarios de profesores y estudiantes, entrevistas, grabaciones videomagnetofonicas, materiales didacticos y una prueba conceptual, entre otros. La informacion recopilada fue analizada de acuerdo al orden logico del contenido presentado, el estilo de ensenanza del profesor, las tecnicas y estrategias utilizadas para el desarrollo de destrezas de pensamiento, el ambiente fisico en el salon de clase y los instrumentos de evaluacion y avaluo.


ISSN: OGD portals foster discoverability, accountability, and reusability for stakeholders. This data article presents the data collected while monitoring the OGD portals in the 28 countries of the European Union. Several parameters and indicators observed over a period of 3 years in the official national open data portals were located and recorded to create this dataset.


Rubem Fonseca and Noir Literature. Directory of Open Access Journals Sweden. Full Text Available Rubem Fonseca is considered a key author in the introduction of crime fiction in Brazil. This article reviews his contribution to the genre and analyzes the specifics of his narrative in the context of Brazilian literature, in which Fonseca breaks from and exceeds the traditional dichotomies between high and popular literature. Fonseca becomes part of the distinct tradition of crime fiction, which he reinterprets differently in his short stories by giving voice to the marginalized, and in his novels by incorporating elements of hardboiled, noir fiction, and even whodunit. The character of Mandrake is situated in a context that increasingly includes paraliterary concerns.


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