It seems that you're in Germany. We have a dedicated site for Germany. Authors: Kehoe , Raymond, Jarvis , Alka. Purpose The purpose of this book is to provide the reader with an understanding of the ISO guideline and how it applies to the specification, development, test, and maintenance of software. We will show that the basic practices and procedures that define software engineering and the ISO guideline are, for all intents and purposes, one and the same. Finally, those who must choose software companies to do business with or audit software companies to determine their ability to engineer and maintain a software product will find this book helpful.

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It has been replaced by ISO Your quality policy should: State a clear commitment to quality. Recognize customer needs and expectations. Be actively supported by senior management. List the quality objectives you want to achieve. Be understood by everyone in the organization. Be consistent with your organization's goals. Be maintained throughout your organization. Be applied throughout your organization. And make sure all of this is well documented.

This requirement must be met for those who:. Manage quality system work. Perform quality system work. Verify quality system work. Control nonconforming products. Prevent product nonconformities.

Prevent process nonconformities. Prevent quality system nonconformities. Identify problems related to the quality system. Report problems related to the quality system. Record problems related to the quality system. Recommend solutions to quality system problems. Design solutions to quality system problems.

Verify that solutions were implemented. Evaluate whether solutions were effective. Identify and provide the resources that people will need to manage, perform, and verify quality system work. Make sure that:. Only trained personnel are assigned. Managers have the resources they need to verify work. Internal auditors have the resources they need. Appoint a senior executive to manage your quality system and give him or her the necessary authority.

This senior executive must ensure that your quality system is developed and implemented. This executive must:. Monitor the performance of your quality system. Control the performance of your quality system. Report on the performance of your quality system. Help improve the performance of your quality system. Act as your organization's spokesperson on quality. Quality system reviews should be:. Carried out on a regular basis. Documented and records should be maintained.

Quality system reviews should ensure that your: Quality system requirements are being met. Quality objectives are being achieved. Quality policy is being applied. Develop a quality system and a manual that describes it. Your quality manual should: State your quality policy.

List your quality objectives. Provide an overview of your quality system. Describe the structure of your organization. Discuss your quality system procedures. Introduce your quality documents and records. Teach people about your quality system. Control quality system work practices. Guide the implementation of your quality system. Explain how your quality system will be audited. Develop your procedures for all areas of your quality system. Document your procedures, and keep them up to date.

Each procedure should: Specify its purpose and scope. Describe how an activity should be carried out. Describe who should carry out the activity. Explain why the activity is important to quality. Describe when and where it should be carried out. Explain what tools and equipment should be used. Explain what supplies and materials should be used.

Explain what documents and records should be kept. Quality planning for software Develop quality plans to control your software development projects. Your quality plans should control:. Project implementation. Project schedules. Project resources. Project approvals. Project phases. When a phase can begin. When a phase has been completed. Your quality plans should define:. Quality requirements. Life cycle model. Review methods. Testing methods.

Verification methods. Validation methods. Configuration management. Product verification. Verification of your developed products. Verification of your purchased products. Verification of your customer-supplied products.

Product validation. Validation of your developed products. Validation of your purchased products. Nonconforming products. Corrective actions. Your quality plans may include or refer to: Generic project, product, or contract procedures.

Special project, product, or contract procedures. Develop and document procedures to coordinate the review of software development contracts. Software that will be developed for a customer. Software that will be developed for a market sector. Software that will be embedded in a hardware product. Software that will be developed for your internal use. Specifically, your procedures should make sure that:.


ISO 9000-3



ISO 9000-3:1997



ISO/IEC 90003




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