Islam is under the spotlight in the media, news, and debates. Many misunderstandings are arising concerning Islam, especially after September 11, This book by Muhammad Qutb aims to clear many of these misunderstandings and explain Islam as it really is. Preface 2. Is Religion Antiquated?

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Another book on the Qur'an, the prophet and the Five Pillars, clearing up misconceptions about the Religion Of Peace for curious non-Muslims? Not this time. This book is for Muslims, not non-Muslims. Specifically it's for the "sincere and enlightened youth, who earnestly wish to find out the reality, the truth, but the doubts and lies spread about Islam by the deceitful imperialistic powers leave them helpless to see the light" of Islam.

And what are these "doubts and lies," these misunderstandings that Muhammad Qutb wants to clear up? Essentially that Islam -- i. The author is or was the younger brother of the iconic shaheed martyr to Islamism, Sayyid Qutb. While Sayyid went to the gallows, Muhammad fled Egypt for the more fundamentalist-friendly Saudi Arabia to teach at a university or universities there. Though much less famous than his brother, Muhammed was influential in his own right.

Not only did he help to make his brother famous by editing and publishing Sayyid's books, but there is good reason to believe that Muhammad Qutb influenced the world's most famous terrorist, Osama bin Laden, and that terrorist's al-Qaeda network, while Qutb was teaching and preaching in Saudi Arabia.

For those of you without the time to read this Some of them I've checked against the facts, others speak for themselves. Hopefully they'll all give you an insight on the man who influenced a good number of the "sincere and enlightened youth" -- how he saw the world, what he wanted, whether his followers hate the West for "what it does or what it is.

For more explanation, more quotations and for sources, click on the Details It'll take you to the More Detail section. Why do educated "Westernized" Muslims have doubts that "Islam is not a mere creed," but a complete system of economics, with civil, criminal and international legal codes? They have been taught these doubts "in the history books prescribed by the agents of imperialism. Qutb does not like these people one bit. What are these Western "masters" like?

They have a "perverted attitude toward life," an "innate inhuman character," are "crazy," "savage and backward," "pygmies", and characterized by "avarice They are not only spreading "lies about Islam," but still "engaged" in a crusader war "against the Muslim world.

Why does Qutb thinks the Western "masters" are perverted, savage, avaricious, barbarous, monstrous, hideous, etc.? Qutb's interest in imperialism is more as a weapon to be wielded against separation of religion and state -- if the "deceitful imperialistic powers" say Islam is a mere creed But there's a third set of grievances sprinkled throughout his book that Qutb makes to Muslim youth - beyond what Westerners have done or who they are, there are the things Qutb says Westerners have done that never actually happened.

It's these grievances modernist Muslims and especially Westerners should probably be more aware of. What is the place of women in Qutb's "Islam"? On the one hand, Islam acknowledges "a perfectly equal status as human beings for both men and women" and treats "them as equals, entitled to equal rights. Qutb's interpretation of it differentiates "between man and woman with regard to their special functions in life. Women's function is to take care of children and leave the house only in emergencies.

Why does "Islam" exclude women from the job of running a country or an economy? Why is "the evidence of two women Well, again, because of that "vehemently emotional, impressionable" female character. For example, "it is quite possible that" in a court case, "the accused, against or for whom a woman appears as a witness, may be an attractive woman which may make the witness jealous and hostile towards her and so give a wrong evidence.

She's a woman, too! And what about all the court cases that don't involve attractive women or jealousy? Why does "Islam" allow scourging beating of wives? The court? Besides, "in certain psychological perversions chastisement is the only effective remedy.

The science of psychology tells us. Women rather than men are more generally the victim of this psychological malady. If masochists enjoy pain, the pain of scourging would be an incentive, not a deterrent, for them to give their husbands more "petty grievances" to get more of those enjoyably painful beatings.

So if men and women in "Islam" have "perfectly equal status" not just "roughly equal" or "almost" equal status , can a woman beat a man when the man misbehaves? Get real! A woman "does not respect the husband whom she can beat and chastise"! Why is it that "Islam permits women to go outside their houses only when there is really a genuine need for them to do so"?

Why can a man divorce a woman just by saying "talaq, talaq, talaq I divorce thee, I divorce thee, I divorce thee "? No matter how fully and passionately the husband and wife reconcile following a triple talaq , there can be no remarriage until the woman marries another man and consummates that marriage. Just the sort of issue those smirking Westernized "educated skeptics" point to as in need of reform and militant traditionalists like Qutb stoutly defend. But he doesn't. He ignores the issue.

How do we know women love a strong man? Well, just look at the case of the American woman. Who enjoys subjecting herself to man, makes love to him and tries to win him over. She is moved by his strong, well-built body, broad chest, and when satisfied of his strength as against her own physical weakness she surrenders her person to him.

More fun facts about female psychology. Where should a woman work? Though a woman may work outside of the home in an emergency if, say, the husband dies , women "feel at ease in those professions only that have got an emotional appeal for her feminine nature viz. What happens when women can't get married and have children? If a woman can't stand someone, can she refuse to let that person in the family house? Amongst the three most important obligations of a wife to her husband are that "she should not let anyone enter his house whom he would not like to" have enter.

But does the wife also have the right to "debar" anyone "from the house of her husband" that she would rather not have visit? Well, no, because "the impressions of the woman are in most of the cases illogical," so the wife might end up barring her mother-in-law or some other in-law. If the husband went along with this "it would be an act of mawkish tenderness that may soon suffer a change What was the place of women in Europe?

The woman was "a mere nonentity". A lucky few became a "means of diversion and entertainment for the licentious rich" men, but mostly "woman in Europe" were "content to live as animals - eating, drinking, bearing children, How did the Industrial Revolution affect women in Europe?

Why were European women paid less than men in factories during the industrial revolution? Because of the "miserliness, rigidity and ingratitude," the willingness to "infect others with evils" for which "Europe has been for ever known. Why did women put up with this miserly ingratitude until the emancipation of women? Well, partly to earn a living, but also because of their "love" of "costly clothes, cosmetics etc. You see, after tens of millions of men were killed in World War I, European women who would otherwise have become housewives took jobs.

They did it to be able to eat, but The woman was not plagued by hunger alone; sex too claimed its share and gratification. As the number of men had fallen too low due to the war, not all the women could achieve that gratification through marriage. But the creed and religion prevalent in Europe did not allow polygamy - as Islam does in such periods of emergency.

Thus the woman in Europe was left at the mercy of her passions that swept her away bon gre mal gre. Her need for bread and the urge to achieve sexual gratification besides her love for costly clothes, cosmetics etc. The helplessness of woman now promised them an excellent opportunity of which they fully availed themselves They paid her wages far less than those they paid to the male workers doing the same work Breaking up this disgusting nexus of materialism, greed, and lust was a post-coital fight by women for equal wages: a "stupendous revolution Qutb's Islam would remedy.

Was there a "stupendous revolution" following World War I? Of sorts. But it was about votes for women equal pay for equal work was just one of many arguments in favor of women's suffrage. Did this stupendous revolution follow a period of post-war wage and sex exploitation? It was spread out over decades both before and after the war. Sweden and Norway gave the vote to women in and respectively. Was Emancipation for women connected to the loss of large numbers of marriageable and employable males?

There's no connection between the two. The aformentioned countries gave women the vote before the war, while in France and Italy -- where large numbers of males did die in the war -- women couldn't vote until decades later -- in France and in Italy.

What about widespread fornication between the women and their employers? The domination by women of European governments and institutions after World War I? These events seem to have escaped the notice of everyone except Qutb.

Women didn't commonly serve as ministers in government until the s and 70s. Why did Europe finally outlaw prostitution? They didn't need it any more. The civilized Western governments, which at last prohibited prostitution, did not act so out of any respect for the human status of a prostitute as such, [but because] these prostitutes had lost all their usefulness, their place having been taken by the common sybaritic society girls.

Even in countries were prostitution isn't strictly legal, decriminalization is common. What about the era Qutb is talking about?


Islam Misunderstood Religion by Muhammad Qutb






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