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Secrets of Personal Magnetism. Wouldn't it be fun if they couldn't resist you? Thi s book reveals to you the secrets of attracti on and chari sma. You will learn to maximi ze your hidden and natural attributes to create an instant bond with anyone YOLI meet! Learn how to: Have them falling for you in a heartbeat! Communicate with others at the unconscious level.

Make a great first impression with body language. Know what their eyes are saying to you! Appear comfortable even when you aren' t! Speak with confidence when you are nervous. Use specifi c words and phrases to innuence them now! Create chemi stry with anyone al will. Irresistible Attractioll bl ends the art and science of atlraelion and flirting. Thi s book is insightful and fun! He is considered one of America's leading experts in body language and hypnosis. She is a certifi ed instructor of hypnotherapy.

Psychology 2. Relationships S. Bibliography Introduction Sex. The need to affiliate. The desire for love. The desire to have a close knit family. We' ll let you determine for yourself what specifically your desires and needs in a relationship are. This book is both informative and fun.

It is thoroughly researched and yet easy to read. We draw from the fields of social psychology, evolutionary psychology, hypnosis, neurolinguistic programming, and the personal experiences of many individuals who were kind enough to share their inner most thoughts with you. This book i s designed to not only help you understand what is attractive to men and women, but to show you specifically how to become 8 more attractive in the minds of t hose you want to influence.

Not much happens in an intimate relationship until two people first are attracted to each other. In the majority of attraction experiences, there is a component of sexual attraction. There is also often a component of emotional, intellectual or ideological attraction as well.

AU of these areas will be discussed in this book but we arc going to prima rily focus on personal magnetism, which is in large part, a synt hesis of sexual energy and attraction. One aspect of attraction that you may encounter is occasional frustration about what attracts us to each other. Don't worry! We all get frustrated when we aren't as ideal as we could be.

There are no ideal peoplel There are only ideals. Read this book, enjoy. In business, sales, social networking and even the singles scene, we all benefit in many life changing ways if we enhance our level of attraction to those around us. You may think it shallow that people respond to what may seem to be superficial qualities like our appearance or how much money we make, but superficial as it may be, the facts are undeniable.

If people find you attractive in one or many ways, you will probably have a better job, get bett er treatment in most social situations, and you will probably make more monoy. People who are perceived as attractive, using various subjective criteria, are perceived to be happier, healthier and more emotionally stable by others around them. People are more likely to be hired for jobs if they are perceived to be attractive by the interviewer.

People are much more likely to be asked out for a second date 10 if they a re considered attractive. People are more likely to make more sales if they are thought to be attractive. People arc more likely to want to be our friend if they think us attractive. Years of scientific research have provided overwhelming evidence about the value of being socially and physicaIJy attractive.

It really is true that people we arc "magnetized to" have some set of charismatic characteristics t hat often seem indefinable. In this book we will not only define these characteristics but we will also show you how you can develop the traits that the most socially attractive people sparkle with.

In addition to this, you will learn what other people see when they see you and what they hear when you talk. You will learn how people feel around you and you will learn how to easily take yourself to the next level of charismatic attraction.

These are just a few of the questions that will be answered in this book. What does "attractive" mean? Who says what "attractiveness" is? How can you change your level of attractiveness to everyone around you? Do you have to change who you are inside and become a "phony'! Is attraction important if I'm already married? Does it matter ifl have charisma if] have a job? What are the actual benefits of being more attractive? Recent research indicates the following about the assumptions we all make about attractive people.

We believe that attractive people are: 11 more successful more intelligent better adjusted more socially skilled more interesting more poised more exciting more independent more sexual have a happier marriage have more professional and socia l s uccess have more fulfilling lives These arc ass umptions t hat the world makes about attractive people. So imagine the heightened chances of having oppor t unities come your way, just because people assume these quali t ies in you, just by looking at you!

Scientific research reveals quite a bit ahout what we find attractive in other people. A portion of t his research comes from studying t he evolut ion of species, and studying groups a nd societies from all over the world and not just our melting pot in the United States. Over millions of years we have evolved t o have certain predisposit ions to engage in certain behaviors a nd not others. The process of evolution is not interested in political movements or religion. Life simply evolves. The creationist acknowledges that evolution simply is a fact of life, and t he fact t hat life continues to evolve by no means rules out the place of a creator.

Men in almost all cultures have typically played t he role of the provider, the hunter and the gatherer. Until technology advanced far enough in t he 20 lh century he 12 had to do all of these things for himself and his family.

It was his natural role. The reason is simple enough. For millions of years, when a man and a woman found each other attractive enough to mate, children resulted. Children are time intensive and someone in a family needs to care for the offspring of the mating. That lifetime project has universally fallen to the woman. The woman bares the brunt of the child rearing responsibilities. She carries a baby for nine months and her ability to do other things becomes limited.

Once the baby is born, nature has wired "Mom" to feed the baby. Research is clear that babies, on average, who are breast fed are healthier and smarter than children who are not.

Healthy genes arc "nurtured" by those women who follow the evolutionary plan of caring for children. Moms have evolved to be pre-disposed to care for their children. This makes a woman far more vulnerable than a man. A woman's life can change immediately after having sex. One minute she is not pregnant, the next minute she could have a lifetime commitment ahead of her. That is part of what life on this planet is all about. Therefore, women tend to be a bit more careful about who and when they will engage in sexual relations with a man.

Women typically have about potential childbearing years in their lives. They needed those children to farm and be part of a family team to keep the family alive. Women are the glue that holds society together at the level of the family. Those characteristics are going to be the keys to making a woman's life as comfortable as possible while she performs her evolutionary tasks of giving birth and caring for the children she will raise.

The rise in feminism in the middle and late 's hasn't changed what is attractive in a man to 8 woman's eye You can change the clothes and the day-job but you can't change the genetic hard drive that yOll are born with. Women for millennia to come will be attr acted to the man who can in 21ll century terms bring home the money, show love and kindness to the woman and children and have the respect of his peers.

The first filter most women use to evaluate a man at the unconscious level is his probable access tu resources. In the 21' century that means money. Men on the other hand have a different set of evolutionary tendencies and problems. Men don't have the capacity to give hirth. They aren't built to breast feed the newborn children and all the sensitivity classes in the world will not make them the best choice to raise children when contrasted with women. Males are the procreators of the species.

This evolutionary charge means that a man is designed to create offspring everywhere and anywhere he can. The survival of life on the planet is largely dependent upon men finding a healthy woman or women to populate the earth and pass along his genes from generation to generation.


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Recent research indicates the following about the assumptions we all make about attractive people. We believe that attractive people are:. People form their first impression of you in three to four seconds! This book reveals to you the hidden secrets of attraction and charisma. You will learn to maximize your hidden and natural attributes to create an instant bond with anyone you meet!


Irresistible Attraction: Secrets of Personal Magnetism by Kevin Hogan, Mary Lee Labay, Jack Swaney

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Irresistible Attraction: Secrets of Personal Magnetism



Irresistible Attraction-Secrets of Personal Magnetism (1961)


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