Realistic device characteristics can be analyzed under actual operating conditions by varying the test frequency, test signal level, and dc bias. The HP A's high degree of measurement accuracy - 0. The HP A makes high-speed measurements, approximately 3. The analysis function not only provides you with impedance and transmission characteristics, but also allows you to determine secondary parameters. Using the marker and line cursor functions, you can obtain the resonating frequency of resonators and the pass band width of band pass filters quickly.

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Welcome, Guest. Please login or register. Did you miss your activation email? This topic This board Entire forum Google Bing. Print Search. No description for this state in the service manual. However those jumpers are missing on my board?! Any ideas? Tomorokoshi Frequent Contributor Posts: Country:. I found the jumpers in the schematic of the service manual on page of the Keysight service manual However, it's too compressed to read. My Artek copy has it on page It clearly shows those jumpers selecting between the two clocks.

They are inputs to the logic selection circuit. Perhaps there was a revision that is not right with the documentation. U58 is in the clock distribution circuit, so that area is definitely worth a look. A6 Layout. A6 Schematic. Quote from: findus on April 11, , pm. Thanks a lot! You guys have been really helpful so far! Jumpers W3 and W4 didn't change anything. The backup battery sounds promising: the system spent years as backup in our basement.

I will check the state of the reset pin as soon as the rest of the family is asleep. I haven't checked the state of the reset pin so far I couldn't find a single reference to the battery in the service as well as the regular manual. Not sure - I believe the backup RAM holds fairly non-critical data, but in the case of the the info is actually in the user's manual p. This last item is also detailed on the same page so I imagine it should be possible to re-enter the values manually.

I'm assuming the and have a lot in common, but could be wrong. It seems to only be used for storing test configurations. Note that it takes 48 hours to fully charge the battery. It may be that it just needs to be recharged. Not sure what the best approach is there. The battery circuit is on the same sheet as the clock test circuit in the service manual.

A6U60 is the reset monitor, and it takes in the voltage level of the battery. It is on page Ah, it appears the and are very similar in that area. You guys are great! Thanks for the advice and the video. I will take a closer look on the reset circuit on Sunday. So far I only managed to briefly replace the old battery 1. No change so far. Have a nice weekend, I'll keep you posted. After watching fenugrecs video I had to try the LED battery replacement: it works!

So I'll be debugging the video circuit on Sunday. Thanks again! Nice to see progress on that. Great video on that battery issue. Sonic-power Newbie Posts: 1 Country:. I had the similar problem with my old , and now after replacing the battery its up running. As many of you will know this aint such an easy device to fix, so i'm asking on the forum if anyone has repaired this issue before, and what a possible remedy could be.

Does anyone know the wiring for this 50 pin centronics connector? I also wonder whether the manual offered by Artek is fully readable, as the one I downloaded from Keysight is far from readable. If anyone happens to have the pinout, as well as describe the type of cable used twisted, shielded, etc , I would very much appreciate to receive feedback on such subject.

I hope that the unit arrives in decent shape, although I purchased it in the far east and I live in Argentina, so chances are it will suffer transport damage. Best regards, and thank you! I couldn't find anything on the J5 cable in the manuals. So I measured mine out. The housing is shielded to the shielded cable.

All 50 pins are straight through. I spot-checked an old pin SCSI cable. It was also shielded and the pins appear to be straight through. The schematics and line art in the Artek manuals are definitely clearer and legible.

Some of the scan is a bit blurry, but it's legible and the text capture generally works, so you can search through them. Thank you so much for taking the time to check the cable!. I look forward to receiving the unit by the end of this week, and I will try to manage things to get a SCSI cable to replace the missing J5. Hopefully, it will work. In the meantime I'll check the Artek website and eventually order a copy of the schematics.

Best regards! Hi, today I finally received my A, and the J5 cable is indeed missing. Thank you!! Quote from: alocam on June 11, , pm. I finally got to checking all pins on the SCSI cable. They were all strait through like the original J5 cable. Everything worked normally. Attached is a scan of a 10 pF mica capacitor. There was an error while thanking. SMF 2. EEVblog on Youtube.


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