Oral health of building construction workers: an epidemiological approach. I DDS. This study involved male subjects, aged 17 to The definition of a random sample utilized the functional number of each worker as a criterion to the raffle, which took into account all subjects registered in the Working Accidents Prevention Program.

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Find in Lib. Add to Collection. Title: Oral frictional hyperkeratosis There are a multitude of processes that may present as a whitish lesion in the oral mucosa; most of them provoke an abnormal keratinisation of the oral epithelium. The clinical pattern, location and possible triggers make it possible to direct their diagnosis. In many cases a histological study is essential in order to rule out premalignant and malignant processes.

In general, white, oral lesions are very common. Some are ominous, although in general they are not; therefore, the general practitioner is continually faced with diagnostic challenges. References 1 Citations 0. References 1. The purpose of this study was to determine the amount of oral lesions in soft tissues in children under 6 years of age that assist I 5 public facilities from October to September in Mexico City.

The most frequent lesions found were: candidiasis, geographic tongue, traumatic ulcer, primary herpetic stomatitis and racial melanin pigmentation. The higher prevalence was found in males of 3 years with racial melanin pigmentation. Cited By 0.

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2017, Number 6

Frequency of oral squamous cell carcinoma and oral epithelial dysplasia in oral and oropharyngeal mucosa in Chile. Correspondencia a:. Background: Oral cancer in Chile corresponds approximately to 1. There are few studies about oral epithelial dysplasia and oral squamous cell carcinoma in the Chilean population.


Hiperqueratosis friccional oral

LV se presenta como una serie de placas blancas no removibles, bien delimitadas, de aspecto filiforme y corrugado, ubicadas principalmente en los bordes laterales de la lengua bilateral o unilateral. Sin embargo, esto no se ha observado en reportes donde la RP ha sido promisoria para el tratamiento de LV. Review and report of a clinical case. VL is an asymptomatic lesion that appears mainly in the lateral borders of the tongue. For aesthetic reasons, particularly when the lesions are very extense, some patients request treatment. The podophylum resin PR is a topical chemotherapeutic agent widely used by dermatologists to treat infections caused by human papilloma virus HPV.

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