The tapped hole must be held within the stated pitch diameter limits for the required class of fit for the installed Heli-Coil insert. When anodize, Iridite or other finishes are used, all tapped hole dimensions must be met after the finishes are applied. Helicoil Tapping Data - Metric Heli-Coil taps in various types and styles produce holes for Tolerance Classes 4H5H or 3B and 5H or 2B for use in the general range of aluminums, magnesiums, mild steels, free machining stainless steels and other free machining materials. Conventional shop practice and production procedures, speeds, feeds and lubricants should be used in combination with proper fixturing and good tapping machines or tapping heads. The tapped hole must be held within the stated pitch diameter limits for the required Tolerance Class of fit for the installed Heli-Coil insert.

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Helicoil inserts are screw thread bushings coiled from wire of diamond shape cross-section. They are fit into thread tapped holes to form internal threads with nominal size.

Helicoil inserts are diametrically larger than the tapped hole. During the assembly operation, the diameter of the leading coil is reduced due to applied torque and this permits it to enter the tapped thread. The higher and more consistent torques are met by the screw locking inserts when assembled and tested in Class 3B tapped holes. Note: The minimum drilling depths allow for countersinking the drilled hole to have a good starting thread.

Plug style tap is widely used in through holes and where there is sufficient room at the bottom in blind holes. Bottoming style tap is ideal for blind holes that require threads to be close to the bottom of the hole. Unified Screw Thread: A thread form used by the United Kingdom, Canada, and the United States to obtain screw thread interchangeability among these three nations. This thread form is used in materials with low tensile strength which makes threads more resistance against stripping internal threads.

UNC give possibility for quick assembly. The Fine series is suitable when the resistance to stripping of both external and mating internal threads equals or exceeds the tensile load carrying capacity of the externally threaded member. It is also used where the length of engagement is short, where a smaller lead angle is desired, where the wall thickness demands a fine pitch, or where finer adjustment is needed.

Please Wait Nominal Size in Inches and Threads per Inch. Tap Style. Plug Tap Bottoming Tap. Helicoil Insert Length. Nominal Size. Threads per inch. Class of Fit.

Insert Length. Minimum Drilling Depth [G]. Minimum Tapping Depth [T min ]. Minimum Major Diameter [D min ]. Maximum Pitch Diameter [D 2max ]. Minimum Pitch Diameter [D 2min ]. Maximum Minor Diameter [D 1max ]. Minimum Minor Diameter [D 1min ].






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