We'd like to understand how you use our websites in order to improve them. Register your interest. Therefore, a viable implementation of building energy efficiency policies is inevitable to realize a transformation of the energy system to mitigate climate change. Within the building sector lies a huge potential for emission reduction consisting in the renovation of the existing building stock and climate-friendly building guidelines applicable to new constructions, both adapting CO 2 -neutral technology solutions. However, as there are several different pathways leading to a decarbonized energy system, there is always the question which political and technological solutions are most efficient, effective, and feasible. This paper aims to analyze building efficiency policy measures and instruments and the related technological solutions in two front-runner countries of the energy transition, possessing different structural conditions: Germany and Norway.

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Lease Agreement. Trivago GmbH. In the event of conflicts between the Annexes listed above and the provisions of this Lease Agreement, the provisions of this Lease Agreement shall prevail over those of the Annexes, including if the provisions of this Lease Agreement make reference to the Annex concerned.

If a purchase agreement is not entered into by that date, the Condition Precedent shall be deemed to not have been met. The bigger of the two building structures with an open passageway in the bottom part will be built during the first construction phase. The second phase of construction is to be performed at a later point, possibly as a high-rise building. The Tenant intends to lease major parts of the Property as soon as they are ready for occupancy and plans to lease further building parts in the future if appropriate.

To this end, one of the two planned buildings shall be built on a turnkey basis and leased by the Tenant. Moreover, it is intended to grant the Tenant a right of lease linked to an obligation to perform the work with respect to the second building in its entirety. The Parties acknowledge that, as at the date of this Lease Agreement, only a preliminary design has been prepared for the Property. The design for the Property will be developed further depending on how the technical situation and the situation regarding authority requirements and economic conditions develops.

The Tenant will be given the opportunity to take part in this further development to be able to design the Property in a target-oriented manner and carry out the wishes of the Tenant in the Property.

Now, therefore the Parties agree as follows:. Common areas are leased on a pro rata basis. Outdoor areas are leased for joint use; access to those spaces by others other tenants, the public shall be tolerated by the Tenant. In the event of a deviation in area sizes, the following shall apply:. This shall not apply to the doors opening from the lift lobbies to the Lease areas. Moreover, the Landlord shall produce the Property so as to ensure that staff meetings attended by over participants assemblies can be held at the cafeteria and in the lobby, i.

Moreover, the structural conditions must be created to allow use of the Internet and means of mobile communication e. The Tenant may object to such modifications in writing within twelve 12 business days of receipt of the notification referred to above; otherwise the modification shall be deemed approved. If the Parties do not reach agreement on the extent by which the rent is to be reduced, this shall be. The notice of rescission must be sent by registered letter or by means of similar evidentiary value to prove receipt.

The contractual penalty shall be due and payable immediately upon presentation of a corresponding invoice by the Tenant. Beyond that, any mutual claims of the Parties associated with the exercise of the rescission right shall be excluded. The current plan is to build a building comprising at least 13 thirteen floors and approx.

The formal procedure to amend the land-use plan currently in force [ Bebauungsplanverfahren ] is not yet completed. In the event of a project-specific land-use plan pursuant to Sec. The execution of the building yet to be built must in any event fit in term of its shape, colour, facade design and quality the execution of the Lease.

Object and the design as a building complex incorporating the Lease Object, including if the Tenant does not exercise its option right.

The Tenant shall have the right to exercise the option to lease the ground floor and the remaining floors in writing to. If the Parties do not reach agreement on the current market rent within a period of four weeks, either Party shall have the current market rent determined by a publicly appointed expert who is familiar with the local area and is to be commissioned by the Party concerned.

The mean value of the values thus determined shall then be the rent payable for those spaces. Apart from that, those spaces shall be leased in accordance with the provisions of this Lease Agreement. The Parties shall enter into an addendum satisfying the requirements of written form pursuant to Sec.

If the rent is not to be adjusted according to the foregoing paragraph and the spaces have not been leased with binding effect within another period of four weeks of receipt of the written notification from the Landlord, the Landlord shall also be free, whenever such spaces are to be leased, to lease them to a third party. In the past, the Lease Object was used as part of port operations. Its vicinity is home to typical port businesses and the Lausward power station.

The Tenant undertakes to accept any immissions which may be caused by this type of use. In this case, the Tenant, the Landlord and the follow-on tenant shall enter into an addendum to this Lease Agreement by which the Lease is transferred to the follow-on tenant and the Tenant is released from this Lease Agreement.

The Tenant may ask building experts to attend the preliminary site inspection and handover. Any contractual penalty which may have been incurred shall be reserved, even if this is not expressly asserted upon handover.

Immofinanz AG. A Vienna. In doing so, the Tenant shall be under an obligation to coordinate the performance of such works with the Landlord in detail, to make the necessary agreements with it in due time and to follow the instructions of the. If any of the defects referred to above exists, the Tenant may refuse to accept handover. When the Lease Object is formally handed over to the Tenant, a handover report shall be drawn up which shall be signed by both Parties and attached to this Agreement as an addendum satisfying the requirements of written form pursuant to Sec.

Any defects shall be documented in writing in the handover report. The Tenant shall be under the obligation to grant the Landlord access to the Lease Object for this purpose.

To the extent that the handover report does not list any defects, the Tenant. For the sake of clarification, this shall not constitute an additional contribution to building costs.

Any additional costs in excess thereof shall not be borne by the Tenant. The Landlord shall be under an obligation to pay the budget out against presentation of a corresponding invoice which shows that the budget was used for variation requests or for fit-out purposes.

The contribution to building costs must not be used for additional terraces and roof terraces. The amount of this indemnity payment shall be reduced in accordance with the number of square metres if the Tenant exercises the Special Termination Right only with respect to certain partial areas.

The indemnity payment shall be due and payable at the end of the seventh Lease year, at the end of the Lease. Ancillary costs and VAT are included in the rent by statute. The foregoing provision shall also apply to any other Ancillary Costs which may incur in addition or increase and are apportionable under this Agreement, provided that they incur in the context of orderly property management. However, the Tenant shall have the right to undertake the estate management of the Site, including, without limitation, the signing of supply contracts, contracts for work and services and service agreements, by itself to the extent that this does not entail any consequences the Landlord cannot be reasonably expected to accept e.

If the Tenant itself undertakes the estate management of the Site as a whole except for activities that cannot be undertaken by the Tenant, e.

Ancillary Costs accounting, land tax, street cleaning, or similar , the estate management fee shall be reduced to 0. Thereafter, it shall be adjusted by the Landlord to the respective balance of the cost statement. Die accounting period for Ancillary Costs shall be one and does not have to coincide with the calendar year.

The advance payment for the accounting period for Ancillary Costs shall be made in twelve equal monthly instalments together with the net rent. The Ancillary Costs shall be rendered account of as at the end of the calendar year following the end of the accounting period for the Ancillary Costs. If the Lease Agreement terminates during an accounting period, the statement of account shall be prepared only as part of the normal invoicing cycle; no interim statement shall therefore be issued.

Any differences between the annual statement and the total monthly advance payments made shall be paid by the Tenant or refunded by the Landlord within four weeks of receipt of the annual statement. The amount of the rental security shall be equal to three times the net monthly rent inclusive of heating and advance payment on operating costs. Such an adjustment s hall be made by the Tenant, at its own cost, without undue delay after a request to this effect.

The Tenant shall be under an obligation to furnish a guarantee for an unlimited amount in the form of a letter of comfort by Expedia Expedia, Inc. The Landlord shall state VAT separately in the invoice.

This includes, without limitation, adjustments, lubrication, maintenance cleaning, preservation, refilling or changing operating fluids or consumables e. The Tenant shall undertake all preventive maintenance and basic repairs inside the Lease Object at its own cost. In addition, the Tenant undertakes in particular to treat the Lease Object with due care and consideration and to keep it in a functional condition. If additional roof terrace spaces or additional terraces were.

This obligation to bear those costs shall not apply as long as the Landlord is entitled to warranty claims against other parties involved in the construction. Reference is made to the right of the Landlord to enter into full-service maintenance contracts for the servicing of technical equipment.

The foregoing limitation on the obligation of the Tenant to bear the costs shall not apply to lamps. Any such measures shall be performed in close coordination with the Tenant. After reasonable advance. To avert imminent danger or prevent damage, necessary works may also be performed immediately without prior announcement.

The Tenant agrees to the Landlord and its estate manager keeping general contract data and the accounting data required under this Agreement in common data collections. The existing supply networks for gas, electricity, heat and water may be used by the Tenant only in such scope and extent that no overload occurs. The Tenant shall have utilities shut off immediately in the event of any problems with or defects of the supply lines.

If it is unable to do so, or if the problem or defect also affects other tenants, the Landlord or its authorised representative shall be notified without undue delay. The legal validity of this Agreement shall not be affected by the invalidity of any individual provisions or gaps contained herein.

An invalid provision or gap shall be replaced or filled by a valid provision that corresponds as far as possible to the meaning and purpose of the provision that is no longer valid or the other provision. Oral agreements or arrangements of any kind which relate to the Lease or the Lease Object must be laid down in writing in order to be valid, unless a different intention of the Parties has been clearly expressed.

The same shall apply for changes and amendments as well as for the cancellation of this Agreement or of the requirement for written form. The Parties acknowledge that they are aware of particular written form requirements of Secs. They mutually undertake hereby to take all action and make all statements to any future purchaser of the Site, at the request of one or the other of them, that are necessary to comply with the statutory written form requirement, and further represent that they will not terminate the present Lease early because the written form requirement has not been observed.

This provision applies not only to the execution of the principal Lease Agreement, but also to any amendments, modifications or supplements thereto. Given the protective purpose of Sec. In the event that the Property is sold or otherwise transferred and passes to the acquiring party, which thereupon becomes the new Landlord, the Tenant undertakes to agree on a written form clause with the same content in an addendum to be entered into also with the acquiring party if the latter so requires.

To preserve the interests of the Tenant, the Landlord shall be under an obligation to require any acquiring party under the purchase agreement agreement pursuant to Sec. Waiver of the foregoing provisions requires written form. The same shall apply for all declarations to be made in written form according to this Agreement. Research Group 1 Area Definition. Mario Bonet Head. Joachim Schmidt Deputy Head.


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Global climate protection persists on a suboptimal low level because of international free-rider incentives. Nobody can be excluded from the benefits of climate protection while the provision of protection is not free of charge. The discipline of economics can help to modify incentives so that free-rider incentives are alleviated and the optimal climate protection level can be approached. Basque centre for climate change — Klima aldaketa ikergai. He has a strong expertise especially in international climate policy issues and ancillary benefit aspects of climate change mitigation.


BC3. Basque centre for climate change – Klima aldaketa ikergai

The ordinance regulates the allocation of heating- and warm water costs in centrally supplied buildings with two or more units. Furthermore, the obligation of consumption metering as well as the technical equipment for the metering is regulated. An exception are residential buildings with only 2 dwellings of which one is inhabited by the building owner himself as well as concerning thermal heat retirement and nursing homes, halls of residence for students or apprentices, and comparable buildings or parts of buildings. The ordinance is supposed to stimulate the user to save energy, since a mayor part of the billed costs of the metered consumption has to depend on the consumption of the user. Insofar it has priority over other agreements in the lease contract.



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