Free PDF, epub, Kindle ebook. To the healthy man and woman this book is respectfully dedicated. They have done certain things consciously or. Hatha Yoga has 90 ratings and 8 reviews. What is Hatha Yoga? Yogi Ramacharaka.

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Cole All rights reserved. Electronic edition published isbn: pdf isbn: epub. Contents Chapter I. The Purpose of the Book. Chapter II. Natural Laws of the Body. Chapter III. The Instinctive Mind. Chapter IV. Mind in Cells, and Cell Communities. Chapter V. The Three Forms of Psychic Healing. Chapter VI. The Principles of Pranic Healing.

Chapter VII. The Practice of Pranic Healing. Chapter VIII. Pranic Breathing. Chapter IX. Pranic Treatments. Chapter X. AutoPranic Treatments. Chapter XI. ThoughtForce Healing. Chapter XII.

Suggestive Healing. Chapter XIII. Practice of Suggestive Healing. Chapter XV. Chapter XVI. Mental Healing. Chapter XVII. Mental Healing Methods. Metaphysical Healing. Chapter XX. Practice of Spiritual Healing. Chapter XXI. Concluding Advice. Its author regards the best of theories as but working hypotheses to be used only until better ones present themselves. The fact is the principal thingthe essential thingto uncover which the tool, theory, is used.

The sanest thinkersthe best investigatorshold no theory, not even the one dearest to them, that they are not ready and willing to throw away when a better one presents itself, whether that better one be discovered by themselves or other persons. This is the true philosophical spirit.

It is true that this book may appear dogmatic rather than argumentative. But the author knows of no better way to present the facts of the subject, concisely and to the point free from the web of theory, and the quicksands of argument.

And so he has decided to take the liability of the charge of dogmatism, in order to deliver his message to you in the style that he feels will reach the greatest number, and thus do the most good. The facts stated in the book are true, and may be so proven by you in your actual practice, if you will but follow instructions. This, after all, is better than argumentative proofs that fail to prove.

The Science of Psychic Healing The best way to get the benefit of this book is to start in to put its teachings into practice. Do not be content with merely agreeing intellectually to its propositions, but get to work and do something.

This is the only way for you to get the benefit of the bookto get your moneys worth from the book. The author has placed in your hands the operation of a mighty force of Natureyou must do the rest. He has pointed out the wayyou must take the steps yourself. He has opened the door, but you must walk through it yourself. We ask the reader to acquaint himself with each and every one of the several methods of healing taught in this book, before he determines which he prefers to use.

The wisest will take a little from each, rather than to tie himself down to any particular method or system. All are good, but some will be better for individuals than others. The author mentions this fact, and tells you how to select.

The methods described in this book may be used in selfhealing, even when it is not so stated in the text. In fact, selfhealing is probably the favorite idea of the author, who believes in people doing things for themselves, and being independent, so far as is possible.

We trust that you will appreciate the value and simplicity of this book, and will put into practice its important instruction. The Yogi Publication Society. Chicago, Ill. We have said very little about theoryalthough giving a general outline of the underlying theories that the healer may understand the nature of the work he is doingand have tried to make the book tell how to do the work.

In introducing the subject we wish to say that we have not tried to make a religion of Psychic Healing, for this seems a folly to us.

We do not see why Psychic Healing should be made into a religion, any more than should Drug Healing, Massage, Osteopathy, or any other form of healing. All true healing results from an application of perfectly natural laws, and the power employed is as much a natural law as is electricity. For that matter, all natural laws are of divine religion, and are equally worthy of respect and reverence.

There has been a great tendency in the Western world to build up religious or semireligious cults around the work of healing. Each cult or sect claims that its cures and healing is the result of some special creed or metaphysical belief, notwithstanding the fact that the other sects make cures in about the same proportion.

The Oriental is not deceivedeven selfdeceived 3. The Science of Psychic Healing in this manner. He is taught from childhood that there are many subtle forces and forms of energy in Nature, which may be taken advantage of and pressed into service by Man.

To the Oriental there is as much mystery and awe about electricity as about psychic forcein fact, he sees them as but varying forms of the same thing, and he respects them both. A little reflection will teach anyone that this is correct. We cannot speak at length of these theories here, and must refer students to our Advanced Course in Yogi Philosophy for fuller information, if they desire the same.

The above facts being true, it follows that the Oriental psychic healer fails to feel that jealousy and prejudice regarding practitioners of other forms of healing, which, alas, is so prevalent in the Western world. He believes that any form of true healing employs the same force and power that he is usingnotwithstanding the difference in the methodsand he respects the same accordingly.

He naturally prefers his own method, but does not abuse his neighbor for preferring another method. Moreover, the Oriental healer is taught from the beginning that there are certain natural laws of the body, which must be observed in order to maintain health, or to restore it if lost. He believes that that which makes the healthy man healthy will make the sick man well. We allude to the natural laws regarding nutrition, elimination, breathing, etc. We have set forth our conception of these laws in our book, Hatha Yoga, and will briefly mention the same in the succeeding chapter entitled The Natural Laws of the Body, to which we refer all students, strongly advising them to acquaint themselves with these natural laws before attempting healing work.

We are fully aware that many Western schools of Psychic Healing ignore these laws as too material, but one has but to look around 4. The Purpose of the Book him to see the folly of that position. Natural laws may not be defied with impunity. We believe that if people would follow the teachings of Hatha Yoga there would be no need for healing of any sort, for all would maintain health. But people will not do this, and therefore healing methods are necessary.

And we believe that Psychic Healing is the best and highest form of Healing known to man. But even Psychic Healing will not, and cannot, effect a permanent cure, unless the patient will change his or her habits of living, and will endeavor to live in accordance with Natures laws.

So therefore, again and again, do we urge the healer to acquaint his patient with these natural laws of the body Hatha Yogaand while giving the healing treatments he should endeavor to work in advice and instruction regarding the natural laws of the body, so that when the patient is healed he will live in such a manner as to promote health, and to hold the ground he has gained, and not slip back again.

This book is not intended as a treatise upon disease. On the contrary, it says as little as possible about disease, and prefers to keep before the eye of the student the Healthy Condition, and the means of bringing it about. Therefore you will see but little of symptoms in this book. Symptoms are but various indications of a cause behind them, and we believe that there is only one general cause for disease and that is improper functioning of the cells. In other words, we believe that all disease is but Celldisease.

And we believe that the general treatments given in connection with the principles laid down in Hatha Yoga, will remove the cause of the trouble, and the symptoms will then disappear. The Science of Psychic Healing We will not take up your attention with praise of the systems of healing taught in this book.

We believe that the proof of the pudding lies in the eating, and we say to you, Try It. Have confidence in yourself, and in your healing power.


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