Manual zz. Es besteht die Gefahr eines elektrischen Schlages. Beachten Sie die technischen Bedingungen des jeweiligen Umfeldes z. Lackierereien nutzen. An zentraler Stelle, z.

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Manual zz. Die distybox erfordert den Anschluss einer externen Antenne. Durch die Verwendung einer externen Antenne an der Basisstation bzw. Bitte beachten Sie die Bedienungsanleitung Ihrer Basisstation. Sie vermeiden damit eine gegenseitige Beeinflussung. Verbinden Sie die externe Antenne mit dem entsprechenden Anschluss nur distybox Verbinden Sie die distybox mit der Stromversorgung.

Der Einbuchvorgang wird automatisch gestartet. Verbinden Sie Ihr Telefon mit der distybox. Aktivieren Sie den Programmiermodus wie oben in Punkt beschrieben. Dann: 1. Geben Sie zum Aktivieren des Leistungsmerkmals ein: 0 3. Das Leistungsmerkmal ist aktiviert.

Um diese Parameter einzustellen, muss vorher der Programmiermodus aktiviert werden. Es wird eine 0 - 8 stellige PIN von der distybox akzeptiert.

Sollte das Einbuchen nicht innerhalb von ca. Optimieren Sie den Distanzwert in Schritten von 2, z. Wahlziffern werden als Keypad Information gesendet. Diese Einstellung ist nicht empfehlenswert wenn der Parameter 71 auf 0 eingestellt ist.

Diese Einstellung ist sinnvoll wenn Ihre Basisstation an eine direkte Amtsleitung angeschlossen ist. Die Rufkadenz wird von der Basisstation gesteuert.

Die Funktion 51 ist nicht nutzbar! Die Rufkadenz ist in der distybox fest eingestellt. Die Rufkadenz wird von der Basis gesteuert. Gigaset C Damit kann die Antenne optimal auf die Basisstation ausgerichtet werden. Diese Einstellung ist z. Es wird erst nach Wahl einer Ziffer entschieden ob eine Verbindung innerhalb der Basisstation oder nach extern aufgebaut werden soll.

Diese Einstellung ist nicht empfehlenswert wenn der Parameter 42 auf 0 eingestellt ist. Auto Reset 92 0 Der Auto Reset ist nicht aktiv. Vermeiden Sie bitte den Einsatz von Putz- und Scheuermitteln. List of Contents 1 List of Contents Important information The distybox can be used to connect analogue telephones, fax machines, answering machines, entrance intercoms and modems to your DECT base station.

The device must use DTMF dialling voice frequency signalling ; terminals that only support pulse dialling cannot be used on the distybox. If your device uses pulse dialling, please check if it can also be switched over to DTMF dialling. The distybox features an integrated aerial and has a standard DECT range of up to 30 m indoors and up to m out of doors. An external aerial must be connected to the distybox Much greater distances may be covered, depending on the base station used, the aerial and the general environmental conditions.

By using an external aerial on the base station or a DECT repeater with an external directional aerial, a maximum range of up to 10 km can be attained. To ensure optimal operation on different base stations, it may be necessary to modify the distybox by setting various parameters on the base station.

The varying functionalities of different base stations may, in turn, result in variations in operation. Please observe the instructions for operating your base station.

NOTE The factory setting on the distybox is for operation on a base station with an ISDN connection, which means that in many cases it will not require any further modification. For operation on base stations with an analogue telephone connection, you will need to switch over parameter 40 in programming mode. Connections and indicators 3 Connections and indicators 1 2 distybox 2m 5 3 4 1 2 Power supply Power supply unit adapter NOTE After plugging in the power supply unit, the handset on the connected telephone must remain on the hook for at least 30 seconds.

NOTE Only the power unit supplied should be used. Before opening the housing, ensure that the power supply unit is disconnected. The RJ socket is assigned to the two middle connections pins 3 and 4. The use of a high-quality aerial cable and as short a cable as possible will minimise any losses in performance and provide the optimum range. NOTE Please note that the device must not be fitted in the immediate vicinity of any other electronic devices such as hifi systems, office machines or microwave ovens.

This prevents any interference between the devices. In addition, the device should not be installed near heat sources e. To prevent noise interference when making calls, the connected terminal should not be positioned closer than one metre away from the distybox. Before determining the final mounting position, you should therefore check that your desired location is within the range of the DECT base station.

This results in a loss of transmission quality. However, just a small change in position will restore normal transmission quality. As the distybox works as a cordless unit on your DECT base station, you can use your cordless handset to check whether or not the mounting position is suitable.

Wall mounting Follow the steps given below to install the distybox 1. Drill two 6 mm diameter holes into the wall at a distance of 60 mm apart. Insert the rawl plug and turn the screws until they are approx. Connect the external aerial to the appropriate socket distybox only. Connect your terminal to the distybox. Connect the distybox to the power supply.

Fit the distybox in place. Additional parameters allow the distybox to be set according to your personal preferences. Manual registration can also be carried out in this mode. Connect the power supply unit adapter to your distybox. Connect your telephone to the distybox, leaving the handset on the hook. Ensure that your base station enables an additional cordless phone to be registered. During the registration process, the distybox should be located close to your base station.

Instructions on how to do this will be given in the operating manual for your base station. Plug the power supply unit into a power socket. The registration process will be started automatically. The registration process has been successful if the LED flashes at intervals of approx. NOTE If the registration process has not been completed successfully within approx. This prevents the parameters being changed accidentally during operation. Connect your telephone to the distybox. Connect the power supply unit to your distybox.

Lift the handset on your telephone. Depending on whether or not your distybox is already registered on a base station, you will either hear a busy tone or a dialling tone.

You will hear a positive acknowledgement tone. Optional step: Enter the PIN for the distybox via your telephone. You will hear the special dialling tone indicating that programming mode is active.

You can now enter the parameter codes to change the relevant features of your distybox. Activate programming mode as described above in points and then proceed as follows: 1. To activate the feature, enter 0. You will hear a positive acknowledgement tone, followed by the special dialling tone once more. The feature is now active. Operating Instructions 3. Leave the phone on the hook for at least 30 seconds. Refer to the operating manual for your base station to clarify which features you can use.

Programming mode needs to be activated before this parameter can be set. The function-programming process is concluded by entering and confirmed by the positive acknowledgement tone. You will then hear the special dialling tone once more, which means that you can continue programming other functions. With the exception of programming points 90, 91 and 99, the change is effective without having to restart the distybox. If an invalid value is entered during programming, a negative acknowledgement tone is sounded, the procedure is cancelled and you will hear the special dialling tone once more.

If during programming no input is made for one minute, the procedure is cancelled and you will hear the special dialling tone again. Programming mode can be exited at any time by replacing the handset; the distybox will then be returned to normal mode.

A PIN with 0 to 8 digits will be accepted by the distybox.


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