A stotra can be a prayer, a description, or a conversation, but always with a poetic structure. It may be a simple poem expressing praise and personal devotion to a deity for example, or poems with embedded spiritual and philosophical doctrines. Many stotra hymns praise aspects of the divine, such as Devi , Shiva , or Vishnu. Stotras are a type of popular devotional literature. Among the early texts with Stotras are by Kuresha, [ clarification needed ] which combine Ramanuja 's Vedantic ideas on qualified monism about Atman and Brahman ultimate, unchanging reality , with temple practices. Stotra comes from the Sanskrit root stu- which means "to praise, eulogize or laud".

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Ghora Kashtodhara Stotram

Ramachander Here is great prayer meant to destroy severe sufferings addressed to Lord Dathathreya written by a great Maharashtrian saint Thembe swami Maharaj who was born in the year AD. Sripada, Srivallabha thvam sadaiva, Sri datha asmath praha devadhi deva , Bhava grahya , klesa haarin Sukirthe , Ghorath kashtat uddarasman namasthe. You are always one with divine feet and the consort of Lakshmi, And Oh God of Gods who is being called Dathathreya, Oh one with great fame, Oh remover of problems, remove my accumulated Karma , And I salute you and request you to lift me up from severe and painful problems. Tvam sarvasvam, no prabho Vishva Murthe, Ghorath kashtat uddarasman namasthe.





Big Ideas to Englightenment — Ghorkashtodharan Stotra by Tembe Swami -...


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