We offer the range of Galtech alloy gear pumps which are available in 34 displacements, divided into 4 groups. All units are suitable for build into multiple pumps. Customers are advised to use mineral hydraulic oils with antifoaming, antioxidant, corrosion-proof characteristics, and with high viscosity rate. Pump assembling and engagement must avoid axial and radial loads on the shaft. The coupling used for engagement has to compensate assembling misalignment mistakes. Significant inventory is held of all configurations.

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Over the past twenty years, Galtech have been steadily improving their reputation as designers and manufacturers of industry-leading hydraulic components. They have created motors, valves, cylinders and highly-effective Galtech gear pumps to replace old, unwieldy and inefficient designs.

Here at Flowfit, you will find Galtech gear pumps to suit a wide range of system specifications and applications. Each and every one of these pumps comes with BSP threaded ports, 1 tapered keyed shafts and European 4 bolt flanges. For more information get in touch with our team of dedicated hydraulic specialists today on or email us directly at sales flowfionline.

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More Options. Add to Basket. Industry-Leading Galtech Gear Pumps Here at Flowfit, you will find Galtech gear pumps to suit a wide range of system specifications and applications. Send SMS. Call from mobile. Add to Skype.

You'll need Skype Credit Free via Skype. Price Range. Group Type. Standard Group 1. To Suit. Standard Group 1 Pump. Flowfit on For any business workspace, when there is the risk of harmful liquids spilling and causing potential harm, having an accessible spill kit to hand is a must. These types of spillages need to be clea Read more Flowfit on To ensure the smooth running of any hydraulic system the correct hydraulic oil needs to be present.

This is a non-compressible fluid that is used to transfer power within hydraulic machinery and equipm Directional control valves are used to control fluid flow hydraulic oil, water or air into different paths from one or more sources, ensuring that they follow a specific path. This is usually controlled by a spool inside of the valve cylinder that If the log splitter seems weak or not performing as it should then there is a strong likelihood that something is not right with how the There is nothing better than spending a cold, crisp winter evening huddled under a blanket with a homely warm fire burning in If the hose is too small this can increase the fluid velocity causing undesirable results.

To achieve the required flow and to ensure you have a suitable pump, you would n This is because the hydraulic gear pump is one of the main components used in manufacturing, con Keep your Hydraulic Solenoid from failing! Hydraulic system components such as Cetop Solenoid Valves are used to form a hydraulic circuit. These are common components and are often used in hydraulic powerpacks and standalone hydraulic manifold block Some of the most essential parts of your system include your hydraulic control valves.

These components are used to control a range of different metrics within you Read more. Download file. We will not share your data with anyone else.


Galtech Gear Pumps

Back in the mid-eighties Mikrospin was the first UK import company to specialise in inter-changeability for our range of gear pumps and mobile valves. Their range of gear pumps are manufactured in group sizes from 1 to 3 and displacements for these pump models between 0. These options give us the ability to quickly assemble units from stock parts, helping small companies with breakdowns, and also our larger OEM customer base who are manufacturing their own machinery. Double and triple pump versions are available and we can easily assemble tandem units using special kits that allow us to build any variety and also interchange between group sizes. Our Galtech range of directional control valves is are available in 2 versions; Sectional and Monoblock. The flow capacities go up to litres per minute with a maximum pressure range up to bar.

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Galtech Pumps and Valves

The Online Industrial Exhibition. All Galtech catalogs and technical brochures. Related Searches Hydraulic directional control valve Industrial hydraulic motor Hydraulic gear pump Electrically-operated hydraulic directional control valve Manual hydraulic directional control valve Solenoid-operated hydraulic directional control valve Lever-operated hydraulic directional control valve Monobloc hydraulic directional control valve Proportional hydraulic directional control valve Hydraulic flow divider Sectional hydraulic directional control valve Hydraulically-operated hydraulic directional control valve Electro-hydraulic hydraulic directional control valve Aluminum hydraulic pump Cast iron hydraulic pump Flange hydraulic pump Aluminum hydraulic motor Directional control valve Hydraulic pump Spool hydraulic directional control valve. They exclude delivery charges and customs duties and do not include additional charges for installation or activation options.

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