Plants for sale are ready for transfer to a 3" to 4" pot for retail if you're selling small plants or you finish or grow it further to maturity if you're selling larger or flowering plants. Prices are subject to change without notice. Aspleniums 'Crissie' are excellent for making statements in and around the office and house. As the plant matures the ends of the leaves become branched or "fingered" forming a very distinct look. Excellent for 6 to 8 inch containers. It is a striking and extremely user friendly fern, that can be used as a standing or hanging plant at home or in the office.

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Posted by wtesto Ferns , New Collections 0. Underside of leaf Habit Leaf Habitat. Dryopteris fragrans is one of the most unusual species in its genus. Dryopteris fragrans is distributed in northern regions of North America, Europe, and Asia, where it is typically found on shaded cliffs and less commonly on talus slopes. Its specific epithet refers to the strong, distinctive scent of the leaves, which appear to be imparted by the glandular hairs covering the lamina.

This population is near the southern edge of its range in North America. Testo Testo Collection Party: W. Gilman Det. History: W. Coordinates: I am a post doc at the University of Florida, where I work in land plant phylogenomics and systematics. I am broadly interested in ferns and lycophytes, especially in the American tropics.

Your email:. Based on an estimate of 51 families worldwide. Based on an estimate of genera worldwide. Based on an estimate of 11, species worldwide. Dryopteris fragrans Posted by wtesto Ferns , New Collections 0. Collection Data W. Testo Testo Species: Dryopteris fragrans L. Schott Var. Collection Location. Get Directions.

Previous Ctenitis paranaensis. About The Author. Related Posts. Login Login Lost my Password. Search FOTW. Presl Acrophorus C. Presl Acrorumohra H. Actinostachys Wall. Aglaomorpha Schott Alansmia M. Amauropelta Kunze Amblovenatum J. Roux Ananthacorus Underw. Anetium Splitg. Angiopteris Antrophyum Kaulf. Arachniodes Blume Argyrochosma Arthrobotrya J. Arthropteris J. Ascogrammitis Sundue Aspidotis Nutt. Asplenium L.

Astrolepis D. Dittrich Austrolycopodium Holub Azolla Lam. Blechnidium T. Moore Blechnopsis C. Presl Blechnum L.

Blotiella R. Tryon Bolbitis Schott Bommeria E. Botrychium Sw. Botrypus Michx. Brainea J. Callistopteris Copel. Calochlaena Maxon M. White Calymmodon C. Presl Campyloneurum C. Presl Cephalomanes C.

Presl Ceradenia L. Bishop Ceratopteris Brongn. Cerosora Domin Cheilanthes Sw. Cheiroglossa C. Presl Cheiropleuria C. Yatabe, N. Dittrich Cochlidium Kaulf. Colysis C. Dittrich Crepidomanes C. Presl Cryptogramma R.

Ctenitis C. Ctenopterella Parris Culcita C. Presl Cyathea J. Cyclodium C. Presl Cyclopeltis J. Cyclosorus Link Cyrtomium C. Presl Cystodium J. Cystopteris Bernh. Danaea Sm. Dasygrammitis Parris Davallia Sm. Davallodes Copel. Dendroconche Copel. Dendrolycopodium A. Haines Dennstaedtia Moore Deparia Hook. Desmophlebium Mynssen A. Vasco Sylvestre R. Didymochlaena Desv. Didymoglossum Desv. Diphasiastrum Holub Diphasium C.

Presl ex Rothm. Diplaziopsis C. Diplazium Sw. Doryopteris Sm. Dracoglossum Christenh. Dryopolystichum Copel. Edwards Dryopteris Adans. Elaphoglossum Schott ex J. Enterosora Baker Ephemeropteris R. Gaga Fay W. Goniophlebium Blume Presl Goniopteris C.

Presl Grammitis Sw. Gymnocarpium Newm. Gymnosphaera Blume Haplopteris C. Presl Hecistopteris J.


What is "fragrans"

It appears as though your browser does not support javascript or javascript is turned off. Javascript is required to use the features of this site. The U. National Vegetation Classification. Type Concept Sentence: This structurally and floristically variable alliance is found in the Great Lakes region of the U.


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Dryopteris fragrans


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