Following the recommendation of the Boundary Commission in November , the statutory number of members was reduced from 41 to 38 starting from the elections. A total of four parties contested the election. There were candidates in the election - men and 22 women. It criticized the Free National Movement FNM government, led by Prime Minister Hubert Ingraham, for not having done enough to stimulate the Bahamian economy, which was yet to recover from the global economic crisis. The FNM fell from 23 to only nine seats in parliament.

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While it has not yet released its own document of pledges, the PLP highlighted many commitments it has already made that are intended to address crime and fuel job growth. Progressive Liberal Party Leader Perry Christie had a different response: He brought together law enforcement experts, community leaders, and a new generation of PLP leaders to create Project Safe Bahamas, a tough, comprehensive and innovative plan to fight crime.

The PLP has been sharing this detailed plan with Bahamians since last summer. There have been four murder records in the last five years, with the highest number of murders since records were kept recorded last year Already this year, 36 murders have been recorded, three fewer than this point last year, according to Nassau Guardian records.

The prime minister also said a key part of this would be the recovery and growth agenda that focuses on jobs and wealth creation, small businesses, and support to entrepreneurs through innovative grants and incentives. In Manifesto , the FNM outlines a plan it said will help to lift Grand Bahama out of its depressed state, by introducing new opportunities for commercial expansion and improving infrastructure, the party said in a statement, which was released Thursday night.

Sports was cut across the board as all major sporting federations and government agencies and… Read More. Restaurants and bars will look very different in The Bahamas because of the novel coronavirus… Read More.

The boating and yachting component of tourism, which will be part of the June 15… Read More. Crime fighting initiatives feature prominently in Manifesto Next Are we headed for dictatorship?

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Free National Movement

The current leader of the party is Hubert Minnis [1] and his deputy is Peter Turnquest. It dominated the General Election held on 10 May , winning 35 of the 39 seats in the Legislature. Levarity , Maurice E. Moore , Dr.


PLP blasts FNM following release of Manifesto 2012

As of Friday, April 13, The FNM's Manifesto can be viewed here. I always tell my children "if you are smart be proud to show it off" because fool seems to glory in foolishess. I invite you sir in all your wisdom and audacity to find local investors to replace the foriegn investors, put your money power where your mouth power is!!!! Enough of the nonsensical talking. Any party who tells the Bahamian people they will not seek out foriegn investors or get loans from the World Bank or others, is lying to the people.

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