Critics have called for its review or even outright repeal due to its supposed ineffectiveness. But other countries that have yet to move away from subsidized power are already pursuing their own versions of Epira, on the recognition that their power pricing regimes cannot be sustainable. With these, electricity prices should go down. But our electricity prices have stayed high and consistently among the highest in the region. The law has been blamed for high prices and price volatility due to the removal of government power subsidies, the layering on of profits due to the unbundling of the different industry subsectors, and the introduction of the Wholesale Electricity Spot Market WESM.

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Before that law, the government-owned National Power Corporation NPC was the single-biggest debtor agency and the single-biggest deficit generator, fiscally bleeding the taxpayers while providing unreliable power supply. EPIRA has significantly changed this, moving away from a state monopoly to a competitive sector with dozens of competing players in power generation alone. Competition can pressure price declines overall while improving electricity supply quality and reliability.

Yet many sectors still glamorize that dark era of state monopoly and endless fiscal deficits. These include generation, distribution, and transmission charges — the three costliest items — as well as supply, universal, system loss, and metering charges. The bill also covers VAT and feed in tariffs and so on. Significant capacity additions occurred only in with One, installed capacity from to — the decade before EPIRA — expanded twice but power generation expanded only by 1.

This suggests low productivity and efficiency under the NPC. This means the private owners of NPC-privatized power plants were more efficient in optimizing the capacity and efficiency of those plants.

Three, from to last six years , power generation has expanded 1. This shows again higher efficiency and lower prices by private players. Fast expansion in power generation means fast expansion in power consumption and electricity prices are more affordable so the people use more electricity.

This will be a first time since PEMC was created in or after 15 years. So now this anomaly will be corrected. Bienvenido S. Oplas, Jr. Today's Paper. Font Size A A A. Load Comments. Follow us on. All rights reserved. Read our privacy guidelines.


RA 9136 – “Electric Power Industry Reforms Act of 2001.”



Epira is working


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