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Culots de lampes et douilles ainsi que calibres pour le Lampensockel und -fassungen sowie Lehren zur Kontrolle. This amendment exists in three official versions English, French, German. A version in any other language made by translation under the. Attention is drawn to the possibility that some of the elements of this document may be the subject of.

Culots B22d Culots B15d Culot G10q Culot GR Culot GR10q Culots P Culots pour lampes plafonnier SV Culots pour lampes plafonnier SV8. Culots pour lampes plafonnier SVX8. Culots 2G Culots 2GX Socle de lampe flash W Socle de lampe W2. Socle de lampe WX2. Socle de lampe W2x4.

Culots GRX10q.. Culot 2G Culot 2GX Socles W2. Socles WX2. Socle WY2. Socle WZ2. Socle WU2. Culots PGJ Culots S Culot W4. It contains the recommendations of the IEC in regard to Lamp Caps and Holders in general use today, together with relevant gauges, with the object of securing International interchangeability.

The gauges illustrated, although generally accepted in principle, are not necessarily the only form in which they can be made. This document states the technical and dimensional requirements for lampholders for tubular fluorescent lamps and for starterholders, and the methods of test to be used in determining the safety and the fit of the lamps in the lampholders and the starters in the starterholders.

This document covers independent lampholders and lampholders for building-in, used with tubular fluorescent lamps provided with caps as listed in Annex A, and independent starterholders and starterholders for buildin The contents of the corrigendum of January have been included in this copy.

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Completion Date. Ref Project. Buy Standard. Assemblage sur lampes Prefocus cap P30s Assemblage de la Prefocus cap PG This May Also Interest You. Lampholders for tubular fluorescent lamps and starterholders IEC


BS EN 60061-1:1993+A57:2018



IEC 60061-1


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