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Fill in the rest of your details and you can start bidding. Jose Mallorqui - El Coyote - volumes - Ediciones Favencia, Barcelona - 1st edition - Published between and , depending on the issue - Number of pages: between and , depending on the issue - Paperback - 11 x 18 cm Condition: Very good. See the photos, please. The child was raised by his grandmother Ramona and later entered a Salesian boarding school. This childhood made him a shy, dreamy person.

He was a poor student. He left school at 14 and began to work to make a living. He was a great reader, he read everything that fell into his hands. At 18 a substantial inheritance from her deceased mother brought him a period of well-being and luxury and a dilettante life, practising all kinds of sports.

In , he started working for the Editorial Molino. Apart from being fluent in French, he learned English with a friend, which allowed him to translate and read in both languages.

It consisted of 44 novels and another twelve in its second era, in Spain. However, it had very little to do the American original for its ideas and characters. Along with this title, and in the same collection, Duke was created. It has been said that the character was inspired by Jim Wallace, although his author claimed that he was reminiscent of Doc Savage.

It was a great success. Besides, a comics magazine was published. Trading card albums, films and even special issues appeared. The series reached the number of issues until In his wife, Leonor del Corral, developed leukaemia. She died in hospital in June of In a serious back problem made impossible for him to continue writing.

He had to dictate to a secretary. Complete your details. Sign in. New user? Create a free account. Slice Created with Sketch. Number of Books Book Title El Coyote. Condition Very good. Edition 1st Edition. Language Spanish.

Publisher Ediciones Favencia. Create account or Sign in.


El Coyote (character)

El Coyote the Coyote or prairie wolf [3] is the name of a fictional character very similar to Zorro El Zorro , the Fox , although acting several years later when California had transformed to be a part of the United States' "Wild West". Cover illustrators were not always identical to inside illustrators. The novels a Cliper edition already in [8] - and the comics - were also glued in nice collections and sold in hardbound "limited bookform" Forum had one with all its novels, [9] and also one with the comics. California was incorporated into the US in as a result of the Mexican—American War — after some turbulent years as part of Mexico and even twice as a short-lived independent republic , and registered as the 31st State of the United States in


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