Interested in giving Earthdawn a try, but intimidated by the rulebooks? The Quickstart has you covered! It presents an overview of the basic game concepts and rules, five pre-generated characters, and an introductory adventure to jump start your adventures in Barsaive. These PDF files are digitally watermarked to signify that you are the owner.

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For a better experience, please enable JavaScript in your browser before proceeding. Thread starter Mataxes Start date Nov 2, Tags earthdawn where i read. I decided to contribute to the site by rolling out one of my own, focusing on one of my favorite games ever: Earthdawn.

If this goes well, I might move on to other books from the original line. When analyzing the game, it helps to keep in mind the era when it was originally developed.

The latter point is especially relevant if you look at Earthdawn as a reaction of sorts to the granddaddy of fantasy role-playing. It was the system and setting for two of my longest-running and most successful campaigns. The people of the world are emerging after hiding for centuries.

Magic exists, rising and falling over centuries in a natural cycle. The traditional fantasy races -- dwarfs, elves, humans, orks, and trolls -- exist along with some more exotic ones. Fortunately, there was advance warning of their coming thanks to the magicians of the Theran Empire. They devised wards and protections allowing people to hide from the Horrors in magical underground shelters called kaers.

Eventually, as the magic cycle ebbed, the Horrors were forced back to their native realm. After generations of living behind their wards, people slowly opened their kaers and began to reclaim the surface.

They found the world--which they knew only from the legends and tales handed down over the centuries--radically changed. While most of the Horrors were gone, some remained, and continue to inflict their torments on innocent victims.

This is the world in which the game is set. A magical post-apocalypse where heroes travel the land, exploring the ruins left after the Scourge, fighting the Horrors that still lurk in the darker corners of the world, as well as the Theran Empire, who have returned to oppress and exploit the common citizens just trying to live their lives.

TrvShane Stumblin' around the net Validated User. I'm running Earthdawn at the moment 3rd ed rules, 1st ed timeline , so this has my interest; I look forward to reading more. I still have my very battered missing it's spine copy of Earthdawn 1st edition from 93, too, so this will be nicely nostalgic.

Last edited: Nov 2, Mataxes said:. Chapter 1: Age of Legend. TrvShane said:. That's why I've gone back to it now, and why it captured my group's imagination so quickly, too. Winters1 Active member Banned. This is still my all time favorite fantasy rpg and one of my favorite game engines. I'd definitely include Fallout and Exalted as influences, if time worked backwards and we lived in a relative space and time multidimensional matrix.

Octiron Insufficiently Hopeful Validated User. I liked the setting a lot but was one of those people who "bounced off the system" when I found out you could fail to even cast a spell. It made for a very frustrating gaming experience. I loved their take on magic items though, with multiple levels of power based on how much you found out about the item's history during play.

I had to scramble to get the expansions before the stock ran out. I still have two copies of the 1e core book, one of which is the red leather limited edtion. Octiron said:. Hello, I'm going to keep an eye on this thread.

Take Care! Lou Prosperi Who wrote significant portions of the book that Josh is going to be reading. But we were not yet ready to pay the price. This was a somewhat common technique with setting-focused games in the 90s. I know different people have different opinions of game fiction.

Others like how it can provide inspiration, guidance, or insight into the game. I personally fall in the latter camp, though I will freely admit that game fiction can sometimes get a bit dire.

We start in media res with our POV character fleeing up a hillside from ork scorchers, finding his companions taking cover behind some rocks, with Lorm clearly upset with Mestoph because there is no sign of the lost city or its treasure. The group fights the orks, taking advantage of a spell from Mestoph Ethereal Darkness, an iconic Nethermancer spell , and shortly thereafter discover a shaft carved into the hillside that was hidden by an illusion, leading to the entry chamber of Kaer Jalendale.

The team are not the first to discover the kaer. The doors are broken open, and the walls are inscribed with gashes in the rock, which according to Mestoph, drained the magic from the wards, and probably took years to work. It appears a Horror took its time breaking into this place, and there was nothing the residents could do -- they might not have even been aware before the first ward failed. Entering the kaer, we find that while it started out with a systematic and logical design, structures were added over the years--up more than out--resulting in a maze of blocked-off streets and alleys.

As the explorers try and make their way toward the center of the kaer, they remark on the lack of bodies with an exchange that always stuck with me. Lorm shifted the lantern to his other hand, then whispered, "Where are all the bodies? Maybe it stacked all the bones in a corner somewhere. He wants something from us he cannot get if we are dead. It is Lorm's axe. His grandfather made it for his father.

It has blooded a Horror. Perhaps now it shall slay one. You must log in or register to reply here. Jessica Wardman, longtime forum member Snoopy, passed away last week. She's been a valued part of the RPGnet community since , and will be dearly missed. Top Bottom.


[WIR] Earthdawn Core Rules (1993)

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Earthdawn with simplified rules.

Earthdawn is a fantasy role-playing game , originally produced by FASA in The rules of the game are tightly bound to the underlying magical metaphysics , with the goal of creating a rich, logical fantasy world. Like many role-playing games from the nineties, Earthdawn focuses much of its detail on its setting , a province called Barsaive. It is also a prequel to Shadowrun.

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