You are, no doubt, converting the CSV to a SiebelMessage containing one Integration Object and then a large number of Integration Components as this is the simplest form. I have landed on a project where the team has had the exact same problem with webMethods XML to Siebel. Would this apply as well or is there a different solution. If you have time, could you include as many details as you can deal with typing? Yes i have used a single integration object and single integration component.

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I use this Web Service to insert and update accounts on Siebel. I have an Account with an Address, but when I try to update an account field for example main phone number it deletes the Address. What does your XML message look like is it like 1.

If it is like 1 or 2, then it will delete the Existing Address associated with the Account. OK lets try something different. Seems like the XML is coming from webservice. Is it a middleware that you are using. If yes, can you ask the middleware to send the blankstructure of "Business Address" as a child under acccount.

Like Structure 1 in my previous post. If it is not possible. Then you might have to use the syncronize method of the ASI. But in this scenarion I read in the bookshelf and in the support that synchronize method is even worst than update, in this case. I tried to use the upsert method and it works fine. So I decided to use only upsert instead of insert update and managed to validate the input fields from a runtime event data validation manager.

Thank you all for your sugestions. Enterprise Software. Tech Sign In Page. Forgot Password? Don't have an account? Sign up. If I use the Upsert method this goes ok. The account is updated and the address remains there. Can anybody help me with this? Follow Tech Sign In Page. Hi, What does your XML message look like is it like 1.

If it it is like 3. Then Business Address associated with Account will not be deleted. Please check and confirm.

Cheers, Ujjyal. June 23, AM. Something went wrong on our end. Please try again later. Hi, and thank you for your reply Hi Luis, OK lets try something different.

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EAI Siebel Adapter method Update

By using our site, you acknowledge that you have read and understand our Cookie Policy , Privacy Policy , and our Terms of Service. Stack Overflow for Teams is a private, secure spot for you and your coworkers to find and share information. I am new to EAI concepts and hence unable to proceed or debug. Any assistance will be appreciated. There are a lot of vanilla integration objects where they have multiple address levels, and cloning one of them or using them is Siebel best practice. If these changes still does not work, then its best you extract the SQL for this insertion from the EAI component logs. Implementing these kinds of requirements, which in my experience are ever expanding, are best to be implemented using a workflow approach.


EAI Siebel Adapter Business Service Overview – Part 1

The Siebel adapter enables adapter clients to invoke business service methods that work with integration objects. The Siebel adapter exposes these hierarchical types as strings. The XML string is compatible with the XML schema of the integration object the adapter client is trying to send or receive. For more information, see Samples for the Siebel adapter. Creating an orchestration to invoke a business service method that takes integration object parameters is similar to the orchestration to invoke any other business service, as described in Invoke Business Service Methods Using BizTalk Server and the Siebel adapter. The difference lies in the request message that you drop for the orchestration. This difference is because of the following:.


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