Diameter is an authentication, authorization, and accounting protocol for computer networks. It belongs to the application layer protocols in the internet protocol suite. The name is a play on words, derived from the RADIUS protocol, which is the predecessor a diameter is twice the radius. Diameter is used for many different interfaces defined by the 3GPP standards, with each interface typically defining new commands and attributes.

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Hi, I have a query. Pls provide your comments. I could not get enuf information from any web searches. Thanks in advance. Regards, Karthik. Hi Karthik Both messages are used when session is maintain between client and server. Moreover both the messages are triggered by server.

In RAR Re-Auth-Requset server is asking the client to authenticate himself again as a time of authenticated session is elapse; this time value is exchanged between them in earlier messages.

There is concept of grace time as well. Grace Time is time till sever waits for RAA. I hope information shared shall help you. Hi Dinesh, Many thanks for the info. I have some more doubts.

Hi Karthik, 1. In Gy message interface mostly when user's balance is insufficient or out of balance in that scenario Credit-Control server will send Credit Re-Authorization request. Requesting the user to have sufficient balance in order to cover the intended service expense.

In Gx interface there are number of reasons in order to make a Re-Authorization request. For more detail you can refer 3GPP spec I hope the above information will help you. Hi, I had a query. Should it be '0xffffffff' or '0'? Happy to help you again. Hi Team-Diameter, Thanks a lot for the response.

So the Application Id field remains as '0' in case of a Diameter relay agent? Thanks for your query. Hi Team-Diameter, Thanks. It is a very good information. Diameter Command Code Unsigned Integer is the value that travels over Network to rather than Diameter Message name, it is efficient to sent Unsigned Integer over network than a character string. Hi Team-Diameter, Thanks for such a nice explanation. Here is a couple of questions for you: 1. I dint find much information on the usage of App-Id.

Can a client assign any value for app-id or is it something that's provided by IEEE or any standardization. Could you explain it in detail. These are communicated between two immediate peers only. Hi Gaurav, Thanks for highlighting this statement. In first go it looks quite confusing, but statement is correct and well intended too.

Hope it suffice your query. Hi , Great blog! Can somebody share some content for various interfaces like gx, Gy Hi, can you provide a pdf file on whole diameter discussed here? I am very happy that I could read this post.

It's good that someone is writing about it. Request for Comments: Obsoletes: , Now in RFC, it is specified that whether to use secure channel or not to use is to be decided at the time of Transport-Connection i. For Example. The Message Length field is three octet and indicates the length of Diameter message including the header field and the padded AVPs. Thus, the Message Length field is always a multiple of 4.

Capability Update Request. No Mechanism of Capability Update. It is used to identify Each message uniquely and MUST be included when end to end protection is applied. No explanation, when multiple cache routes are created that differs only in redirect usage and peers to forward requests.

Now RFC provides a priority rule for multiple cache routes. That tells which entry to use. Rule as follow. Here only loop detection mechanism is explained, Nothing is given for avoidance or recovery from loop. RFC clearly states about loop avoidance or recovery.

Here Node that detects loop may attempt for alternative route if exists. Command Code Format Specification. Email This BlogThis! Unknown March 12, at AM. Chinmoy March 20, at AM. Dinesh Kumar September 6, at AM. Chinmoy December 14, at AM. Team-Diameter March 1, at AM.

Team-Diameter March 2, at PM. Unknown May 21, at PM. Team-Diameter May 22, at PM. Unknown June 5, at PM. Team-Diameter June 8, at PM. Unknown April 29, at AM. Team-Diameter April 30, at AM. Unknown September 3, at PM. Team-Diameter September 7, at PM. Unknown January 18, at AM. Team-Diameter January 18, at PM. Golan July 19, at AM. Ajay July 20, at AM. Unknown December 11, at PM. December 12, at AM. Newer Post Older Post Home.

Subscribe to: Post Comments Atom. Usage of IP-Sec. Default Ports. Default Port is Security On CER. Explanation Now in RFC, it is specified that whether to use secure channel or not to use is to be decided at the time of Transport-Connection i. Usage of Application Id. Message Length. Diameter Identity. Loop Detection.


Diameter (protocol)




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