Update your browser to view this website correctly. Update my browser now. As most manufacturers tend to update their products from year to year, has dbx actually improved on their product or just put it in a prettier box? Can the turn heads and budgets like its predecessor? More than just an upgrade and totally new and much better product! A few years ago, I reviewed the DriveRack , so in turn I will review the new flagship for dbx, the

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The menu-based set-up procedure includes selectable DSP inserts on all inputs and outputs including classic dbx compression, limiting and advanced feedback suppression AFS among others. The DriveRack is the next generation of the famous DriveRack family, and like its predecessor it is engineered to provide "Everything you need between the mixer and the power amps". In keeping with this philosophy the includes four inputs and eight outputs with both analog and digital connectivity.

The 96 kHz processing engine is capable of offering insert processing functions to customize the processing path for your application, in addition to the standard system processing functions all with extremely low latency and extended frequency response. With all this processing power available, control is of paramount importance.

The DriveRack provides a full color display to speed manual operation; this combined with intuitive front panel controls, an easy to use GUI and optional wall panel controllers means that whether your application is tour sound or installation, the DriveRack has what it takes. Recommended for: Installed , Portable , Tour. If any of the links above result in strange characters in your browser, please right-click the file to save it to your computer. DriveRack discontinued Loudspeaker Management System.

Shipping Weight DriveRack Brochure-English updated: Dec 20, HiQnet Audio Architect updated: Aug 23,


DBX Driverack 4800

The new flagship of the tremendously successful DriveRack family provides incredible versatility, sonic excellence and intuitive control for performance applications. With four inputs and eight outputs, flexible signal routing and an optional CobraNet card, the DriveRack offers amazing flexibility. The Ethernet-HiQnet control backbone takes the to the next level allowing easy integration into larger control networks. Processing features include selectable DSP inserts on both the inputs and the outputs, in addition to the wealth of EQ, Delay, Band Pass and Crossover filters, all designed to maximize system performance. The DriveRack provides a full color screen to speed manual operation and decrease eye fatigue; this combined with the ergonomically designed front panel make the navigation incredibly intuitive. From control to processing, the DriveRack is everything you want in a system Processor.


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dbx DriveRack 4800 4 x 8 Loudspeaker Management Processor with Display


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