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Embed Size px x x x x Mortici, Product Approximations via asymptotic integration, Ameri-can Mathematical Monthly, , no. Mortici, On Ramanujans large argument formula for the gammafunction, Ramanujan Journal, 26 , no. Mortici, Error estimates of Ramanujan-type series, Ramanujan Jour-nal, , 27 , no. Mortici, Monotonicity properties of the volume of the unit ball in Rn,Optimization Letters, 4 , no.

Mortici, Accurate estimates of the gamma function involving the psifunction, Numerical Functional Analysis and Optimization, 32 , no. Mortici, Sharp bounds of the Landau constants, Mathematics of Com-putation, 80 , Mortici, Ramanujan formula for the generalized Stirling approxima-tion, Applied Mathematics and Computation, , no.

Mortici, Completely monotone functions and the Wallis ratio, AppliedMathematics Letters, 25 , no. Mortici, A class of integral approximations for the factorial function,Computers and Mathematics with Applications, 59 , no. Mortici, Accurate approximations of the Mathieu series, Mathematicsand Computer Modelling, 53 , no. Silviu SburlanComittee: Prof. George Dinca, Prof. Toader Morozan, Prof. Miculescu, C. Mortici, Functii Lipschitz, Ed.

Colojoara, R. House, Bucharest, Sburlan, L. Barbu, C. House, Constanta, Mortici, Ramanujans estimate for the gamma function via monotonic-ity arguments, Ramanujan J. Mortici, Estimating the Somosquadratic recurrence constant, J. Num-ber Theory, , no. Mortici, Sharp inequalities and complete monotonicity for the Wallisratio, Bull. Belgian Math. Simon Stevin, 17 , Mortici, Sharp inequalities related to Gospers formula, C. Paris, , no. Mortici, An ultimate extremely accurate formula for approximation ofthe factorial function, Arch.

Basel , 93 , no. Mortici, Very accurate estimates of the polygamma functions, Asymp-totic Anal. Mortici, S. Sburlan, A coincidence degree for bifurcation problems, Non-lin. Mortici, On Gospers formula for the gamma function, J. Mortici, Improved asymptotic formulas for the gamma function, Com-put. Mortici, Renements of Gurlands formula for pi, Comp.

Mortici, On some Euler-Mascheroni type sequences, Comp. Mortici, The asymptotic series of the generalized Stirling formula,Comp. Mortici, On new sequences converging towards the Euler-Mascheroniconstant, Comp.

Mortici, A class of integral approximations for the factorial function,Comp. Mortici, The quotient of gamma functions by the psi function, Comput. Mortici, Fast convergences toward Euler-Mascheroi constant, Comput. Mortici, C. Chen, New sequence converging towards the Euler-Mascheroniconstant, Comp. Mortici, The quotient of gamma functions by the psi function, Comp. Mortici, Asymptotic expansions of the generalized Stirling approxima-tion, Math. Modelling, 52 , no. Mortici, Estimating gamma function in terms of digamma function,Math.

Mortici, New approximation formulas for evaluating the ratio of gammafunctions, Math. Mortici, The proof of Muqattash-Yahdi conjecture, Math. Mod-elling, 51 , no. Mortici, New approximations of the gamma function in terms of thedigamma function, Appl. Mortici, A substantial improvement of the Stirling formula, Appl.

Mortici, On the monotonicity and convexity of the remainder of theStirling formula, Appl. Mortici, Estimating the digamma and trigamma functions by completelymonotonicity arguments, Appl.

Mortici, New improvements of the Stirling formula, Appl. Mortici, Best estimates of the generalized Stirling formula, Appl. Mortici, Improved convergence towards generalized Euler-Mascheroniconstant, Appl.

Mortici, Some completely monotonic functions relating to the gammafunction, Int. Mortici, The best rational remainders in the Stirling formula, Int. Mortici, Renements of some bounds related to the constant e, MiskolcMath.

Notes, 12 , no. Mortici, New sharp inequalities for approximating the factorial functionand the digamma function, Miskolc Math. Notes, 11 , no. Mortici, Existence and uniqueness results for nonlinear Cauchy prob-lems of the second order, J. Mortici, A new Stirling series as continued fraction, Numer. Mortici, A new method for establishing and proving new bounds for theWallis ratio, Math.

Mortici, New sharp bounds for gamma and digamma functions, An. Cuza Iasi, Ser. Mortici, On the Stirling expansion into negative powers of a triangularnumbers, Math. Mortici, Optimizing the rate of convergence in some new classes ofsequences convergent to Eulers constant, Anal.

Mortici, A quicker convergence toward the gamma constant with thelogarithm term involving the constant e, Carpathian J. Mortici, Complete monotonic functions associated with gamma functionand applications, Carpathian J.

Mortici, E. Lungu, A new type of approximating sequence for thesolution of the Cauchy problem consisting of piecewise linear functions,Carpathian J. Mortici, D. Mihai, Nonsmooth perturbations in stochastic dieren-tial equations for the Brownian motion process, Carpathian J.

Mortici, An extension of the Szasz-Mirakjan operators, An. Ovidius Constanta, Ser. Mortici, The distance between xed points of some pairs of maps inBanach spaces and applications to dierential systems, Czehoslovak Math.

Mortici, Approximation methods for solving the Cauchy problem, Czehoslo-vak Math. Monthly, , no. Mortici, A new representation formula for the factorial function, ThaiJ. Cristinel Mortici Publications List -? Culegere de Probleme, Plus Publ. View Download 0 Category Documents. Cristinel Mortici Publications List 1 10 relevant publications 1.

ConstantinVrsan 1 3 Books and Monographs 1. Mortici, Analiza Matematica. House,Bucharest, House, Con-stanta, House, Constanta, 6. Mortici, Bazele Matematicii, Minus Publ. House, Trgoviste, Mortici, Estimating the Aperys constant, J. Mortici, A new renement of the Radon inequality, Math. Mortici, Remarks on complementary sequences, Fibonacci Quart. Mortici, On the Stirling series of gamma function, Thai J.


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