The Coleman Weathermaster Person Dome Tent provides a comfortable sleeping environment for a single family and will accommodate up to 10 people if necessary. It's one of the larger tents on the market, and it's designed for easy setup. Its walls are constructed from taffeta polyester and the floor is made from 1,D polyethylene for enhanced durability. The Coleman Weathermaster tent has a "D" style door for easy entry, and the entrance comes with both a hinged door and a zipper door for added versatility.

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For more information go to www. This tent is so versatile and has so many features that I didn't believe the packaging. When they say self rolling Windows they mean it it's like those snap bracelets they had back in the eighties and nineties where you touch it and it rolls up and it's so easy to unroll I was beside myself. Having multiple entrances makes it so easy for families and dogs.

I was able to have our two very large dogs in the screened-in area and not have to worry about where they were. And I could still easily go in and out through the other door. The first night I used the tent I was very cold, however the second night we put on the rain fly and we're very comfortable. What I took from this was when it gets really cold out I'm still warm but I'm really hot Knight's I'll be able to cool off. The tent is really easy to pack up the expandable carrying case made that a breeze which is much better than my past experiences.

And the LED lighting made it easy for everyone because we didn't have to move around lanterns to be able to see her stuff. I love my tent! I want to start off by saying that I used this tent in a way for which it wasn't intended.

I spent last season 2 March through 24 November as the campground manager at Miguel's in the Red River Gorge, and set this tent up at the beginning of the season and have yet to take it down. During it's time as my home it has weathered thunderstorms, windstorms, and a few snowfalls, all without failure. It stayed waterproof and intact for the entire season, however toward the middle of September the rainfly started seeping due no doubt to breakdown from constant UV exposure.

Considering that it had been setup for something like 24 weeks straight I would say it did a wonderful Job. I just threw a tarp over it, and it's still going today. The guys lines also had to be replaced, but, once again, they were exposed to the Sun and weather for months before they had to be. Along with being durable, this tent was comfortable. Between the mesh doors to the 'screen room', the mesh ceiling, and all of the windows the tent had plenty of ventilation.

It got somewhat warm during the day in July and August, but it was also in full Sun during much of the day so that is to be expected. The hinged door, self rolling windows, and ceiling light were really nice and all worked quite well.

If one plans to use this tent for more than a few days a year I would suggest the power pack for the light, since using so many D cell batteries is a horrible waste.

I'm currently looking at managing a different campground in the area for the upcoming season and am probably going to just give this tent to someone else for the season. If so, I would have no hesitation about buying another for this year, though I have been eyeballing the Prairie Breeze, so we'll see. I also had an Evanston which I gave to a friend early in the season. She used it for around 5 months straight right next to mine and had no complaints. Make sure to read this review.

Easy battery hack for the lights in this review. I haven't gotten to use the tent for camping as of yet. I have only had a chance to set it up to make sure everything was there and functioned properly. This is a very well made tent for the price. I fully intend to waterproof it as I did not do that when I initially set it up. You want to do this will all tents. All tents. The reason they make and sell the stuff is because you need to use it. I researched this tent a lot before I made my purchase.

It may not be a lot of money for some but it is for me especially to fork out on a tent. I do not have buyers remorse one bit. This will fit our needs perfectly. My girlfriend has Cerebral Palsy and walks with forearm crutches. The hinged door is going to make it so much easier for her to get into the tent. Ok now for what many of you are likely here for.

Who the heck has D cell batteries anymore? I sure don't. I try to build my battery systems around the battery. So I was determined to not use D cell batteries in their energy pack. Take an old USB cable. Cut it however long you are going to need it. Inside you will have several wires. You are looking for the black and red. Cut off all the other wires and any shielding there may be and strip off a little insulation on the black and red wires.

LED lights will only work if hooked up with the right polarity. I just put the wires through the holes and ball up the wire so it doesn't fall through. Yea its redneck but it works. You could solder it if you were really ambitious. I have the skills and tools but lack the motivation. Anyways snap the battery pack into place the gigantabox Coleman gives you making sure the wires stay in place. Now plug in your lighting system and plug the USB into a portable power bank and voila.

I somehow "inherited" this tent - it was in my garage when I moved and no one has claimed it, so it's mine now! Sets-up fairly easily with two adults - haven't mastered it by myself yet.

Plenty of room for 6 sleeping bags plus gear inside Although I usually have a queen-size airbed and 2 twin size. Screen room is bonus - store our cooler and food there, room for a camping table and chair as well. And the kids can get stuff from that room without letting bugs into the main tent.

Very high inside - 6-foot son can stand with lots of clearance in the whole tent. Nothing to complain about here! And we've used it during rain with no problems, while other tents around us were flooded!

Unfortunately, the light was missing when I first used this - will try to get a replacement as that would be a nice feature. This is a great tent. Very roomy and comfortable. The screened porch is a nice feature and the LED lighting with a wall mounted switch and three levels of illumination is great. Setup is not difficult but takes some time and is best done with two people. I give it four stars instead of five for two reasons: the instructions are not well written and there are parts in the package that aren't even mentioned in the instructions.

Also, one of the fiberglass pole shock cords broke as I was taking it out of the box for the first time. However, Coleman promptly sent a warranty replacement with one phone call so I give them an A for customer service. Overall, this is a good buy and I recommend it. Here at Walmart. Your email address will never be sold or distributed to a third party for any reason. Due to high volume, we can't respond to individual comments.

Your feedback helps us make Walmart shopping better for millions of customers. Recent searches Clear All. Enter Location.

Update location. Learn more. Report incorrect product information. Walmart Actual Color. Select Option. Current selection is: Choose an option. Add to list. Add to registry. Great for car camping and extended camping trips, this outdoor tent has a separate floorless screened room that offers extra ventilation on warm days, protected storage, and a bug-free place for meals.

This camping tent is designed with the WeatherTec system that features patented welded floors and inverted seams to help you stay dry and comes with a rainfly for extra weather protection. The backpacking tent offers enough room for two queen size air beds and comes with storage pockets to help you keep your things organized.

The angled windows improve air circulation without letting water in. A hinged door allows you to effortlessly enter and leave the tent, while an E-Port makes it easy to bring electrical power inside your tent. Made of durable Polyguard fabric, this 6-person tent will last season after season. The Coleman WeatherMaster 6-Person Tent sets up in about 20 minutes and packs away securely in the included expandable carry bag that lets you tear away the rip strip for easy packing.

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Coleman WeatherMaster 6-Person Tent with Screen Room


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