Slowly open the steam control knob 3 towards " " until. Slightly move the jug. Close the steam control knob towards. To further heat up the milk insert the steam nozzle. Ensure that the. In this case the foam will.

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General Safety Instructions. Read the operating instructions carefully before putting the. The appliance is designed exclusively for private use.

Do not use it outdoors except if it is. Keep it away from sources. Do not use the appliance with wet hands. If the appliance is humid or wet, unplug it immediately. When cleaning or putting it away, switch off the appliance. Do not operate the machine without supervision. If you. Check the appliance and the cable for damage on a regular.

Do not try to repair the appliance on your own. To avoid the exposure. Pay careful attention to the following "Special Safety Instruc-. In order to ensure your children's safety, please keep all. Do not allow small children to play with the foil as. To protect children from the dangers posed by electrical. The metallic parts become extremely hot. Touch only the. In order to avoid overheating, do not place the machine. Make sure that enough space is. In order to ensure that there is no residual steam pressure.

During operation the mains lead must not be wound round. The mains lead must not come into contact. Do not place the device immediately next to a gas or electric. The machine, mains lead and mains plug must never be. Do not allow any moisture to penetrate the. Otherwise there is a danger of an electric.

Danger of Burns: Never point the steam jet at yourself. Please place a vessel under the steam nozzle. By no means must water containing carbon. Important information for your safety is specially marked.

It is. This refers to possible hazards to the machine or other. Inhalt sverzeichnis. Espressoautomat 77 Seiten. Espressoautomat 66 Seiten. Espressoautomat 59 Seiten. Espressoautomat 78 Seiten. Espressoautomat 50 Seiten. Designer serie 31 Seiten. Kaffeeautomat 39 Seiten. Kaffee pad automat Seiten. Kaffee-espresso-bar Seiten. Kaffeeautomat 56 Seiten.

Clatronic KA Clatronic ES Clatronic kap Clatronic KA-V Kommentare zu diesen Anleitungen Ihr Name:. Symbole: 0.

Text aus dem Bild eingeben:. Neueste Anmerkung:. Seite 38 drucken Dokument drucken 66 Seiten. Anmelden ODER. Noch keinen Account? Registrieren Sie sich jetzt! Passwort vergessen? Von PC hochladen. Von URL hochladen.


Cleaning; Group Head And Rubber Seal; Accessories - Clatronic ES 3584 Bedienungsanleitung

Products Products. Accessories and spare parts for food processor, meat grinder, Preserving, Automation Kent Safter, Multi-shredder. Spare parts and accessories for beer dispensers, ice machine, Ice Cream Maker. Spare parts and accessories for steam irons, steam iron,steam cleaner,Window - Cleaners, high pressure cleaners. ES Espresso Machine Espresso and cappuccino pump machine Stainless steel front Swivelling stainless steel steam nozzle with foaming and hot water function Steam volume steplessly adjustable Steam nozzle tip removable for easy cleaning Cup warming function with stainless steel insert Constant pump pressure of 15 bar 1. Print product data sheet. Download Download Download Download Download.



The clatronic international gmbh family business has existed since and is a successful distributor of consumer electronic products as well as small and. Clatronic Designer Kaffee Roma Bedienungsanleitung. Clatronic kem. Manually at the outlet Info. Yes, separate from the coffee spout Info. Gastro and self-service options. Wash filter holder, filter inserts, drip tray grid, drip tray, measur.

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