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New posts. Search forums. To anyone looking to acquire commercial radio programming software: Please do not make requests for copies of radio programming software which is sold or was sold by the manufacturer for any monetary value. All requests will be deleted and a forum infraction issued.

Making a request such as this is attempting to engage in software piracy and this forum cannot be involved or associated with this activity. The same goes for any private transaction via Private Message.

Even if you attempt to engage in this activity in PM's we will still enforce the forum rules. Your PM's are not private and the administration has the right to read them if there's a hint to criminal activity.

If you are having trouble legally obtaining software please state so. We do not want any hurt feelings when your vague post is mistaken for a free request. It is YOUR responsibility to properly word your request. To obtain Motorola software see the Sticky in the Motorola forum. The various other vendors often permit their dealers to sell the software online i. Please use Google or some other search engine to find a dealer that sells the software. Typically each series or individual radio requires its own software package.

One package is for conventional programming and the other for trunked programming. The conventional package is more reasonable though is still several hundred dollars. The benefit is you do not need multiple versions for each radio unlike Motorola. This is a large and very visible forum.

We cannot jeopardize the ability to provide the RadioReference services by allowing this activity to occur. Please respect this. JavaScript is disabled. For a better experience, please enable JavaScript in your browser before proceeding. Status Not open for further replies.

DylanMadigan Member. I see the option in CPS but it is grayed out. I know it's possible for these to turn on with vehicle power, as our FD uses them, but mine seem to not let me do that. I got mine used on ebay through some police department. You have to wire the radio that way. Run your power to 12VDC, and wire your accessory kit to the proper pin in the rear of the radio to a fuse that only supplies 12VDC when you turn the key.

This should also power the radio down when the vehicle is turned off. The CPS doesn't know when you turn the car on or off. I think this should help, I haven't installed a in quite sometime. I was under the impression I could just set the radio where when it receives power, turn on, until the power is removed and it cant be on.

Where would I find this accessory kit? And I have a amp circuit that only powers on with the key in battery or running, or with the override switch, so I have something to connect to. SteveC Member Premium Subscriber. Do some quick searching on ignition sense. You set the CPS for ignition plus on off. The ignition sense kits are easily found on eBay from a seller named MRE There is already tons of information in previous posts on ignition sense here and on the batboard.

It is all very easily found with a tiny bit of searching. N4KVE Member. DylanMadigan said:. Sorry, I wasn't really sure what I was looking for, but I'll definitely take a closer look around now. Yes, but since most people wire the radio to the battery, it would always have power. The Motorola install manual calls for main power hot to the battery hot terminal. Main power ground goes to a factory ground point near the battery and ignition sense which only draws an amp or so goes to an ignition control line.

In your case with the van you can run your hot line to the amp tap point no problem. It will give you all that information and more. Find the user guide online, download it, and study it. SteveC said:. The "Ignition sense kit" is nothing more than a wire, a fuse, and a connector that fits the accessory socket on the back of the radio. I believe it is pin 25 but may be different with your particular radio.

This also needs to be programmed in the radio to work correctly. WA0CBW said:. Joined Mar 2, Messages 1, Location parma,ohio. No, pin 10 tied to 4 will accomplish what the OP is looking for. We have several in control station configuration using such a jumper and it means the radios will always power back up without the user having to think about it like when the power goes out.

KG4INW said:. Joined Jun 16, Messages 3, Location Texas. Ignition sense actually goes back to some old FCC regs about preventing unauthorized use and it is still common in mission critical equipment Spectra, Astro, Apex etc and optional in everything else. But as being viewed, not all 16 pin 16 pin accessories work with CDM series even they are 24 pin pin outs were the same and the difference was usually in the band.

Not knowing too much about the CDM other than it was about as versatile as the Maxtrac and available in nearly as many bands, it would be something I look out for. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk.

I've been studying and researching the CDM's for over five years since that is the primary radio for this whole county. How should Pin 4 be programmed for this fix? According to the help file for the CPS, low is the only active level that the radio acknowledges for Pin 4. I gave it some thought, and I think I will keep the radio wired to a constant live circuit, and just attach P10 to a key circuit, this way someone could still turn the radio on of the vehicle is off if i turn on the vehicle, you hear a bang as two A solenoid relays slam on, I don't need all of that running if I just want to use this radio lol.

On a scale of 1 to 10 because I'm cheap, and I like to rush when it is okay , how bad of an idea is it to solder a wire tight to that pin?

Is there any chance at all of the heat damaging the radio? I'm guessing yes, and this isn't a cheap little radio like some of my others, so I don't think its a good idea. The wire is usually soldered to the pin and then the pin is inserted into the connector and then the connector pushed onto the radio. At least remove the connector from the radio before trying to solder the wire to the pin in the connector.

The heat can deform the connector. Do you have the pin removal tool? That would be the right way to do it. No I don't, but if the heat might damage it then ill just order the connectors and wait. I have no problem saving a couple dollars only if its not going to risk the equipment at all.


Motorola CDM1550 LS User Manual

It is designed to be a quick check list to make sure at least the basics are met for programming a typical customer layout in a trunking system with maybe a conventional Talk Around thrown into the mix. Especially Passport channel. If you don't use Passport, delete it. Delete all but one Personality Assignments to zone. This ensures all added zones are in correct order. Type the system name in the Alias field.


Motorola CDM1550 LS User Manual

Quick Links. Download this manual See also: Basic Service Manual. Computer Software Copyrights. Product Safety and RF Exposure. Trunked Radio Systems. Trunked Systems.


Motorola CDM1550 LS Manuals



Can I auto power on the CDM1550-LS+?


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