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ORBEA was established in Back then, it was a family business manufacturing guns. In the s, the company changed direction and embarked on the design and manufacture of bicycles. This led to the development of the current global brand, an example of how to adapt to and reflect the times we live in. A key element has changed in the past ten years, though. We must drop the concept of product… And embrace the idea of lifestyles.

These ideas are nurtured and experienced every day in our organization. ORBEA is a well-established, internationally renowned brand that has undergone a dramatic transformation and significant growth in the past few years. The brand has been saluted for its capacity to introduce new proposals and make changes leading to a new understanding of the bike industry. We rely on our values and world view to create solutions for retailers to run their businesses and for customers to buy ORBEA-guaranteed products for sport or leisure.

This philosophy will guide us for the next few years. As a provider of global solutions, ORBEA makes sure that all kinds of accessories, complements and gear are available to customers. Our modern stores are designed to make the buying process easier and guide buyers to get the most adequate stuff.

ORBEA is style, as can be appreciated in product design, in the introduction of innovative solutions and in the avant-garde technology used. ORBEA is a lifestyle for active people. ORBEA will always be sport. ORBEA will always be the companion of users who turn sport into a lifestyle. ORBEA is a teacher rather than a seller. We encourage and boost multi-sport events as the road to personal growth.

ORBEA guides you. ORBEA is with you. ORBEA teaches you how to do it, and how to do it better. ORBEA is escape because it helps you get away from routine. Because our product solutions help you break away from weekly schedules and city rhythms. Because you can go as far as you want. ORBEA is a brand of freedom. A brand that develops outdoors and offers solutions for users to do sports at the level they choose. ORBEA is freedom to choose what you want to be. This way, everyone gets involved in the business projects carried out.

In addition, we promote training and innovation in both staff skills and technology, aimed at ongoing growth and improvement. ORBEA has a lot of different colors, assemblies, sizes and ergonomic designs to offer: stem length, multiple gear ratios, handlebar width, crank length, seatpost length, etc.

You can even choose a name! Only a manufacturer with a knowledge of materials, a command of technology and with the right skills can guarantee that your frame is an indestructible weapon. Thanks to monocoque construction, we can make sure that your frame will be flawless. And, if you happen to get a faulty frame, we take responsibility for it. ORBEA frames are the result of a long process involving design, manufacturing and quality tests.

Our efforts to get maximum quality in bikes enable us to offer a warranty nobody else can give you. No other market player can offer the security we give you.

Once you activate your warranty with your retailer or online at www. This is why we innovate, we develop solutions to offer lifetimeguaranteed products.

We apply technology to life. Our bikes are a fine example of this. We make them facing the greatest challenge: to offer you the best every single day. We want to ask you what you want, and support your choices. We have a wide array of options for you to get what you need. You just want a bike that adapts to your body, your riding preferences, your style.

Goitondo, Mallabia Bizkaia T. A Orbea U. Penticton, Bc. V2A 5S7 T. Laodikias 21a, Strovolos Nicosia T. Ledreborg alle 10 Dk - Lejre T. C Paza Monte Elena Blvd. Metro Zona 15 Local T. Maharashtra T. Arteri Permata Hijau No. Unit 3, Link Road, Shannon T. Box Quatre Bornes. Kitanoshonishi-Machi Nara-Shi, Nara T. Mexico D. Dzutas Str. Laisves Al. Tigne Street. Km PERU Cycling. Wilgowa 65a, Czestochowa T.

Kjeller vest Kjellero T. Moscow T. Costa Del Este. Slejkkoti 2. Moskovskaya Str. Miguel Barreiro , Montevideo T. Monagas T. You know the feeling: You keep coming closer to the horizon and then, all of a sudden, you can touch it. Orca is synonymous with competition. Long rides and endless races requiring a bike that allows great performance and optimal transfer of power in each pedal stroke. The new Orca relies on the strength, reliability and quality of the Orbea Engineering Department.

The peace of mind delivered by a brand that makes sure your only concern when riding is the weather. We want to offer the best products, the best service and the best technical support, so that nothing holds you back. It can only be achieved with hard work, listening to customers. You can make your wish come true. Twelve colors and several assembly options, plus a series of custom choices. In sum, a bike designed by you and for you.

No interaction between road and body for better performance. Optimal transfer of power to the wheels for longer, faster rides. More control over the machine, becoming one with the road. Enhanced traction regardless of terrain or weather. This is what Attraction is about. The goal is to absorb vibrations and neutralize rugged terrain without affecting rigidity, while maximizing riding performance through pedaling efficiency.

The improved shaping turns traction-compression forces into shearing forces in seatstays and chainstays. As a result you get a competition bike that offers optimal response in rides that require physical endurance:. We use the knowledge gained in the Wind Tunnel to offer the best bicycles you can find on the market. In fact, aerodynamics tends to affect rigidity, and this in turn reduces the transfer of power. Conversely, the search for frame rigidity tends to neglect aerodynamics. The idea is to strike balance.


Catalogo Orbea 2015

Catalogo Orbea Less. Since its inception more than years ago, Orbea has been associated with an indefatigable quest: adaptation and self-improvement. These traits have brought us to where we are now, earning us international renown and presence in more than 65 countries. This could only be possible with the joint efforts and trust of the people who make Orbea, and with a series of values that have created unity, strength and capability. Our catalog reflects this as a tool where we share our personality, our know-how and solutions — a tool that shows our love of sports and our eagerness to be what we imagined we could be.


Todos los modelos

Podriais ayudarme a decidirme o darme alguna otra sugerencia. Con 2. Muchas gracias por responder a mi pregunta sobre que bici comprar. Buenas tardes.





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