Fort will go on to a major dance career -- one in which she is acknowledged as a leader of the Afro-Modern dance realm -- and Cage will further his reputation as a brilliant eccentric by introducing his mind-boggling "prepared piano" to the public that night. Cage had originally been hired by Nellie C. Cornish in September , as a pianist to work with her school's dance department. Wanting there to be a percussive element to this music, Cage had a brainstorm: what if he were to access the interior of a standard acoustic piano and insert a few objects as dampers between its many strings? What kind of potentially interesting sounds might that produce? Well, a Seattle audience was about to hear the answer to those questions.

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John Cage. Premiered in Seattle, April 28, Comments Bacchanale was Cage's first work for prepared piano, composed in response to a request for a "dance accompaniment" by fellow faculty member at the Cornish School, Syvilla Fort. However, given that the performance space was too small to accommodate a battery of percussion instruments, and that he had only a traditional grand piano with which to work, he began experimenting with objects placed inside the piano — under and between its strings — attempting to alter its sounds.

The final preparations are quite simple: weather-stripping, pieces of rubber, and screws and bolts. The prepared piano became a signal instrument for Cage. Years later, in , after the N. Recordings click for details John. Twitter Facebook MySpace. Delicous Stumble Digg. Work Title Bacchanale. Date Begun in , returned to and completed in Ensemble Type Solo. Work Length 6 minutes. Instrumentation For solo prepared piano. Publication Peters Edition EP a. Recordings click for details. Hayden Dialogues.

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American Piano Music of the 20th century: J. John Cage: Music for Keyboard John Cage: Music for Keyboard - John Cage: Musique pour Piano, Vol.


Works for prepared piano by John Cage

An arrangement of the Cage prepared piano work. For combined Balinese gamelan instruments. Two differently tuned gamelan are combined to synthesize a non-tempered chromatic scale. Conceived and produced by Giovanni Sciarrino in July , the project entailed arranging nine Cage prepared piano works for hybrid sets of gamelan and prepared gamelan. This is Cage's first work for prepared piano.


American avant-garde composer John Cage — started composing pieces for solo prepared piano around — The majority of early works for this instrument were created to accompany dances by Cage's various collaborators, most frequently Merce Cunningham. In response to frequent criticisms of prepared piano, Cage cited numerous predecessors such as Henry Cowell. In the liner notes for the very first recording of his most highly acclaimed work for prepared piano, Sonatas and Interludes , Cage wrote: "Composing for the prepared piano is not a criticism of the instrument. I'm only being practical. In interviews conducted in and , Cage specified that this piece was composed in The room where the dance was to be performed was not large enough to allow for a percussion ensemble, but had enough space for a grand piano.



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