Quick Links. Download this manual See also: Instructions for Installation and Servicing. Table of Contents. Control module for boilers equipped with ems or ems plus 64 pages.

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Quick Links. Download this manual See also: Instructions for Installation and Servicing. Operating instructions Logamatic EMS. Table of Contents.

Twin channel modulating programmable room thermostat 4 pages. Exception: in the case of boilers with UBA1. On boilers with UBA1. Page 3: Table Of Contents Selecting the operating mode Page 4 5. Page 5: Guide To Instructions The operation is only briefly dealt with in the following sections.

Display texts Words appearing on the display are shown in bold in flowing text. Page 7: Safety Instructions The heating system can freeze up in cold weather if it is not in operation: B Leave the heating system permanently switched on. B In case of faults: remedy any faults immediately. Press Change between: The modified room temperatures are day: saved. The LED next to lights up. This is the standard application. Page 10 B To change the contrast: hold down to change the contrast on the and turn rotary selector display?

You can set the room temperature for your entire home using the rotary selector. You only need to adjust the thermostatic valves on the radiators if it is too cool or too warm in individual rooms. Page Changing The Room Temperature Temporarily If the heating system is equipped with a RC2x remote control page 27 , and the date of manufacture of the remote control is January or later, the room temperature can also be modified temporarily at the remote control.

A night time room temperature cannot be set. The display will show a message to this effect. No selection is possible if there is only one heating circuit.

All RC35 heat. Release button. The hours are saved. Repeat steps 1 to 3 to set the minutes. The set time is displayed briefly. The standard display then reappears.

Page 19 e. Page Messages On The Display If the interruption lasts longer, the recordings are reset to zero and start again. The same applies if the date in the RC35 is changed. If the time is changed, the graphic display is set to zero and the data recorded in the table for the week is retained. During commissioning, the recording of data only starts once the date and time have been set. Page 24 Which operation mode should be used?

To do so, repeat steps 6 and 7 if necessary. Page 27 With the RC35 programming unit, you can operate and control multiple heating circuits [1]. RC2x can also be installed for additional heating circuits [2]. A remote control is advisable if you want to control different heating systems e. Page 28 1 No heating circuit selection is possible if no other heating circuit is available, e. Page Selecting The Standard Display 5. For other heating circuits, use this menu item.

If the heating circuit is equipped with a remote control unit e. Page Operating Modes For Dhw However, the solar thermal system will cut out if either the collector array or the cylinder exceeds their maximum permissible temperatures collector protection function.

For explanations regarding the settings, see the solar module documentation. However, you can also set separate switching programs for both functions Chapter 5. Page Selecting A Program If your heating system is equipped with a remote control e. RC2x page 27 and the RC2x remote control was produced in or later, the user defined 2 program can also be activated by the remote control.

Page 33 You can save and later select two new or modified switching programs as user defined 1 or user defined 2. Page Viewing The Current Program 3. If required: hold down and turn the rotary selector to change this switching point from a stop point to a start point or vice versa.

Repeat steps 1 to 3 to enter other switching points. Turn rotary selector to go to other days. Press when you have finished making entries. Page Deleting A Switching Point The selected program, user defined1 or user defined2, is used from now on for that heating circuit. Select do not save to cancel. The room temperature is set as described below. For the RC35 heating circuits, you need to set the room temperature using Open the user menu.

Set yes or no factory setting: yes. Page Setting The Dhw Temperature 3. Page 41 Operation with the user menu — Individual heating circuits: only heating circuits which are not assigned to the RC35 will be displayed; in other words, those which have their own remote control unit or which have no remote control unit. Page 42 2 No separate program has been set for DHW circulation, i. Once the time has expired, automatic mode starts again.

Page Information On Setting The Programming Unit Control of the flow temperature is determined by the room temperature recorded there. It must not be limited by closed thermostatic valves. Page Tips For Energy Efficiency It may be practical to use a separate switching program to heat water. Page Troubleshooting This is why a separate thermometer can display a different room temperature from that set on the RC35 programming unit.

The boiler may still operate in the latter two cases, even if the captured room temperature is higher than the displayed room temperature. B If the fault cannot be reset the display continues to flash , notify your heating contractor. Page Setup Report Tab. Page Index Please open cover Page 57 - setting Print page 1 Print document 60 pages.

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Buderus RC35

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Buderus RC35 Operating Instructions Manual

Quick Links. Download this manual See also: Instructions for Installation and Servicing. Operating instructions Logamatic EMS. Table of Contents. Twin channel modulating programmable room thermostat 4 pages.

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