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Bravo, Bunter! Bessie versus Billy! Books and Story Papers. Greyfriars Gallery. Television and Radio. The Magnet Howard-Baker Reprint Volume. Issue Wally Bunter's Luck. HB67 Bunter at St Jim's. Billy Bunter's Wheeze. Wally of the Remove. A Dog with a Bad Name. The Amazing Bunter. Substitute Story, John Nix Pentelow. HB90 Wally Bunter at Greyfriars. For Another's Sins. The Black Sheep of Highcliffe.

When Rogues Fall Out. Standing by Snoop. Wally's Wheeze. Hoskin's Chance. Giants at Grips. Substitute Story, George R Samways. Not part of series. The Artful Dodger. First appearance of Bessie Bunter. Loder's Luck. The terrible Uncle. The Return of the Native. Foes of the Remove. CP3 Collectors' Pie No 3. Missing from School. His Majesty the Major. Not reprinted by Howard-Baker. Treasure Trove. Bunter's Auction. Weggie of the Remove.

Substitute Story, FG Cook. Billy Bunter's Bank Holiday. Bunter the Bolshevik. The Greyfriars Swimming Sports. Linley's Legacy. Substitute Story, William Leslie Catchpole. Catching Coker. Billy Bunter's Own The Great Bunter Mystery. Substitute Story, CM Down. Bunter's Aunt Sally. Cook uses the name "Harold" as Wibleys Christian name. The Hero's Homecoming. Mr Lascelles returns from the War. The Greyfriars Tourists.

Schoolboys Abroad. Bunter's Typing Agency. The Twelve Stamps. The Golden Clue. Sports Day at Greyfriars. The Schoolboy Barber. The Secret of the Wires. Greyfriars Detectives, The. Substitute Story, Robert J Barnard.

The Mystery of Mr Quelch. Hurree Singh's Surprise Packet. Substitute Story, Reginald S Kirkham. The Herald's Rival. The Bounder's Fault. HB84 The Greyfriars Actors. Facing the Music. The Right Thing. Cast Out by his Chums. The Rise and Fall of William Gosling. Alonzo's Agency. Bunter on the Boards. Substitute Story, Noel Wood-Smith. Bunter's Christmas Portrait.


Billy Bunter

Friend Or Foe? Who Punched Prout? Books and Story Papers. Greyfriars Gallery. Television and Radio. The Magnet Howard Baker Volume.


The Magnet 1140 - Billy Bunter's Christmas

Bravo, Bunter! Bessie versus Billy! Books and Story Papers. Greyfriars Gallery.


Would the real Charles Hamilton please stand up: truth, lies and the recreation of the boarding school story. A Paper presented by Bill Nagelkerke. Under numerous pseudonyms around thirty, including Frank Richards and Martin Clifford he wrote thousands of 'boys' stories' ranging from tales of adventure in wilderness outposts to his better known school stories of Greyfriars and St Jims. His most in famous character was the egregious Billy Bunter who featured in over a thousand issues of the weekly The Magnet magazine as well as in books, comics, on television and the stage. What made the Bunter stories in particular so popular and why, at the same time, did they become anathema to other writers and commentators, such as George Orwell? Why does Hamilton's writing continue to attract devotees who collect his work and share their enthusiasm over the internet? Forty years after the author's death what place do, or should, his contributions have in the history of children's literature, quite apart from their place in the history of the boarding school story.


Subsequently, Bunter has appeared in novels, on television, in stage plays, and in comic strips. He is in the Lower Fourth form of Greyfriars School, known as the Remove , whose members are 14—15 years of age. Originally a minor character, his role was expanded over the years with his antics being heavily used in the stories to provide comic relief and to drive forward the plots. Bunter's defining characteristic is his greediness and dramatically overweight appearance. His character is, in many respects, that of a highly obnoxious anti-hero.

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