The M is a pistol of Italian origin. It was developed by Beretta in the early 's. The name is derived from the year it was designed. It has been produced under license in Egypt and Iraq.

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Please Note - We do not sell handguns. We simply provide this information as a resource for people who may be in the market to buy or sell a handgun, or who are simply researching a particular handgun model. By registering and logging in you can see your list on any browser or device you use. Registration is free. This former Italian service pistol and immediate predecessor to the M92 Series pistols was developed in response to a demand by the Italian army for a 9mm Luger service pistol.

This design brought new life into Beretta's military offerings and was also the company's first successful locked-breech handgun design.

Unlike the Model 92 this early model employs a single-action trigger and a single-stack 8-round magazine. The gun also employs an interesting push-button safety at the top rear of the grip panel, and a push-button magazine release at the bottom rear of the grip panel.

Regardless of the name, all of the models in this family are listed with the same specifications. The only variation between any of these models is whether the frame is blued steel or matte finish aluminum aluminum frame models did not prove a success.

This cartridge was introduced along with the Luger semi-automatic pistol. The pistol and cartridge was first adopted by the German Navy in and then by the German Army in This cartridge has since been adopted by the military of practically every non-Communist power.

It has become the most popular and widely-used handgun cartridge in the world. Performance wise, the 9 mm cartridge has somewhat more power than the. Toggle navigation. You must register and be logged in to rate guns and leave comments. Remember Me. View List Register Login. User Rating 0 User Ratings.

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Beretta 951

It was adopted by the Italian Police in the years after World War 2 to replace the underpowered Beretta M , which the Italian Army used until about It was the precursor to the famous Beretta Model 92 series of handguns. The version adopted by the Italian Police was known as the Modello Later civilian market versions of the pistol were named the M or "Brigadier". Egypt also made a licensed version of the Brigadier, known as the " Helwan Brigadier ".


Selected Handgun Detail

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General Facts

Beretta MR select-fire with forward handle attached. Fire selector is seen just behind and above the trigger. The production of the M started circa and continued until , when M had been replaced by Beretta M The select-fire version of the M, known as MR, had been developed circa and been in limited production until early s, when it was replaced by Beretta M93R. Technically, M is a recoil operated, locked breech pistol. The short recoiling barrel is locked to the slide by vertically tilting locking piece under the barrel Walther P38 style locking. The trigger is of single action type, the gun features cross-bolt safety switch at the rear of the grip.


Beretta M1951

The pistol was Beretta's first locked-breech design on the market previous Beretta semi-automatic pistols, were all blowback-operated and was in limited production circa and in full-scale production in until This was replaced by the 'second series' model with a steel frame that proved to be totally adequate in endurance. The steel-framed version was nearly grams heavier than the alloy version, but the balance was improved. A special version of this second series the "Egyptian Contract" model was modified according to the wishes of the military of the Egyptian Arab Republic. Approximately 50, Egyptian Contract s were produced.

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