Motor Driver ICs. Smooth rotation characteristic performance is ensured. Besides, high torque is provided in a wide output range because the output stage incorporates low-saturation voltage NPN. Applied voltage. Power dissipation. Operating temperature.

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This document may not be reprinted or reproduced, in whole or in part, without prior written consent of ROHM. However, damage may result if absolute maximum ratings such as applied voltage and operating temperature range are exceeded. Precaution for Foreign Exchange and Foreign Trade act Since our Products might fall under controlled goods prescribed by the applicable foreign exchange and foreign trade act, please consult with ROHM representative in case of export.

For example, when the resistors and transistors are connected to the pins as shown in Fig. Please be sure to implement, at your own responsibilities, adequate safety measures including but not limited to fail-safe design against the physical injury, damage to any property, which a failure or malfunction of our Products may cause.

The Products are not subject to radiation-proof design. Pin name Function 1 N. Do not continue to use the IC after operating this circuit or use the IC in an environment where the operation of the TSD circuit is assumed. The Products may not be disassembled, converted, dataxheet, reproduced or otherwise changed without prior written consent of ROHM. Ground the IC during assembly steps as an antistatic measure, and use similar caution when transporting or storing the IC.

In principle, the reflow soldering method must be used; if flow soldering method is preferred, please consult with the ROHM representative in advance.

Baking is required before using Products of which storage time is exceeding the recommended storage time period. Shorts between output pins datashee between output pins and the power supply and GND pins caused by the presence of a foreign object may result in damage to the IC.

Confirm that operation temperature is within the specified range described in the product specification. In particular, if a transient load a large amount of datqsheet applied in a short period of time, such as pulse. Bafj Products are designed and manufactured for application in ordinary electronic equipments such as AV equipment, OA equipment, telecommunication equipment, home electronic appliances, amusement equipment, etc. This product has a minimum quantity of ROHM shall not be in any way dahasheet or liable for any damages, expenses or losses incurred by you or third parties arising from the use of such information.

Our Products are designed and manufactured for use under standard conditions and not under any special or extraordinary environments or conditions, as exemplified below. Avoid applying power exceeding datasheer rated power; exceeding the power rating under steady-state loading condition may negatively affect product performance and reliability.

ROHM shall not be in an y way responsible or liable for an y damages, expenses or losses incurred b y you or third parties resulting from inaccur acy or errors of or concerning such information.

Use Products within the specified time after opening a humidity barrier bag. Therefore, the reverse rotation detection circuit operates, and the output is turned off and open. If the chip becomes the following temperature, coil output to the motor will be open. Precaution for Disposition When disposing Products please dispose them properly using an authorized industry waste company.

The proper names of companies or products described in this document are trademarks or registered trademarks of ROHM, its affiliated companies or third parties. Otherwise bent leads may occur due to excessive stress applied when dropping of a carton. Please be aware of this voltage range when specifying the ECR voltage. Use the BR pin within the permissible input range. ROHM shall not be in any way responsible or liable for infringement of any intellectual property rights or other damages arising from use of such information or data.

If you intend to use our Products under any special or extraordinary environments or conditions as exemplified belowyour independent verification and confirmation of product performance, reliability, etc, prior to use, must be necessary: If change is made to the constant of an external circuit, please allow a sufficient margin considering variations of the characteristics of the Products and external components, including transient characteristics, as well as static characteristics.

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