Jonah came to the world on September 4th, He has always shown an eclectic personality in every area of his life. From sport to work, from music to art, showing heterogeneous interests and qualities. Passionate about reading, in particular of the fantasy genre, from he is dedicated along with two coauthors to the drafting of a book. A text belonging to the same literary genre mentioned above. In this way he discovers one of his main passions.

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Search this site. Contact Us. Download [ Not about You! Download Wound Care By Inc. Read Online It's Love Isn't It? Now in paperback, this book goes behind the name and shows how a mild-mannered Russian immigrant became a legend. Includes rare archival photos from the Max Factor Museum. Product Details Sales Rank: in Books Published on: Original language: English Binding: Paperback pages 13 of 13 people found the following review helpful.

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Being vegan means understanding easily each other, talking the same language, sharing the same feelings of love for ourselves and for the nature around us, in spite of our ethnic and cultural diversities. Being vegan means thinking, doing things, eating, behaving in particular and distinguished ways, not for snobbery or for fashion, but because we humans are truly special creatures equipped with outstanding biochemical and spiritual engines, we are obliged to use special fuel for our propellers. We are in obvious need of fresh air, solar light, pure water, fruit, vegetables, seeds, sprouts and roots, in replacement of the junk food and the cruel food, which includes all animal proteins, tinned and canned food, salted and sweetened staff, cooked, pasteurized and devitalized foods and drinks. We need spirituality and motivation, we need love and universal fraternity, we miss religious respect for our human and not human neighbour, we search for ideas up to the situation, and not for poor and second-rate thoughts. We need courageous and innovative ideas, not commonplaces, not meaningless thoughts, aligned to what the majority thinks and does. All these are nothing else than reductive labels, intended to discriminate whoever goes out from the herd. I consider myself a simple person who has decided to behave according to the laws of nature, same as any man equipped with wisdom and common good-sense should do.



Sappiamo tutti quanto per la nostra salute sia importante includere nella nostra alimentazione quotidiana il giusto quantitativo di frutta. Il contenuto vitaminico e quello minerale sono eccellenti. Questa classificazione va tenuta presente quando vogliamo preparare un piatto, dolce o salato, che contenga diversi tipi di frutta o per la preparazione di succhi, frullati, smoothies. Naturopata con specializzazioni in Alimentazione naturale e intolleranze alimentari, Erboristeria, Iridologia, Craniosacrale e Riflessologia facciale.

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