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In the jungles of Bali Follow reseplaneraren for more luxury travel inspiration. Fun in the Caribbean Follow us reseplaneraren. Who wants to swing in the Maldives Ocean? Pathway to Paradise. This is a must! Mornings in paradise! On the edge of the world. Or so it seems. But in realitet it is pretty much in the middle of Euroasia. We would Love to take you there. The whole trip, all inclusive, with all the planning will be fitted for your budget and wishes. All you have to do is to GO.

Photo by sofiapavlenko. Keep on dreaming Planning a Costa Rica itinerary for a client gives me the perfect opportunity to relive and remember the wonderful weeks I spent there with my family earlier this year. Pura Vida! Behind us is the "Broken heart" mountain. A romantic place in Kirgizstan for you to visit.

A legend sais that there where two suitors. Both spilled their blood fighting for the affections of a beautiful woman. Both died and this rock is her broken heart. To see elephants has been a popular tourist attraction in asia since forever. Nowadays tourists are more cautious about the elephant being treated better and having more natural conditions. The best way to achieve that is of course to go on safari and see the animals in their natural habitat.

Sri Lanka has several national parks where you can see elephants and other animals. In Yala national park you also have a great chance to see leopards since it's the place with the biggest population in a secluded area in the world. Photo by sofiapfoto. While strolling around in the beautiful botanical garden in Kandy, Sri Lanka, you can see tons of plants and trees. Besides that you can find yourself admiring some monkeys playing around on the ground and up in the trees.

They look very cute but be careful as they are not as friendly as they seem! Dreaming back to those happy days. Kyrgyzstan is a land of contrasts. Here you can find anything your heart drsires and more. To come here will be one of the greates adventures of your life and we will gladly assist you making it the best experience ever.

Och en massa annat! Vi ses! AlanyaPortalen alanyaportal alanya medelhavet oba reseplaneraren reseplaneraren reiseplanlegger buss busstider resa ving apollo detur semester turkiet. Arenal Volcano! Nice memories from our hiking trip some summers ago. Did you like our previous post about skiing in Stockholm? Would you like to add something?

Highest top - m Longest track - m You can be old fashioned or more extreme. As promissed: some great locations for skiing around Stockholm. Longest way down m.

Perfect for beginners, kids and people who want to be active without traveling far. Bonus - Beautiful view over Stockholm. In Kirgizistan you can find a lot. Deserts, mountains, forests, lakes, fields, waterfalls and much more. Every kilometer brings something new.

Here is a magical place that mostly looks like planetMars. Colors are just something extra, shifts between yellow, orange, red, Purple and terracotta. When life gives you an oportunity you can make a choice - to take it or to just watch while it passes by. The water was too cold for a swim, but those views A place with amazing atmosphere Dinner here could be a perfect present for someone special.

The view over the lake from Chaplins House. About Us. Contact Us. Remove Content. Privacy Policy. Terms of Service.


Köpa Glasögon I Turkiet

In the jungles of Bali Follow reseplaneraren for more luxury travel inspiration. Fun in the Caribbean Follow us reseplaneraren.


Sharm El-Sheikh Travel Guide

Account Options Logga in. No commercials, not even hidden in the descriptions? Well then stop looking — here it is. All descriptions in Traveling In Alanya are divided into four categories: Information, nature, culture and history, to make it easy for you to grasp the content. All the sights and attractions located in the cities Alanya and Antalya are placed in their own categoris and all other attractions and sights of the area are collected in their own category. With Traveling In Alanya you can easily find which attractions and sights, in the area, that you find exiting and would like to visit. You've got the opening hours and more, as a part of all desriptions in Traveling In Alanya.

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