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Shy, self-conscious Sarah is all too used to attracting male attention because of her ample bust and well-formed bottom, despite never really knowing what to do with it.

Offered her dream job as a cartoonist, she is willing to sacrifice a little of her own dignity by drawing cartoons for men's magazines.

Unfortunately, the job also means sacrificing every last scrap of propriety for Sarah's heroine, the exquisite Celeste du Musigny, which has unforeseen repercussions, ensuring that Sarah comes to live out every last detail of her darkest and most secret fantasies. One thing rules Daniel's life: voyeurism.

A desire far too strong to be denied, despite all the guilt it brings him. He knows the risks and is determined to give up his filthy habits. But when he finds himself as landlord to four voluptuous young female students the opportunities for peeping are far too good to resist.

Unfortunately he has bitten off far more than he can chew. Most Buxom should be a delight for all those who enjoy the female body in its full, oppulent glory, while there is also plenty of the sort of kinky sex we have come to expect from Aishling Morgan, and even a splash of male submission.

A kinky tale of voyeurism from one of our bestselling authors. Henry Truscott, hero of The Rake and Purity , returns in Velvet Skin to continue his habits of indulgence and dissipation.

There are ample opportunities in eighteenth-century Devon for an imaginitive aristocrat to pursue his perversions. Even so, Henry manages to find himself in trouble - like being caught pony-carting on his own land by the local vicar, for example.

But the fiendish, rapacious Lewis Stukely makes Truscott look like a monk - and Stukely has designs on Suki, Truscott's beguiling new servant-girl. Part of Aishling Morgan's Truscott saga. Conceit and Consequence follows Lucy Truscott and her three female cousins through a series of romantic entanglements- some more bizarre than others - with spankings and other assorted humiliations inflicted on the girls by the bossy Lucy on the way.

Smuggling, swashbuckling and sodomy mix in a plot that's tighter than Mr Darcy's breeches. This novel traces the history of the innocent but wilful Octavia Challacombe as she is corrupted by the wicked Maray family. Along with Polly Endicott and a group of other buxom Devon girls, she is cajoled and teased into providing increasingly perverse services for the Squire and his family.

Part of the Cream Series. Other titles include Peaches and Cream and Cream Tease. Genevieve Stukely is working as an erotic dancer in the American west when she learns that her uncle is dead and that she is to inherit the family estate on the borders of Dartmoor.

Only when she returns to the mother country does she discover that Sir Robert Stukely did not die simply of old age, but was found with an expression of utmost terror frozen on his features. Nearby were the footprints of a gigantic hound.

Now Mistress of Stukely Manor and known to have a colourful past, Genevieve quickly finds herself the centre of attention for half the rakes and ne'erdowells in Devon. Beastly Behaviour follows the Truscott saga into its fifth generation with a tale of bizarre lust and Gothic horror drawn from several historical and literary sources to make it one of the most elaborate erotic novels ever published. Henry Truscott is a dissipated rake even by the standards of the late eighteenth century.

When the beautiful Eloise catches his eye, he expects either to be thrashed by her footmen and dumped in a ditch or to take his full pleasure in her magnificent curves. Beautiful, voluptuous and supposedly innocent, K'Tai is also too headstrong for her own good. Obliged to flee her village in a hurry in order to avoid the application of a switch to her curvaceous bottom, she finds herself in a far worse situation, at the mercy of lascivious slavers, cruel priests and sadistic nuns, each determined to inflict, ever more severe punishments and indignities upon her.

Part of the Scarlet Gothic series. Other titles include Whipping Girl and Sin's Apprentice. Peter Williams is a sales supremo who lives for the road. Infatuated by the inviting bottom on the cover of an erotic novel, Peter is determined to enjoy a spell with its owner, the lustruos Linnet, and her friends.

Peter prides himself on driving a hard bargain, but with Linnet in his car, things get harder than he bargained for. Fry-ups, flagellation, hot tarmac and hotter sex follow as Linnet and her friends take Peter along a series of sexual byways that weren't even on his roadmap before.

Part of the Nick Mordaunt series: fantastic fetish erotica featuring occultist Nick Mordaunt. Aishling Morgan. Something went wrong. Please try your request again later. It was one of many, the product of years of reading and writing, purely for private entertainment, but The Rake was expanded to become a novel, and when asked for a pen name I chose Aishling Morgan.

More precisely, I had a few minutes to make my choice and quickly came up with something that sounded vaguely Celtic, vaguely romantic and might be male or female. As it turns out, Aishling is very rare indeed as a male name, but then at the time I had no idea that The Rake would be the first of many books, more than thirty in all. Aishling Morgan is not my only pseudonym by any means, and I've now had over books published, mainly novels, but also short story collections and a little non-fiction.

Aishling Morgan is the name I use for my most imaginative work, done for the love of writing and of erotica, which has been my metier since long before I'd considered it as a profession. I've also been involved with the UK fetish scene since the early days, which has provided plenty of background knowledge and inspiration. The Aishling Morgan books are diverse, with a wide variety of settings and characters, while I aim to provide sufficient plot to make each story worthwhile in its own right.

Their erotic content is also highly diverse but tends to focus on power play and exotic sex, sometimes very exotic, and always an integral part of the story. The Rake was my first published novel, but is the second book of my flagship series - The Truscott Saga - historical erotica tracing the history of the depraved Truscott family from the mid eighteenth century onwards.

The stories are bawdy erotic romps, each delivered in the style of the times and lavishly supplied with characters from the colourful to the truly outlandish. All the stories are well researched and rich with historical detail, while several are erotic pastiches of famous literary works of the time.

Demonic Congress is a tale of jealousy, lust and bizarre behaviour set on Dartmoor in the eighteenth century. The Rake follows the story of the dashing but distinctly perverse Henry Truscott as he woes and wins the beautiful Eloise de la Tour Romain Capet, spanking and sodomising her along the way. Purity tells the story of the Truscotts as they swindle and fornicate their way to a fortune. Velvet Skin blends horror and erotica in a story as depraved as it is sinister. Conceit and Consequence moves the Truscott family on a generation in a gentle tale of romance and rivalry, fornication and flagellation.

The Old Perversity Shop finds Little Nell as Dickens never imagined her, eighteen, buxom and in serious trouble as she flees the dwarfish villain Quilty. Beastly Behaviour exposes the savage and debauched truth being the legend of the black hound of Dartmoor. Portrait of a Disciplinarian sees Stephanie "Stiffy" Truscott in conflict with a sadistic rival, six spanking aunts, any number of randy rustics and a gigantic pig. Poppy's Pin-Ups follows the adventures of Stephanie's young brother Henry, as a Lancaster pilot in , with everything from burlesque to bigamy, cabaret to camels.

The Maiden Saga is erotic fantasy in the classic style, with a group of barbarian heroines making their way in a world full of goblins and trolls, pirates and slavers, each and every one intent on the girls' precious virtue. More than slightly tongue-in-cheek, this has nevertheless become my most popular series and now includes a role playing game. There are four titles, Maiden, Captive, Innocent and Princess. The Nich Mordaunt Series - paranormal erotica based around the occultist Nich Mordaunt and a cabal of witches.

Deep Blue. Sun, sea, sand, sex and a monstrous octopus God. The perfect beach read. Satan's Slut. An orgy of the erotic occult, culminating in the definitive black mass. Natural Desire, Strange Design. Dark acts and darker sex in a race to unearth the secrets of a sex cult. Cruel Shadow. When a travelling salesman picks up a girl he gets a great deal more than he bargained for.

One to read on the road. Tempting the Goddess. Pagan rituals danced naked in the woods, voyeurism, corruption and cruelty in a heady, intriguing mixture. The Cream Series - specialist historical erotica with a kinky, milky twist. Devon Cream is the first novel of the Cream Trilogy. Buxom beauties, strapping farm lads and a devious aristocrat with a penchant for breast milk, this is the rural England of an erotic nightmare on Stilton cheese.

Peaches and Cream is the second novel of the Cream Trilogy. A tale of the 'twenties packed full of debutantes, beautiful inverts and lusty rustics, all centred on the secret of "vital essence" and it's bizarre method of production. Cream Tease is the third novel the Cream Trilogy. WW2 and dairy products are rationed, which would be a problem were the not for the strange apparatus in the old shed and the rumours of what used to go on in the village. Scarlet Gothic Erotica - dark, intense stories in a semi-historical, religious setting, these are tales of cruelty and passion, extremes of emotion and grotesque sexual extravagance.

You have been warned. There are three titles, Whipping Girl and Scarlet Vice. Fantasy Erotica Series - highly evolved, specialist fantasy erotica set in a future world where humans have been blended with tigers, pigs and more.

Tiger, Tiger follows the fortunes of tigranthrope Tian-Sha in a piece of highly evolved, specialist fantasy erotica set in a future world where humans have been blended with tigers, pigs and more. This is not an ordinary erotic novel. Pleasure Toy continues the story of tigranthrope Tian-Sha and the city of Suza in a piece of highly evolved, specialist fantasy erotica set in a future world where humans have been blended with tigers, pigs and more.

Single Titles Wenches, Witches, Strumpets is a collection of short stories in which Aishling Morgan gives full rein to what is perhaps the most vivid and peculiar imagination in the world of erotic writing. Beware though, because very little is taboo.

Artist Sarah Shelley is shy and reserved, the exact opposite of her creation, the glamorous Parisienne Celeste de Musigny, but when she travels to the French capital for inspiration she finds that her creation has taken on substance and is not at all pleased. Most Buxom follows the travails of the hapless Daniel, a landlord who decides to rent his house out to female students in the hope of some naughty encounters but gets a great deal more than he bargained for when they decide to make him their slave.

Uniform Dolls was written specifically with admirers of women in uniform in mind. Whatever your preference, from the opening encounter with a beautiful air hostess, you'll find it described in the loving detail only possible for a true enthusiast.

Slave to the Machine is an elaborate, part virtual fantasy, following the trials and tribulations of singer Melody J as she suffers the consequences of her own vivid imagination.

Lastly, there are Naughty! Are you an author?


Aishling Morgan

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Morgan introduces his Nich Mordaunt character here, a kind of new age Doctor Strange who returned in a whole series of occult-themed erotic adventures: Satan's Slut; Natural Desire, Strange Design This book describes racy goings on in a coastal town in Devon, in which a variety of nubile women, driven by extremely healthy urges, come together pun intended to celebrate a pre-Christian deity Aishling Morgan is the pen name of a North London-based author and wine importer. In a year career he's written for Punch magazine and Virgin's Crime and Passion team. He's had 79 titles published by Nexus and has sold more than half-a-million copies worldwide. Deep Blue. Aishling Morgan.

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