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Provide a thorough record of maintenance, inspection, service configuration, and flight operation for specific weapons or systems. What are the symbols seen in an afto form that indicate mechanical condition, fitness for flight or operation, servicing, inspection, and maintenance status of your aircraft.

The aerospace vehicle, equipment, or support equipment is considered unsafe or unservicable. The condition of the equipment is unknown and a more serious condition may exist. Indicates a required special inspection, accessory replacement, operational check, or functional flight check is due.

Indicates that a scheduled inspection preflight postfligh etc is overdue. Indicates an unsatisfactory condition exists on the aircraft or equipment, but it is not sufficiently urgent or dangerous to warrant grounding the aircraft or discontinue use of equipment. Prior to flight the flight commander is required to review these forms. Aircrew members will determine the status of the equipment for which they are responsible and notify the aircraft commander of anything that might affect the mission.

Aircrew members must review the forms prior to operating any of the systems equipment to ensure it is In good working order. Flashcards FlashCards Essays. Create Flashcards. Share This Flashcard Set Close. Please sign in to share these flashcards.

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What does the red Dash represent. What does the red Diagonal represent. TO ,. Changing symbol after original entry Has procedures for correcting a symbol entered in correctly. AFTO Form series binder. Contains a number or forms. More common forms are: F, A, H, J and K Arranged in a logical sequence Prior to flight the flight commander is required to review these forms. YOU are required to review the forms during your preflight.

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Afto Imt 781 Series



AFTO Form 781A "Maintenance Discrepancy and Work Document"


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