Log in or Sign up. Hardware Heaven Forums. Their dedication to cutting edge features and top notch performance is almost legendary. Their latest motherboard masterpieces are centered on the Intel iPE chipset, offering it as part of their MAX line of motherboards as well as their standard line. This board was nothing if not surprising. Even at stock speeds, it edged out most other boards in the benchmarks.

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Remember Me? Results 1 to 13 of Thread Tools Show Printable Version. Recently ordered a soyo px dragon ultra platinum I hear good things about the it Hi wumeeks! Ah but I'm not upgrading. I need 2 pc's. Anyhow, I'm leaning toward the BE7-RAID board cus it is already set to take pc, and will be easier to set up in bios to take higher frequency ram?

I would go for IT7 2. What about overclocking ability? The both use the PE chipset. I was going to get a granite bay, but now I'm thinking maybe IT7 Max2, but don't want to spend extra if the BE7 is the exactly same, but without a few of the bells and whistles.

I have nothing that runs on firewire right now and don't need LAN. The serial ATA harddrives are not really faster yet, so I'll probably keep my old drives for a few more months. What's this about the RAM? I found this review Last edited by batboy; at AM. I dunno if you really should upgrade from th7-II to be7, cus they really the exact same thing cept the different chipset which has the extra mem divider of which is kinda cool.

Just my opinion though Been thinking of trying DDR and see if I can squeeze more out of my 2. My theory is the mobo is holding me back. Got money burning a hole in my pocket, hehehe. Last edited by batboy; at PM. Don't forget the first IT I guess this board is cheaper than the IT72 too Who need official support for PC? This board rocks when it comes to high FSB. And as far as I know Correct me if I'm wrong If you can afford it - get it.

If you are on a tight budget, get the BE7, or even a BD Ive read that the fsb on the BE7 tops out between - MHz. Huuum, About the BD7, getting it to run off a divider. Can a person take a P4 cpu and drop it in the BD7 and start oc'ing it at fsb speed?

I say this because the fsb cpu won't have a fsb. Cheers, Mike. This website uses cookies. We use cookies to store session information to facilitate remembering your login information, to allow you to save website preferences, to personalise content and ads, to provide social media features and to analyse our traffic.

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Abit’s BE7-RAID motherboard

Read on to find out. How much can they really add to the cost of a board? Things start off well enough. There are options to set system warning and shutdown CPU temperature thresholds, and also a switch to have the system power down if the CPU fan should fail. When used together, these features should make inadvertently frying a CPU a little more difficult.


ABIT BE7-RAID Review @ [H]ardOCP


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