Filed under: hypnosis training. Every hypnotist needs to know how to do the Elman Induction. It takes less than 4 minutes to achieve a somnambulistic trance in most cases. So many hypnotists teach this incorrectly!

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This method of inducing hypnotic trance was developed by the famous US hypnotist Dave Elman. It has gained popularity with modern hypnotherapists because of its ability to induce and deepen hypnosis, and test for responsiveness, extremely quickly and reliably. The method generally consists of the following stages, interspersed with direct suggestions of deepening relaxation:.

Deep breath and eye closure. Eye catalepsy convincer suggestion that subject is unable to open eyes. Deepening of hypnosis by repeated eye closure repeated re-induction 4. The whole induction only takes minutes is done quite briskly. The rapid changes and experiences that the client undergoes during these 3 minutes probably contribute to the rapid increase in suggestibility.

Test them hard. Get complete relaxation in those muscles around the eyes… [Client now exhibits eyelid catalepsy. Close your eyes. Completely relax -let yourself be covered with a blanket of relaxation.

Open your eyes -now relax. Patient: Yes. Count out loud please. Patient: One hundred. Double your relaxation and watch the numbers start disappearing. Watch the numbers start disappearing. Make them disappear, dispel them, make them vanish. Are they all gone? Make them disappear. Want them to drop out and watch them go… Gone? Rest your feet flat on the floor and rest your hands on your lap, or by your side. Now drop your head forward slightly and roll your eyes up and back as though you were looking toward a point in your forehead.

Now, inhale deeply, filling your lungs all the way up as you continue to look up and back. Pause for a few seconds. Now keep looking up and allow your eyelids to grow heavy and close down… as you exhale slowly and patiently.

Good, now send a huge wave of relaxation from the top of your head down to the tip of your toes. Let all of your muscles turn loose, and limp and wonderfully relaxed… just like a rag doll. Now, rest your awareness on those eyelids once again. Even though the eyelids are closed down comfortably already, imagine they are closing down all over again, even more heavy and tired and lazy than before.

Push harder against that relaxation and find the harder you try to make the effort the more lazy and tired and relaxed those eyelids are becoming right now. Now stop trying, send a wave of relaxation right down into that part of you that was trying to make the effort.

Begin now, facing your voice with each number into a whisper and then into silence… Start counting now, losing the numbers to relaxation as you count, beginning now…. The next webcast course starts on July 4th All rights reserved. The method generally consists of the following stages, interspersed with direct suggestions of deepening relaxation: 1. Written by Donald Robertson on Tuesday 4th December, We use cookies to provide you with a better service. Continue browsing if you're happy with this and accept our cookie policy.

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Dave Elman Hypnotic Induction Script

Human Trinity Hypnotherapy. Carl Simonton. Bryan, Jr. Kroger R. Van Pelt Michael D. Wolff Arthur Winkler.


Dave Elman

Dave Elman May 6, — 5 December was a noted American radio host, comedian, and songwriter, and important figure in the field of hypnosis. He is most known today as the author of Findings in Hypnosis Over the course of his life, he was also well known as the creator and host of the popular radio show Hobby Lobby [1] [2] [3] as well as a songwriter and lyricist. In , the family moved to Fargo, where they started a business on Front Street making wigs, switches, and related performance equipment. In , they moved their wig-making business to the Kopelman Building, which they had built at 1st Street. In the basement, they provided mikvah services so Jewish women in the community could purify themselves through special cleansing. Lena also began a hairdressing shop next door.



Who was Dave Elman? When people talk about great hypnotists of the 20th century, two names come to mind. Milton Erickson They have equal stature. This is surprising because Erickson published dozens of books and papers on hypnosis and was actively promoted by his followers who wrote dozens of books about Erickson, but Elman published only one book, "Findings in Hypnosis" later published as "Hypnotherapy".

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