Quick jump to page content. Opublikowane: lis 2, Abstrakt The uneven nature of market economy development is particularly visible in the historical perspective. The paper underlines the most important theoretical aspects related to business cycles, the reasons for the emergence of crises, and the practical symptoms of the cyclical development of economies. It also briefly analyzes more significant business fluctuations crises , their reasons, nature and consequences, as well as the changing responses of the state to such crises.

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PL EN. Search Browse About. Article details. Link to site. Yearbook of Antitrust and Regulatory Studies. Article title. Szot Patrycja , Amza Anna. Full texts: Download. Title variants. Languages of publication. In respect of luxury goods, the ban is considered not to infringe competition law at all.

The authors also embark on the conditions under which the restriction is considered proportionate when applied to non-luxury goods and point to the risk of divergent interpretations of platform bans across member states. To illustrate the latter, several examples are given from national case-law. The considerations are completed with a brief look at problematic restrictions on the use of price comparison tools. Physical description.

Szot Patrycja , p. Amza Anna , anna. Adamski, M. Altrogge, G. Dwudziestowieczne lekarstwo na problemy XXI wieku. Glosa do wyroku TS z 6 grudnia r. Bernard, J. Blanchard, M. Botteman, Y. Kluwer Competition Law Blog. Cisnal de Ugarte, S. Selective distribution, luxury goods and online platform restrictions — the aftermath of the Coty judgment. Colangelo, G. Damm, O. De Jong, S. Der Betrieb portal Desmedt, Y. Evans, D. Eymard, L. An economic perspective.

Ferrier, D. Greenfield, H. Gulcz, M. Harvey, J. Hazelhoff, A. Heine, K. Concept of Luxury Brands. Heinz, S. Ban on sales via third-party internet platforms in Germany and Pierre Fabre — recent referral to the Court of Justice. Helfrich, M. Hunter, J. Ibanez Colomo, P. Jalabert-Doury, N.

Jones, A. Kleine, M. Kmiecik, A. Baicoianu, M. Monti, G. Restraints on Selective Distribution Agreements. World Competition: Law and Economics Review, 36 4 , p. Duch-Brown, N. Institute for Prospective Technological Studies. The European Digital Single Market. Newman, M. Mlex Service. Newman M. Roumeliotis, J.

Luxury vs. Premium vs. Fashion: Clarifying the Disparity. Schmidt-Kessen, M. Seifried, T. OLG Frankfurt v. Dystrybucja selektywna. Temple, L. Selective distribution. Fordham International Law Journal, 8 1 , p. Ten Have, F. Nike can restrict sales via online platforms within its selective distribution system.

Press release: OLG Schleswig, Vinje, T. Whish, R. Competition Law, 8th Edition, Oxford. Wijckmans, F. Petropoulos, G. Vertical restraints and e-commerce. Document Type. Publication order reference. YADDA identifier. JavaScript is turned off in your web browser. Turn it on to take full advantage of this site, then refresh the page.


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E-mail do autora Logowanie jest wymagane. I grupa — Czy jest czas na wychowanie w szkole? Help me to find ekomomia hymny kasprowicza pdf file. W dniu 8 grudnia r. Whereas liberal doctrine and practice decidedly prevail on an everyday basis, in exceptional moments, such as economic crises, natural disasters, terrorist attacks, or other events that threaten the feeling of security, society allows gylcz, or actually demands that the governments take appropriate measures.


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