This module contains a challenging setting as well as an original scoring system and an assortment of pre-rolled characters for adventuring. The module may thus be used for private competition among players, or as a separate, non-scored adventure! This module is meant to stand on its own, and includes areas on the map where Dungeon masters may add their own levels. The original version of this module was called Lost Tamoachan and is very rare, only given out at Origins '79 it was a tournament module for that convention. A regular review of the latest SF and Fantasy games and rule books by independent authorities.

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This module contains a challenging setting as well as an original scoring system and an assortment of pre-rolled characters for adventuring.

This module may thus be used for private competition among players, or as a separate, non-scored adventure! Also included herein are background information, a large-scale referee's map, referee's notes, and new monsters and descriptions for an added taste of excitement. This adventure is meant to stand on its own, and includes areas on the map where DM's may add their own levels.

Leason, is the first adventure in the competition C- series. It was released with a monochrome brown cover in late or early , then re-released with a full-color cover in When first released, it was probably TSR's 11th adventure, its final monochrome-covered adventure, and just the third adventure written by someone other than Gary Gygax. A First Job.

Harold Johnson joined TSR in His first job was to copy edit the Dungeon Master's Guide , but TSR staff also wanted to see if Johnson could write, so he began work on a tournament adventure that would eventually become "The Hidden Shrine of Tamoachan. Tournament Beginnings. As with the G-series " Giants " adventures that were run at Origins and the " Descent " D-series adventures that were run at GenCon XI , TSR made the adventure available for purchase immediately after the tournaments, but only in a very limited form.

The pre-release of C1 was called "Lost Tamoachan: The Hidden Shrine of Lubaatum" , and it was printed in just numbered copies plus perhaps un-numbered copies given to tournament GMs, staff, and others.

The rest of the world would have to wait for the mass-market release that might have come as soon as late Tournament Play. Though TSR had previously published six different tournament adventures, "Shrine" was the first adventure that they published with all of the tournament accoutrements: the pre-generated characters and the tournament scoring sheet that identifies how groups get points for various sorts of clever play.

As such, it was and remains a terrific insight into what tournament play was like in the late '70s. The inclusion of the complete tournament info would be the main element that tied together the competition series of adventures. C1 also included a book of illustrations to be shown to the players - one of the earlier examples of player handouts, previously used in S1: "The Tomb of Horrors" Expanding Greyhawk.

This was probably the first meaningful expansion of Greyhawk by anyone other than Gary Gygax or Rob Kuntz. There's also a peculiar connection in C1 to a later Greyhawk adventure. Room 19 of "Shrine" contains a figurine of a spaceship called the "II-Nedraw. But it's probably just a fun easter egg. New Monsters. This adventure introduces the nereid and more notably the "gibbering mouther. Future History. It appeared in Dungeon December They reprinted it in Dungeon December About the Creators.

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Password forgotten? Click here. Advanced Search. C1 The Hidden Shrine of Tamoachan 1e. Selected Option:. Softcover, Standard Color Book. Average Rating 15 ratings. Bundles containing this product:. C5 The Bane of Llewellyn 1e. C4 To Find a King 1e. C3 The Lost Island of Castanamir 1e. C2 The Ghost Tower of Inverness 1e. Customers Who Bought this Title also Purchased. Reviews 5. Please log in to add or reply to comments. Is the brown cover re-print going to surface again? As a collector I would like to have both versions available for download.

If I order a PoD of this, will I get the monochrome cover or the brown cover? You get the monochrome cover but the maps are from a water damaged module and are terrible, all else is good. As of the last update, both the and printings are included as two separate files. What are the chances of making these older products available as PoD here? Nicolas L. The quality of the reprint is great, quite durable, and the clarity of the images, are more than I could have hoped for.

Jonathan O. This module makes for a fun evening of adventure with a smaller group as there are only 3 characters in the party. Playing it tournament-style makes for a race against time to get out of the shrine before the characters are overcome by poisonous fumes [ Dominic L.

One of the first ever adventures I played. Scan of the text and pictures is fine although the resolution on the gatefold map is small cos its all one scan. Steve R. This is a pretty neat module. It has a cool setting with lots of atmosphere. The module is basically a dungeon with a lot of traps and some monster encounters. The scan quality is good but not great [ Shane R.

I found your products to be an excellent and viable alternative to bidding on classic modules on eBay. I will be buying more RPGnow products in the future. See All Ratings and Reviews. Browse Categories. DMs Guild. Guild Adept.

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How Running Hidden Shrine of Tamoachan Reversed My Opinion of It

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C1 - The Hidden Shrine of Tamoachan (CEP Version)

It is the first in the C-series of modules, a set of unrelated adventures originally designed for competitive play, with the C representing the first letter in the word competition. Originally printed for the Origins International Game Expo , [2] the module was made available to the general public in The player characters explore a stepped pyramid deep in the heart of a tropical jungle—the Hidden Shrine of Tamoachan. It also includes an illustrated booklet with fifteen pictures depicting various parts of the shrine to be shown to the players at the appropriate time.


But when I passed that judgement, I had never run the adventure. I half expected a slog through a flooded museum filled with gotcha traps. In this post, I revisit my old review and explain what playing the Shrine revealed. In the years to follow, Wizards of the Coast released versions of the shine for 4th and 5th editions—more evidence that the adventure ranked as a classic. As you may know from my posts lauding tournament modules, I love modules stemming from competitions, especially those complete with scoring information—not that I ever keep score.


Gygax didn't write this one Fixed my errors above. I think you probably have another 33 years in you, barring falling into a pseudo-Mesoamerican killer dungeon. I think you are missing the point of the module. This was one of those modules. By definition, they have to be linear, because you get scored on them. That's what the C series was - competition modules.

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